崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 1

Zhe Yan quickly glanced down at Xiao Wu, who Bai Zhi, her father, held firmly by her white tails. She’d caused trouble as usual, but this time on a bigger scale. Due to Xiao Wu’s mischievous deeds, Bai Zhi, the Fox King complained he wasn’t able to hold his head high in his realm of Qing Qiu.

He begged Zhe Yan to take Bai Qian and teach her discipline. The Fox King, Bai Zhi, complained he’d aged more in the last 50,000, then the previous hundred thousand years and his daughter were the sole cause. As much as the Fox King loved his only daughter, she was causing Bai Zhi to lose his fur. The Fox King showed Zhe Yan a bald patch as evidence.

Bai Zhi said Zhe Yan was the only one capable of controlling Bai Qian. All this while Xiao Wu whimpered, howled, and whined in her white fox form. Bai Zhi used a spell of entrapment making it impossible for her to transform into her human form.

The Fox King explained it was to keep Bai Qian from speaking.

The Fox King, Bai Zhi first attempted to coax Zhe Yan, but when that failed to work, Bai Zhi resorted to bribery. Zhe Yan expressed his lack of interest in babysitting Bai Qian. He preferred to create wine and enjoy his peaceful bachelor life. Bai Zhi was desperate and offered Zhe Yan a large area of land in Qing Qiu. Zhe Yan replied that he had plenty of land in Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. So much space that Zhe Yan found it troublesome at times. The Fox King used the last of his reserved ammunition and resorted to threats.

The Fox King stated he wouldn’t allow Bai Zhen to spend any more time with Zhe Yan. Bai Zhi threatened to marry Bai Zhen his fourth son off immediately. The Fox King knew just what to say to convince Zhe Yan.

Everyone was acutely aware of Zhe Yan’s feelings and unique closeness with Bai Zhen.

Bai Zhi wasn’t judgemental. On the contrary, The Fox King supported any form of love and friendship regardless of gender. Bai Zhi’s words were stemming from his desperation to rid himself of her troublesome daughter for millennia or two….or three.

Zhe Yan glared bitterly at Bai Zhi, the Fox King when he handed Bai Qian to him. She was howling, whining, twisting her body and trying to bite Zhe Yan. Zhe Yan gave her a good shake and told her to pipe down if she knew what was good for her.

And that was how Bai Qian became Zhe Yan’s ward.

Zhe Yan, Medicine God, an older Phoenix was once a competitor for Bai Zhi’s wife, the Fox Queen’s affections. She who was then and even now still considered one of the most beautiful women in the eternal world. Zhe Yan lost a woman but instead gained a valued, loyal friend. Bai Zhi and his family were now also Zhe Yan’s people.

Zhe Yan was begrudgingly holding Bai Zhi’s fifth child Bai Qian, in his hand by several of her nine white tails.

The Fox Clan were a progressively open-minded clan, accepting and never judged Zhe Yan for his preferences. If anything they encouraged Zhe Yan to love whom he chose to love. And that person happened to be Bai Zhi’s handsome fourth son Bai Zhen, who Zhe Yan affectionately called Zhen Zhen.

Zhe Yan being considerably older, happen to be present at the time of Zhen Zhen’s birth. When Zhen Zhen as a week old cub, he climbed into Zhe Yan’s lap and covered his face with wet baby kisses. Little did Zhe Yan know then, his first fatherly feelings for Zhen Zhen would change so drastically with the passing of time.

Zhe Yan loved Zhen Zhen; no Zhe Yan was in love with Zhen Zhen.

Zhen Zhen hadn’t accepted Zhe Yan’s heart nor had he refuse it either. Theirs was a game of self-admittance before acceptance of the undeniable truth.

There had once been a time when Zhe Yan enjoyed being in a woman’s embrace, but that was hundreds of thousand years ago. While attending school, with his brother Mo Yuan, son of Heavenly Father. Mo Yuan’s nickname Tuzi (the Hare) for his speed seducing women, stole many, many of Zhe Yan’s chosen women.

Zhe Yan still held a deep grudge against Mo Yuan to this day.

Zhe Yan’s brother Mo Yuan was a lusty young man in his youth. Before choosing celibacy to become the Master of Kunlun Mountain, High God, God of War. Now Mo Yuan lived as a monk, a life of abstinence, which Zhe Yan found unfortunate. Considering all the handsome young disciples that surrounded Mo Yuan all day long. Often Zhe Yan regretted his choice to pursue medicine; he would have enjoyed being surrounded by the attractive male students very much.

