英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 8


Ye Hua

Surprised, Ye Hua, felt  Bai Qian still in his arms. Ye Hua kept his eyes closed believing dawn had yet to break the day. Ye Hua silently wondered to himself, had he missed his timing to tell Bai Qian the truth? Was Ye Hua now in the position to lose Bai Qian if he admitted and revealed his true identity? Would she then cancel their wedding from the feeling of betrayal? Perhaps his decision was made out of fear and desperation, but Ye Hua decided he would hold his promise and not tell her anything.

Their words were sealed and set with the joining of their pinky fingers. Ye Hua agreed, he wouldn’t utter a sound to Bai Qian. Ye Hua decided to follow through and deal with the consequences of his silence when they arose in the future.

The imminent future was only weeks away. Four weeks precisely.

Ye Hua felt Bai Qian begin to stir and finally opened his eyes, to Ye Hua’s surprise, the brightness of the day enveloped them. It was morning, and she’d stayed with him all night. The first time Bai Qian hadn’t snuck out like a thief in the middle of the night. She was the robber who stole Ye Hua’s heart. Ye Hua glanced down at Bai Qian and saw one of the most enduring and adorable images he’d ever seen.

She still eyes closed but Bai Qian was mumbling in her sleep. Ye Hua heard her softly yell out one of her brother’s names and complain about all the wine that was apparently gone. Bai Qian’s facial expression reflected her annoyance from her dream’s picture. As a result of sleeping on Ye Hua’s arm, Bai Qian had the marks of his skin temporarily pressed and indented on her perfect cheek. Bai Qian was drooling ever so slightly from the corner of her mouth. Ye Hua heard Bai Qian make a noise as she smacked and sucked back the saliva back into her lips. Sleeping, Bai Qian wiped her lips with her hand before releasing a series of little snores.

Bai Qian also ground her teeth in her sleep.

Not exactly the polished sleep habits of a refined High Goddess or Queen, but strangely Ye Hua found this more charming.

Bai Qian’s long hair was astray and everywhere. Her delicate face appeared to be nesting in a bird’s nest made of hair. Her hair. Ye Hua struggled to keep from chuckling. If he weren’t already in love with her, Ye Hua would have fallen then. Deeply, thoroughly and madly.

He’d never experienced the joy of waking up with a woman in his bed when he woke with a morning erection, unable to control himself, took Bai Qian as she slept. Bai Qian woke up and smiled without opening her eyes and enjoyed her special morning wake-up call.

Afterward, Bai Qian was grouchy, ill-tempered, and irritable because she was hungry.

Bai Qian told Ye Hua she didn’t like to use too much magic unnecessarily. She explained, that in her ‘neighborhood,’ they prefer to keep it simple and not rely on mystical power for everything. Bai Qian said it was unavoidable today because she needed to eat breakfast before summoning up a giant display of food.

The enormous menu was generous enough to feed a party of four or more…..easily.

Bai Qian’s appetite was voracious. She ate everything. Ye Hua wondered where all the food could have gone inside her little body. She softly hummed a self-composed tune off-key while she ate enthusiastically. If she enjoyed the flavor of a particular food, Bai Qian looked up at Ye Hua wide-eyed, smiled broadly, and clapped her fingertips lightly after taking a bite.

Oddly, she drank wine in the morning with breakfast. Her particular habits should have surprised Ye Hua, but he was becoming used to Bai Qian’s uniqueness.

Ye Hua was too engrossed watching her eat that he barely touched his plate. Never had he witnessed such an astonishing feat as watching Bai Qian consume such a massive amount of food for breakfast. Ye Hua saw Bai Qian slyly glancing at his plate, so Ye Hua offered it to her. She gleefully raised her eyebrows, smiled happily, slowly pulled Ye Hua’s untouched plate towards her, and stated,

“It’s a sin and a crime to waste food. If you saw all the starving children and people in the mortal realm, you’d understand.” She explained.

Stunned, Ye Hua watched Bai Qian eat everything. Every little morsel without leaving anything behind. Ye Hua wondered how she stayed as slim as she did. Ye Hua wondered if she was highly active physically to maintain her lean shape, but he was wrong. She immediately laid down right after inhaling the vast quantity of food. Satisfied, she cooed as she rubbed her stomach in a circular motion while cheerfully tapping her feet together.

She was cute, lovable, and hilarious. Ye Hua was incredibly thankful he was the Crown Prince Of Celestial Heaven and not the neighborhood cobbler because he wouldn’t have been able to afford to keep her fed.

Ye Hua wondered how much Bai Qian would eat after becoming pregnant if her appetite were as enormous as it was now. Silently, he made calculations in his head as to how to keep her hunger satisfied. He would have to alert the royal kitchen before their wedding to prepare for her arrival. Much, much, much more food would need to be made and served.

Ye Hua also made a mental note; Bai Qian was very grouchy and highly temperamental when she was hungry. He would remember to serve Bai Qian many snacks and bites throughout the day.

Ye Hua suddenly remembered what had been gnawing away at him since their last meeting. He asked casually,

“So does your fiance know that you have so many other men in your life? Men you know intimately?”

Bai Qian turned and laid on her side using her arm to support her head and replied, “Yes. He should be aware of all of them.”

Ye Hua’s eyes flew open shocked, but he held his unfazed expression and asked, “Oh really, and he doesn’t mind that you’re surrounded by men you know intimately?”

Casually,  she replied, “He shouldn’t. They will always be in my life, and there isn’t a thing he can do or say to change that.”

Dumbfounded, her haughty tone. He struggled to hold his tongue when she said, “I’m the only female of all my siblings. I have many older brothers, and my father is very protective. We are a close-knit clan. What can be more intimate than that? What can he do if he’s not happy about my family? He’ll have to learn to keep his pacifier-sucking mouth shut and endure silently……If he knows what is good for him because my big brothers won’t tolerate anything else.”

