英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 6


Ye Hua

During one of their afternoon meetings, Ye Hua found Bai Qian sitting silently under a peach tree. Single open peach blossoms periodically fell around and on her. Bai Qian didn’t brush it away; she, lost in her thoughts was somewhere far away. Bai Qian’s concentration was so deep, that she failed to see Ye Hua walking toward her. Ye Hua stopped momentarily to watch her, and admire Bai Qian’s stunning beauty.

Bai Qian dressed in a pale pastel pink gown, with light yellow rose bloom embroidery, stared off into the distance. In one of her small hands, she held a reddish-brown-colored bottle of peach wine while nervously twirling a small portion of her hair around her index finger with the other. It was only when Ye Hua sat beside Bai Qian, that she finally snapped out of her daze. Bai Qian took a long deep drink of her wine and silently handed it to Ye Hua.

Ye Hua took a tiny sip and asked casually, “Are you nervous about your upcoming wedding? You seem preoccupied. What’s on your mind?”

Bai Qian reached for the wine bottle again and took another drink, and sighed deeply. Her chest expanded and contracted with Bai Qian’s deep breath before she softly replied, “No, I’m not nervous… I’m just …never mind you wouldn’t understand.”

Ye Hua watched, as Bai Qian quickly mask, and cover herself by speedily raising her protective shield. Bai Qian swiftly put a forced smile on her face and asked nonchalantly, “What are we going to do today?”

Ye Hua smiled and replied, “Just this. Today let’s just talk.”

Ye Hua turned the conversation back to Bai Qian’s and his wedding. Against the peach tree behind him, Ye Hua leaned back, sat comfortably, extended, and crossed his legs casually at his ankles.

Ye Hua met her gaze and asked, “So, I know he’s not the neighborhood cobbler, and he’s considerably younger than you. Do you know anything else about your future husband?”

Ye Hua noticed Bai Qian’s body flinched, recoiling when she heard him say ‘husband.’

Bai Qian’s gaze drifted to the ground, and her soft voice sounded as she was talking about someone else’s wedding, not herself’s, and replied, “No, he’s a complete stranger. I only know his name and title. I’ve never met or seen him even once. I don’t have a clue as to what kind of person he might be.”

Bai Qian suddenly looked up irritated. Her full lips pursed into a flat line as she said in a tone that reflected her annoyance, “The day we were supposed to meet, my family, myself included, went out of our way and went to his home. Only to discover he wasn’t even there. It was an entirely wasted trip and a waste of time. I blame his youth for his lack of consideration and decorum. He probably hasn’t been taught proper manners yet.”

Bai Qian paused and added, “He was probably taking his afternoon nap with his nanny or playing with his toys somewhere.”

Ye Hua struggled to hide his smile. The reason, Ye Hua wasn’t in Celestial Heaven the day of their prearranged meeting, was due to his erotic encounter with Bai Qian at the Jade Pool. By the time Ye Hua returned to Celestial Heaven, they were already leaving, and Ye Hua was too stunned by the discovery of her true identity and unable to bring himself to join his grandfather, Heavenly Lord.

Ye Hua asked innocently, “How do you know he plays with toys or naps with a nanny?”

Bai Qian glared at Ye Hua, rolled her eyes, threw her arms up in the air out of pure frustration, and sneered, “What else would a 50,000-year-old immortal do except play with his toys or cry for his wetnurse? Can you believe it he’s only 50,000 years old?”

She thought for a minute, as her eyes shifted up in deep consideration before giving Ye Hua a squinted gaze and whispered, “Do you think he still sleeps with his mother like an infant?”

Considering Ye Hua had never slept with his mother; he found her comment most humorous.

Ye Hua struggled to keep his laughter back, but Bai Qian’s expressions were adorable. It was almost a shame he was the only one to witness Bai Qian’s rantings. She was the only High Goddess in the world, Queen of Qing Qiu but today she was a rambling young girl full of complaints.

Bai Qian lifted the wine bottle to her lips and finished it off. She absent-mindedly wiped the drops of wine on her lips off with the back of her hand. She slammed the wine bottle down angrily, shook her head in disgust, and declared, “They probably wanted a full-time free babysitter for that spoiled brat that’s why they agreed to such a ludicrous matching!”

Ye Hua fought to keep a straight face as Bai Qian looked to Ye Hua for validation. He nodded as if he found her situation to be unfortunate and asked, “Well he’s young but how old are you?”

Bai Qian swiftly turned her perturbed gaze towards Ye Hua, moved very close to his face, and warned Ye Hua, as her beautiful dark chestnut eyes narrowed, “Let me give you a bit of advice that will benefit you in your future. You NEVER ask a woman her age. It’s rude, and most women will never tell you the truth. Trust me. I know a thing or two about that.”

“Well, I’m fi….” Ye Hua began to say when Bai Qian suddenly firmly placed her hand over Ye Hua’s mouth to silence him. She reminded him in a little scolding tone, “No names and nothing too personal. Don’t forget that.”

Bai Qian looked around her and found the other bottle of wine and proceeded to open it. She looked at Ye Hua and said, “You resemble someone I know, my shifu.”

Ye Hua knew Bai Qian was referring to his twin older brother Mo Yuan. He’d heard the story of Bai Qian studying under High God, Mo Yuan, at Kunlun Mountain. The disciples thought her to be a male and she was Mo Yuan’s seventeenth disciple under the pseudo name ‘Si Yin.’ Everyone was aware of this well-known fact.