Xiao Wu’s sudden wiggling snapped Zhe Yan out of his silent daydreaming daze. Zhe Yan dropped her to the ground and used a spell to release Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu yelped then yelled, “It’s about time!!” She rubbed her back side painfully and added, “It hurts to be held my by tails for that long. Why don’t you turn into a Phoenix and I’ll pluck out some of your feathers, so you’ll know how it feels!”

Xiao Wu looked around her surrounding and asked, “Zhe Yan where is the wine?”

Zhe Yan summoned a bottle of his sweet peach fermented liquid concoction and threw it to Xiao Wu, who caught it mid-air. He sat on on his drinking platform with one knee bent up, looked at Xiao Wu and shook his head. Zhe Yan was regretting his hasty decision to take Xiao Wu at Bai Zhi’s request.

Xiao Wu took a long drink and said, “I know you don’t want me here, so I’ll just go play by myself. You just tell father whatever you want. How does that sound?”

Zhe Yan pointed at Xiao Wu and barked, “You’ve brought this on yourself! I go out of my way not to have children yet here I am, stuck babysitting you! Don’t think you’re going to wander around and cause havoc while you’re under my care!”

Zhe Yan paused and added, “I can barely care for myself let alone watch a naughty fox that lacks control, decorum or disciple. The thought of you one day being the Queen of Qing Qiu, scares me to pieces.”

Zhe Yan shivered to express his fear for the future of Qing Qiu.

Zhe Yan scolded, “Just keep drinking wine until I can figure out what to do with you. I don’t like children!”

Xiao Wu looked up quickly and replied, “That’s not true. You love Zhen Zhen!” Before sticking out her tongue and running away.

Zhe Yan instantly knew he’d made a huge mistake bringing Xiao Wu home with him to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. A giant, massive, grand blunder.

Over the next few days, Xiao Wu drank all Zhe Yan’s wine. She was messy and never put anything back where they belonged. Xiao Wu slept the majority of her days which Zhe Yan relished because that was the only time she was silent.

After a couple of weeks, Zhe Yan couldn’t take anymore. Xiao Wu was more than he could handle. She needed watching 24/7, and Zhe Yan wasn’t capable or interested in investing all his time towards such a daunting task. Zhe Yan had a brilliant idea; he would take her to Kunlun Mountain. If anyone had the kind of patience needed for this disobedient child, it was his monk-like brother, High God Mo Yuan.

Slowly, Zhe Yan began his quest to convince Xiao Wu into becoming one of Mo Yuan’s disciples. She was just starting to discover and appreciate the appeal of the opposite sex. Xiao Wu wasn’t a child anymore. Xiao Wu was the perfect age for first love.

Zhe Yan asked casually, “Xiao Wu, have you ever heard of High God Mo Yuan and Kunlun Mountain?”

Xiao Wu, who was drinking wine while resting in one of Zhe Yan’s peach trees replied, “High God Mo Yuan? I heard he’s as old Donghua Dijin. They say High God, Mo Yuan, has the head of a golden dragon and the sturdy, powerful legs of a lion. Zhe Yan, is it true about him having four arms?”

Zhe Yan leaned against the same tree and crossed his arms across his chest. He replied, “Mo Yuan and I are the same age.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes flew open stunned as she said, “He’s that old! Have his golden scales started to gray? He’s ancient!”

Zhe Yan glared at Xiao Wu and cleared his throat. His annoyance was clear as he replied, “He’s not that formidable and scary, but yes, Mo Yuan has four arms. Xiao Wu, Kunlun has only male disciples. Wouldn’t it be fun being the only girl there?”

Xiao Wu waved her hand at Zhe Yan unconvinced and said, “Kunlun only accepts male students. How would I be able to attend an all boys school?”

Zhe Yan was smiling too big as he continued to coax her, “We can use a concealment spell, Xiao Wu. Wouldn’t that be fun? Think of how naughty that would be. You love to be mischievous. That would be the greatest prank.” Zhe Yan was lifting his brows up and down to emphasize the amusement of such a trick.

Her distrusting eyes narrowed as she said, “They have to study and work all day long. No, I’d rather just stay here with you.”

Zhe Yan quickly replied, “How fortunate for you Mo Yuan is my brother. I’ll make sure to tell him not to make you do any work. I’ll put in a special request that he allow you to drink wine all day long. Mo Yuan’s wines are much more potent and intoxicating than mine. They don’t study that much, only a little here and there. If you’re not happy there, you can return to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms anytime you’d like. I’ll even put in a good word about you to your father.”