Bai Qian laid flat on her back and sneered, “He’d better listen and follow my terms unless he wants to be punished with a spanking and time out, that brat child.”

Ye Hua sighed deeply as his sense of relief settled his troubled heart. He would remember Bai Qian offered to spank him in the future. Instantly, he thought of spending eternity with her and felt immensely lucky to be marrying her. She was one of a kind, unique and uncommon. Bai Qian’s eyes slowly began to appear droopy before she fell back asleep from the coma induced by the excessive consumption of food. Just before drifting off into slumber, she whispered to Ye Hua,

“Don’t leave me.”

Bai Qian

The evening Bai Qian decided to stay with her lover overnight, she stopped eating Zhe Yan’s special contraceptive peaches. Her conclusion was since she couldn’t have him, she would secretly keep a piece of him for herself. Bai Qian planned to become pregnant with her secret lover’s child. Yes, her idea and design were selfish, but she was a self-indulgent, spoiled, overly-adored, only daughter of the Fox King and also the Queen of Qing Qiu. Bai Qian was also the youngest in her Fox family, so she always got her way.

‘No’ wasn’t in her vocabulary and nobody, no one ever refused her anything…ever.

Since Bai Qian was to marry the Crown Prince; she planned to use an enchantment spell the first night, they slept together. Maybe an enchantment spell was too loose of interpretation; she’s determined to use a spell to knock him out cold. She was a High Goddess with much more power and cultivation than a 50,000-year-old child High Immortal. Bai Qian planned to undress him, put him in her bed, and pretend to have consummated their marriage.

Yes, this was cunning, sneaky, and even dishonorable, but Bai Qian was a sly, crafty, tricky individual who didn’t care. Once determined, and a goal set, nothing could stop her from obtaining her desire. Not even if Heavenly Father miraculously returned from the realm of nothingness to stop her. Bai Qian would proceed and never stop until she got what she wanted. This time Bai Qian wanted a child, but not any child, her secret lover’s child.

Her beloved was engaged to marry another, and she was unable to keep his love. So Bai Qian would keep the next best thing….his offspring. A love child.

The evening when her secret lover, began to confess his love for Bai Qian, something inside her snapped. Her internal reservoir created by herself, an indestructible dam that suppressed her deepest, silently, churning, hidden emotions obliterated its containment the moment he began to say, “I lov…” she covered his mouth to stop her lover’s confession because Bai Qian knew if she’s let him finish his sentence, she would have begged him to run away.

Only with her and leave everything else behind. An unrealistic, undoable, and impossible suggestion.

Ye Hua

Ye Hua’s encounters with Bai Qian were filled with passion and love-making from the start, but suddenly she became insatiable for bodily pleasure. From the moment she set her sight on him, she was removing her clothes which were delightful, but Ye Hua had his physical limitations. After the sixth or seventh round, even a young man like himself was spent. Ye Hua who’d once wanted to be with Bai Qian always now began to appreciate having time apart to recover.

Ye Hua started taking revitalizing and energizing tonics twice a day to keep up with his ravenous, intimacy-driven, sexually possessed future wife. He now understood why the Fox King had so many children. He wondered why the Fox King and his wife the Fox Queen didn’t have a dozen. Ye Hua’s third uncle Lian Song and Cheng Yu both told him, that the Nine-Tailed-Foxes were the most sexual creatures of all the immortal clans, but this was a fact of which Ye Hua was fully already well aware.

Ye Hua wondered if it was a blessing or a curse…it was a blessing. A beautiful heavenly gift.

With their days and nights filled with intimacy and heated embraces, the end of their last month quickly drew near. There were only a couple of days left before their wedding. Ye Hua’s last encounter with Bai Qian, she looked the most stunning she’d looked since their initial meeting. Bai Qian’s dark hair swept and braided towards one side, the end of her long weaved hair resembled a mermaid’s tail. Lifted and pulled back to showcase her lovely face. She wore a dress the color of baby lavender which only accentuation her gorgeous glowing skin.

When Ye Hua embraced her. He wondered, if Bai Qian’s scent would ever become so familiar, to Ye Hua that he wouldn’t notice anymore. He highly doubted it. Even now two months after their first connection, her delicious peach fragrance made him light-headed as it did from the very start.

Today was the last day Ye Hua would be Bai Qian’s secret lover. He would soon become her well-known husband, instead.

Bai Qian

During Bai Qian’s last rendezvous with her secret lover, he made love to her slowly and sensuously throughout the day and night. She kept her eyes open so she could forever stamp his striking image in her heart, body, and soul. So to never forget….ever. Savored the touch of his skin. Bai Qian felt the sensation of his manhood claiming her to him even though she already belonged to him. Bai Qian would never forget the passion, heat, and desire. Their tender love. She would always remember her love for this anonymous man.

She felt her eyes water and quickly wiped her tears.

Bai Qian couldn’t look at him. She laid on her stomach, closed her eyes tightly, and pretended she was overcome with fatigue. She whispered in a hushed faint voice,

“Lover, please leave first. I agreed to become your secret lover so you can do me the courtesy and do as I request. Please. Don’t say anything, not a single word. Just go.”

She couldn’t bring herself to walk away first. Bai Qian felt his full lips linger, as they caressed her shoulders. She heard him sigh deeply, reluctantly, and slowly dress. She felt her lover’s touch one last time as he gently stroked her hair before he left. She felt the lack of his presence immediately and knew he was gone. Forever.

Bai Qian’s secret love affair came to an end, and her beloved walked out of her life as silently as he’d entered. The chapter of Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s secret love affair came to a close and ended just like this story.

The End