英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 7


Ye Hua

Ye Hua felt Bai Qian holding on to him tightly. His love for her was unbelievable. Ye Hua was so happy, and blissful that he never wanted the moment to end. Ye Hua wished, he had the power to stop time permanently. Bai Qian lingered in their lover’s secure embrace and held fast to Ye Hua. Bai Qian said nothing as she clung to Ye Hua firmly. Ye Hua felt and heard her release a deep breath, pause momentarily, and she quietly lifted herself from Ye Hua’s lap.

Ye Hua noticed Bai Qian’s avoidance of direct eye contact and suddenly Ye Hua unexplainably felt afraid.

Bai Qian said nothing as she hastily dressed without saying a word. Once fully clothed Bai Qian turned to Ye Hua with a smile. She said, “I can’t meet you anytime next week.”

Bai Qian looked down at the ground and made a little circle in the fallen peach blossoms with her feet. On the spot where Bai Qian’s foot movement had been, flowers moved, and a small empty ring of the surface revealed itself in the midst of the dropped blooms. Bai Qian nervously looked at everything, but Ye Hua. He stood, went to Bai Qian, and held her face to keep her from fidgeting tensely. Bai Qian raised her eyes which shrouded, covered, and concealed her emotions while deflecting Ye Hua’s concerned gaze.

Bai Qian gave Ye Hua one of her mastered well-disguised smiles of courtesy and said haughtily, “What? I’m just busy. It’s nothing.”

Ye Hua still tenderly holding her face, blinked with confusion and whispered, “Have I done something wrong?”

Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua with an aloof expression, and an indifferent gaze before replying, “I have things to do in my real life. We’re just having fun, right? We’ve only known each other for a month and we don’t really know anything about each other. You and I haven’t even exchanged names. Why are you getting so serious all of a sudden?”

She looked around casually and met Ye Hua’s worried gaze before saying nonchalantly, “I have to go now. I’ll try my best to meet you next week, but I can’t make any promises.”

Ye Hua held her face with both hands and moved his face closer to hers to kiss Bai Qian, but she speedily turned and pulled away from Ye Hua. Ye Hua was confused. Had they not just made love, yet Bai Qian now acted as if he was a stranger. Wasn’t Ye Hua just in Bai Qian’s clenched embrace?

He didn’t understand Bai Qian’s sudden frigid and unconcerned behavior.

Ye Hua recovered, composed himself, and said, “Alright. I understand. I’ll still come here, and if you don’t show up, then that’s fine too.”

Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua perplexed and said, “You must have an abundance of idle time on your hands. If you want to waste your time, that’s your choice.”

Bai Qian turned her back and started to walk away. Bai Qian abruptly stopped after taking a couple of steps, turned back towards Ye Hua with a cold smile, and asked, “I hope I didn’t mislead you into thinking you were the only man in my life. Seriously, you don’t think I’m just intimate with you, right?” Bai Qian shook her head and chuckled at Ye Hua as if he was a fool, before cloud jumping away.

After Bai Qian’s rash departure, Ye Hua was completely baffled. Ye Hua dressed, lost in thought, and returned to Celestial Heaven. Bai Qian’s behavior was both confusing and hurtful. She’d turned from blazing fire to polar ice in a matter of minutes, even seconds. One moment Bai Qian was in his arms and then the next telling Ye Hua, she had other men in her life.

Something Ye Hua never once considered.

If Bai Qian had someone else in her life, was she going to stop meeting them after he and Bai Qian were married? Suddenly Ye Hua was overcome with a new emotion that was foreign and unfamiliar. Ye Hua was jealous. Not just jealous, but intensely possessively suspicious and insecure. The thought of Bai Qian being in another man’s embrace made his head spin with rage. Ye Hua’s breathing came out in angry huffs and puffs. His face flushed, and Ye Hua looked feverish from the sudden rush of blood to his face.

Ye Hua decided, that if Bai Qian didn’t come to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms for their next meeting, Ye Hua would go directly to Qing Qiu and reveal himself. Ye Hua would confess everything to Bai Qian and tell her he was wildly in love with her. Ye Hua also planned to say to Bai Qian; that other men were unacceptable. Ye Hua would never share his wife with other men. He would put his foot down and demand Bai Qian discontinue meeting anyone else immediately. The more Ye he thought about her with someone else, the angrier, he became.

In all of Ye Hua’s 50,000 years of life, he had never encountered jealousy and possessiveness before this moment.

Bai Qian

Bai Qian’s plan was straightforward and simple. She would create distance from her secret lover now and attempt to save what was left of her broken heart. If Bai Qian’s design were successful, they would stop meeting before the end of the month. Bai Qian planned to avoid meeting her inamorato for a week, and maybe then he’d stop coming to her. If he stopped appearing to her, Bai Qian wouldn’t have any other choice but to walk away. She didn’t even know his name. If there weren’t another option, Bai Qian wouldn’t have to choose.

This would be the easiest route for Bai Qian.

Ye Hua

The days waiting for Ye Hua’s next meeting time with Bai Qian felt like millennia. He prepared himself to go directly to Qing Qiu if she missed their encounter. Nervously, Ye Hua wiped his clammy hands on his black robe. He was slightly hyperventilating and shaking as he walked into Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.

Bai Qian was there. She was waiting for Ye Hua. Dressed in a light teal flowing gown, Bai Qian stood against a peach tree and smiled when she saw Ye Hua. Ye Hua fought his urge to run to her. Since Bai Qian said she wasn’t coming, Ye Hua wondered if Bai Qian was coming to say goodbye. Was this her method of closing the chapter on their secret affair? Was today their last and final meeting? Ye Hua composed himself, summoned the book he’d brought with him, and greeted Bai Qian nonchalantly.