Xiao Wu jumped down from the tree. She threw the empty wine bottle and replied haughtily, “All men? Hmm okay, let’s create some trouble. I was starting to get bored here anyway.”

Zhe Yan so relieved by Xiao Wu’s reply began laughing. Xiao Wu was Zhe Yan’s payback to his brother for all the women; Mo Yuan stole from him in their youth. Mo Yuan was now the stoic Master of Kunlun who practiced celibacy and avoided contact with women. He did this to keep the peace of all the realms, but Zhe Yan knew the man that Mo Yuan used to be, and the type of women Mo Yuan fancied the most. The kind female that made Mo Yuan forget about everything else…Xiao Wu.

Mo Yuan used to go crazy for women just like Xiao Wu.

Zhe Yan laughed to himself quietly for days imagining Mo Yuan’s difficulties with Xiao Wu as one of his disciples.

The day Zhe Yan took Xiao Wu to Kunlun, she wanted to cloud jump to the top of Kunlun Mountain, but Zhe Yan insisted they walk. Zhe Yan showed Xiao Wu the water falls and natural ponds on the lower areas below the school. Zhe Yan said he and Mo Yuan, used to bring women to these secret private locations. Xiao Wu smirked at Zhe Yan and told him to stop lying. She said Zhe Yan only brought men. Zhe Yan held back the urge to call a spell to turn her into a wart covered, buck-toothed goblin.

But Zhe Yan silently thought it would have been an excellent place to bring Zhen Zhen.

Kunlun School set on the top of Kunlun Mountain, but below on many levels; there was an abundance of drenching, cooling, refreshing waterfalls, luxurious hot springs, and crystal, clear, fresh, natural water ponds with secret, mysterious caves and unknown caverns hidden behind the waterfalls. Surrounded by lush green, dense slopes and flower covered flat lands with every color flower under the sun. Springtime was when nature’s bouquets bloomed, and veiled the once grassy fields, with an assortment of vibrant new blossoms in rainbowed hues. Kunlun Mountain a place of beauty, serenity, and nature. Often it was easy to forget above the rich, dense greenery; stood the ancient school created by Heavenly Father.

The school a sharp contrast with cold textural stone, marble surfaces, and giant linear pillars that held and supported the crushing weight of the ancient stone ceiling. Kunlun by design was simple, unpretentious and understated but contained a vast amount of knowledge and history. Most of the disciples were High Immortals, and some were children of Kings and Queens from the Immortal world. Their father figure, leader, and Shifu being High God Mo Yuan, God of War and the first born and only son of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Zhe Yan’s brothership with Mo Yuan from their close bond, set and formed while attending the same school. Zhe Yan and Mo Yuan brothers for hundreds of thousands of years.

Zhe Yan summoned the concealment spell and changed Xiao Wu into her new male appearance. Even as a man she was beautiful. Zhe Yan wondered if Mo Yuan would be fooled long enough for him to leave Xiao Wu in Mo Yuan’s charge and vanish. Zhe Yan planned to stay away from Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms for a couple of months worried Xiao Wu would return immediately.

He and Xiao Wu arrived at Kunlun Mountain, as Mo Yuan’s students were all in frenzied movement attempting to catch a rapidly flying object, in the air, as it speedily whizzed by them before it slowly turned and came towards Xiao Wu. The mystery item floated above Xiao Wu’s face as if it waiting for her. She grabbed it unaware of what it was.

It was a closed fan with twin solid curved vertical and deep green-colored jade scrolls on its dual end. Zhe Yan immediately sensed immensely powerful energy flowing from the fan.

The disciples chasing the airborne fan came to a halt when they saw it in Xiao Wu’s hand. Mo Yuan behind his disciples walked through, wearing a saffron-colored robe, and parted the sea of his white uniform robed students.

He looked at Zhe Yan and then at Xiao Wu. Zhe Yan glanced at Mo Yuan and said to Xiao Wu, “Si Yin, greet your new Shifu, High God Mo Yuan.”

Xiao Wu saw Mo Yuan and looked behind him looking for the ferocious four arms beast. Zhe Yan leaned his head towards Mo Yuan indicating Mo Yuan was standing before her. She looked at Mo Yuan studied him for a quick second, bowed and introduced herself to Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan said nothing as he took the fan from her hands.

There was another new pupil present, and they argued not to be the youngest disciple. Zhe Yan closed up to Mo Yuan and said,

“The wild fox I picked up look unreliable make him the junior disciple.”