Ye Hua still asked politely, “Who was your shifu?”

She took another long drink, placed the curved bottle between her open legs, and said, “I’m not saying anything else.”

Bai Qian suddenly remembered something else that caused her nostrils to flare and her lips formed a tight line. Ye Hua heard her grind her teeth before she spat, “He already has a side consort, my fiance.”

Ye Hua curiously asked, “That bothers you?”

She looked at Ye Hua as if he’d said something absurd and replied in her haughty tone, “We nine-tail….. never mind. Anyways, where I come from, we are monogamous and only have one partner for life. Our men are real men that understand its quality, not quantity. Not like those insecure individuals that feel the need to possess a harem of women to prove their masculinity. My father has only been with my mother.”

Ye Hua smiled and asked, “What about me? You’re engaged to someone, but we’re sharing intimacy.”

Bai Qian’s reply came swiftly, “Are you judging me?” Then looked at Ye Hua suspiciously and asked, “You’re not married, right?”

She straightened her dress and stated, “I’m not a homewrecker.”

Ye Hua released a single laugh and said, “It’s a little late to ask me something like that. You should have asked me that the first time we met.”

Bai Qian studied Ye Hua’s face intently, quickly stood to her feet, and replied, “You are married! Today is the last time I’m meeting you!”

Ye Hua pulled her into his lap, wrapped his arms around her slender waist, lightly chuckled, and whispered into her ear, “No, I’m not married, but I’m engaged too. We are in the same predicament, you and I.”

Ye Hua felt Bai Qian’s body relax, lean back into his body, and get comfortable. The mouth-watering sweet scent of her hair was all Ye Hua could smell. After a long pause of silence between them, Ye Hua decided to take Bai Qian out of her misery and tell her the truth. It was evident; that she wasn’t happy about her upcoming wedding, so he decided it was time to reveal himself.

Ye Hua gathered his courage and whispered, “This is going to come as a huge shock, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I’m Ye Hua the Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven. I’m your future husband. I’m the one you’re marrying in a month.”

Ye Hua realized, Bai Qian was so stunned by this new disclosure, she was utterly speechless. She said nothing. Not a single word. Ye Hua’s heart was palpitating, and his mouth went dry. Bai Qian wasn’t pleased or unhappy; she was in a deep state of shock. She failed to move.

Ye Hua whispered, “Qian Qian.” She said nothing. Ye Hua repeated her name feeling as if his heart was going to explode. Ye Hua lightly pulled her to one side and heard Bai Qian mumble and let out a tiny little snore.

She was in a deep sleep and hadn’t heard a single word Ye Hua said, not a word of his confession.

Bai Qian

Bai Qian woke up in her lover’s embrace. Bai Qian studied his sharp features softened and relaxed which made him appear childlike and innocent in his slumber. Bai Qian wondered what the mixture of their features would look like if she were to have his child.

Bai Qian immediately stopped herself from thinking about an unrealistic possibility of a future with her secret lover. Bai Qian had one short month left with him nothing more.

Had Bai Qian known she’d grow to feel as she did, would she have come to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms that day? Bai Qian had been naive when she warned him of a broken heart; it was her heart that was doomed to end up fragmented and incomplete. Bai Qian wanted to possess him and keep him for herself, but today he’d revealed he was engaged to marry another. Even if she could and would cancel her wedding, there wasn’t a guarantee her lover would want to stay with her. Bai Qian considered, that she might just be his last meaningless fling before getting married.

Bai Qian mentally told herself ‘it was only lust’ and not to be confused.

At that moment, Bai Qian purposely closed her heart. She encased it inside an impenetrable tomb. Bai Qian would make the best of her remaining time and not think about the future. Bai Qian told herself, that it was just the intimacy that was confusing her emotions. He was her secret lover. Nothing more and nothing less. Bai Qian forced herself to believe their connection was just physical.

Bai Qian repeated ‘it was only lust’ in her mind continuously until she’d convinced herself.

Bai Qian removed her clothes and sat on his lap facing him as he slept. She slowly kissed, licked, and sucked on his neck while the saltiness of his warm skin lingered on her tongue. He woke up, felt her naked body on him, and removed his clothes. Bai Qian felt his manhood rise and press firmly against her. His fiery touch made it a pleasure to be burned. Bai Qian arched her nimble back and felt the wet heat of his mouth and tongue when he lifted both her breasts to his lips. Her desire for him was untamable as Bai Qian raised herself to her knees, held his stiff manhood, and guided him inside her anxiously waiting core. She heard his loud groans, and moans echo, reverberate, and resonate in her ears. Bai Qian held him in a tight embrace as his thick manhood claimed her from the inside out. Bai Qian felt him expand inside her and knew he was about to orgasm. He pulled Bai Qian down harder on his throbbing. His pleasure continued to rise before it crested. Bai Qian ground herself against him to bring herself to a climax when she felt him fill her.

Afterward, Bai Qian held on to his body tightly as silent tears ran down her face. The encasing around her heart shattered. Regardless of her self-brain washing, refusal, and non-acceptant, it was undeniable and unquestionable; Bai Qian was madly in love with her secret lover.

To Be Continued…