Ye Hua’s velvety smooth voice said casually, “I thought you were busy. I brought a book to read thinking you weren’t coming.” Ye Hua showed Bai Qian the scroll and tapped the circular shape against his other open palm. The rolled scroll made a sharp snap when it hit the surface of Ye Hua’s hand.

Bai Qian smiled, her expression was soft and relaxed. Bai Qian raised her eyebrows, and slightly stuck out her bottom lip, so she appeared to be somewhat pouting. She replied, “Here I am, but if you weren’t expecting me then I’ll go back home.”

Ye Hua quickly grabbed Bai Qian and pulled her lips to his. She wrapped her slender armed around his neck and returned Ye Hua’s kiss passionately.

Bai Qian suddenly broke their kiss, speedily grabbed the scroll from Ye Hua’s hand, and opened it before she asked amused, “When did you begin to read mortal stories?”

Ye Hua who was kissing down Bai Qian’s graceful neck stopped and whispered in her ear, “It’s a new one just released. It’s quite romantic. It’s a hero and his secret lover.”

Ye Hua smiled and added, “It’s pretty steamy. Do you want to hear it or not?”

Bai Qian smiled teasingly and replied, “Yes, but I want you to read it to me after we’ve removed our clothes first.” Before leading Ye Hua by the hand into Zhe Yan’s hut.

Bai Qian rested her smooth nude body against Ye Hua’s while he read her the passionate tale. She was on top of him, with her head on his chest while Ye Hua held the scroll with outstretched arms overhead. Bai Qian’s mouth-watering sweet fragrance infused the room around them. Ye Hua was erect from the time Bai Qian began to undress and stood stiffly between her warm thighs.

It was maddening and difficult to concentrate on the story. Bai Qian looked up dreamy-eyed and occasionally asked Ye Hua to repeat certain passages; as she listened to his soft, gentle voice. Bai Qian cooed and softly moaned with delight when she heard Ye Hua’s silky whisper of a voice read the erotic parts.

After a few long minutes, Ye Hua couldn’t take it any longer. Her feminine body was too tempting and tantalizing. He threw the scroll down, lifted Bai Qian’s body up slightly with one arm, used his knees to part her legs, and held his ready manhood in his other hand. Ye Hua used the slippery head of his erect shaft to search, find, and pushed himself inside her delicate bloom.

Bai Qian was deliciously dewy.

Ye Hua watched Bai Qian’s expression changed instantly. She closed her eyes as her full luscious lips parted. A flush of becoming color turned her cheeks rosy and warm.

Bai Qian was the most beautiful woman that Ye Hua had ever seen.

Bai Qian placed her flat palms on Ye Hua’s chest, pushed herself up into an upright position, and straddled Ye Hua’s demanding throbbing rod. Bai Qian raised and slowly lowered herself on Ye Hua using her knees with her hands firmly planted on Ye Hua’s chest. Ye Hua saw her ripe, edible, nipples hard on Bai Qian’s utterly beautiful, full, delectable breasts. Bai Qian moved her hands and seductively touched her breasts and nipples while she slid up and down, rotating her hips, and descended on Ye Hua’s pounding erection. When Bai Qian came down and ground herself against him, Ye Hua completely submerged in the deepest part of her inner core.

“You’re so beautiful…..Almost too incredible to be real.” Ye Hua whispered between his pants with broken breath.

Bai Qian placed her hands back on Ye Hua’s chest, inclined her straight arms, and leaned towards him slightly, her face only inches from Ye Hua’s. Bai Qian looked Ye Hua deep in his eyes and purred, “Show me how beautiful I am.” She sped up her grinding motion and whimpered, “Lover… fill me,” and brought herself to climax with Ye Hua following right after her.

Bai Qian’s facial expression during her orgasm was breathtaking. Her dark, chocolate-colored eyes closed and then opened halfway exposing the dilation of her pupils. The center of Bai Qian’s gorgeous deep, sable-colored, eyes intensified, expanded, and a burst of darkened pigment increased. Bai Qian’s slightly arched brows furrowed and her sensuous mouth parted. Her loud moans broke into gasping pants before Bai Qian released a long, deep, sultry groan.

As her climax came to its end, Bai Qian dropped her head downwards as she gasped for air. Ye Hua was overcome by his emotions and started to say, “I lov..”

Before Bai Qian quickly cut him off and covered his mouth with one of her small hands. She looked up at Ye Hua with a smile, but Bai Qian looked as if she was going to cry.

Bai Qian whispered, “Please don’t say those words to me. If you do, I’ll never see you again. Don’t ever tell me who you are. Nothing. Promise me.”

Ye Hua felt her lay back down on his chest. Her ear pressed against his pounding heart. Bai Qian’s voice was soft and light as she said, “Lover, promise me.” Bai Qian lifted her tiny pinky, indicating she wanted Ye Hua’s pinky, as a nonverbal sign of agreement.

Ye Hua connected his pinky finger to Bai Qian’s, released her finger, and gently caressed her loose, sleek, glossy, flowing hair before he whispered, “I promise.”

Bai Qian

Bai Qian couldn’t control herself. She’d told herself, that distance was the only answer, but Bai Qian ended up going early to wait for him. While waiting, Bai Qian decided today would be their last meeting. She intended on telling her lover; that she wouldn’t come back and walk away. Bai Qian mentally repeated her pre-planned speech over and over, but once she saw his face, Bai Qian’s desire was stronger than her resolve.

Bai Qian resigned herself and decided, that one month of heavenly bliss was better than the hellish void of not having him at all.

Bai Qian fell asleep in his comforting embrace and stayed with him until morning.

To Be Continued…