Si Yin looked up and glared at Zhe Yan. Mo Yuan decided and determined Si Yin to be the youngest Kunlun disciple, Seventeen. Si Yin rewarded with the newest artifact from Kunlun Mountain, ‘The Jade Purity Fan’ in exchange for her acceptance of the junior position and lowest in rank. The Jade Purity Fan, being the only object to come from Kunlun Mountain, for thousands of years. After accepting his new students and receiving three kowtows as their new Shifu, Mo Yuan pulled Zhe Yan to the side away from the everyone. Mo Yuan’s expression conveyed nothing as he held his hands behind his back.

Mo Yuan whispered in his voice which was naturally soft and questioned, “Zhe Yan, what are you doing?”

Zhe Yan looked at Mo Yuan and blinked innocently. Mo Yuan asked, “Why have you brought a girl to Kunlun Mountain?”

Zhe Yan acted surprised, “Si Yin is a girl!? Mo Yuan, how do you know? I just discovered him in the woods by Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. He’s just a wild Fox.”

Mo Yuan turned just his head towards Zhe Yan and asked, “Did you think I wouldn’t see through one of your sneaky concealing spells? Is that who I think it is? Is that girl Bai Zhi’s daughter Bai Qian?”

Zhe Yan nudged Mo Yuan and asked playfully, “Mo Yuan she’s pretty, no she quite beautiful isn’t she?”

Mo Yuan turned back and looked off into the distance and softly asked, “Does she resemble her mother?”

Zhe Yan smiled brightly and nodded ‘yes’ adding, “Xiao Wu is more beautiful than her mother, Mo Yuan.”

Mo Yuan sighed deeply and said, “Now, I understand why you and Bai Zhi were fighting with each other like two lunatics.”

Zhe Yan was curious as he asked smiling, “Mo Yuan if you knew she was a girl, then why did you accept her as a disciple?”

Mo Yuan replied, “Because the Jade Purity Fan chose her. It’s a powerful item, and she’s the only one capable of harnessing its power. It appears as if fate decided for me.”

Mo Yuan suddenly turned to Zhe Yan and asked, “Did you bring her here as a form of revenge for what I did to you in school? It’s very unhealthy to hold grudges that long Zhe Yan.”

“Oh, Mo Yuan, never. I don’t even remember what pranks you’re talking about. I’ve brought you an asset you’ll appreciate. Si Yin loves to clean, and she’s very studious. Si Yin isn’t a drinker but loves to organize and do tedious tasks,” said Zhe Yan.

Mo Yuan released another sigh, turned slightly and looked at Si Yin. He said to Zhe Yan without any emotion, “Then she is the opposite of everything you just said. Do you think you can fool me after all these years? You better leave before I change my mind.”

Mo Yuan paused and added, “Zhe Yan, you’re a very hateful, vengeful and spiteful Phoenix. Your form of retribution is a bit extreme for the few pranks I pulled in school.”

Zhe Yan watched Mo Yuan covertly look Si Yin up and down quickly before he turned to Zhe Yan and inhaled deeply through his nose and exhale out his mouth. Zhe Yan fought back the urge to laugh out loud, because he hadn’t seen that expression on Mo Yuan’s face, for hundreds of thousands of years. Mo Yuan had bitten Zhe Yan’s excellent bait, so Zhe Yan decided to hand the pole to Si Yin to reel Mo Yuan in.

Zhe Yan went to Xiao Wu who was still openly staring at Mo Yuan. She asked unbelievingly, “Is that High God Mo Yuan? God Of War that wields the Yellow Emperor’s Sword?”

Zhe Yan nodded his head ‘yes’ and asked slyly, “Why do you think he’s not?”

Zhe Yan watched a tiny smile curling up the corner of her lips as Xiao Wu whispered, “He’s charmingly handsome with attractive, delicate features. He looks like one of those ‘Casanova pretty faced boys.'”

Mo Yuan who appeared to be unable to hear Xiao Wu, suddenly looked up at her with shock, when he heard her call him a ‘Casanova pretty faced boy.’

A sparkle and gleam came to Xiao Wu’s dark chestnut hued eyes as her smile slightly widened and whispered, “I think I’m going to enjoy Kunlun Mountain.”

Zhe Yan snorted and let out a single laugh. He couldn’t hold back. Zhe Yan knew Mo Yuan would be in a complicated position and become conflicted, but he hadn’t anticipated it to happen instantly. Zhe Yan looked at Xiao Wu and knew Mo Yuan was in trouble. The expression on Xiao Wu’s face was identical to the one her mother had the first time she saw Bai Zhi, the Fox King, her husband, and father of her five children.

to be continued………………..