崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 2


20,000 years later

During Mo Yuan’s 20,000 years with his Seventeenth disciple, Si Yin, she turned Kunlun Mountain upside down. Si Yin’s mischievous and playful nature changed the tone of the once quiet and peaceful school. Where there was once serenity, calm, and tranquility, became Si Yin’s lively, festive, happy playground. Si Yin’s comical antics, gags, and pranks were sometimes problematic, but she coated Mo Yuan’s life with a new layer of delight, he couldn’t help but recognize.

For Mo Yuan, Si Yin’s vitality was equal to a dazzling ray of first sunshine breaking through after weeks of thick, gray, stormy skies. Si Yin’s sunny disposition added illumination and light to everything she touched, and Si Yin’s joyous laughter reverberated, resounded, and resonated throughout Kunlun Mountain. Si Yin’s energy was infectious.

Si Yin’s presence filled a void in Mo Yuan’s heart that he didn’t know was empty before her arrival on Kunlun Mountain.

During the past 20,000 years as Mo Yuan’s disciple, nobody knew Si Yin was a female except Mo Yuan. Everyone else on Kunlun Mountain saw Si Yin as an immortal young man, but in Mo Yuan’s eye’s Si Yin was always the beautiful female he’d seen from the very start. Seventeen was a master of disguise and played the role of a man to perfection, but there were some things she couldn’t hide.

Si Yin had a woman’s intuition.

Si Yin could read Mo Yuan’s private thoughts. Si Yin seemed to know what Mo Yuan missed and longed for most, in his austere life and that was a woman’s affectionate. More than the physical pleasure of intimacy, Mo Yuan secretly craved the effeminate sweetness, of tender and lovable affection only a woman could give a man. Something missing from his rigorous, self-disciplined, and abstinent life during his long hundreds of thousand years with all-male disciples.

Surrounded by respectful, polite and admiring male pupils, Mo Yuan wasn’t alone but often lonely.

Almost as if a psychic or a clairvoyant, Si Yin saw and sensed things about and from Mo Yuan others’ failed to recognize. Si Yin was sensitive to Mo Yuan’s moods, regardless of his lack of expression. Even without any hints or even the slightest display of emotions, Si Yin read him like an open book. Often, Mo Yuan felt vulnerable and exposed around her acute sense of perception. And Mo Yuan found himself struggling to stay without bias, impartial, without preference or favoritism. He lacked the capacity and emotional concentration, as his attempts to shroud himself in indifference, and hiding from Seventeen’s intuitive nature and failed time after time. Seventeen saw through Mo Yuan’s cloak and mask.

As much as Mo Yuan concealed himself, Si Yin did the complete opposite. Si Yin held nothing back and fully revealed herself openly. Perhaps Si Yan’s lack of secrecy and straightforwardness were the catalyst that made Mo Yuan respond in spite of his self-control. High God, Mo Yuan, God Of War, son of Heavenly Father, rendered powerless into a simple man with natural male yearnings.

Mo Yuan caught Seventeen staring at him brazenly more than once, and her gaze was not one of a child’s. Maybe it’s was Mo Yuan’s interpretation, opinion or what he secretly wished for but Si Yin watched Mo Yuan with the eyes of a thirsty woman. A parched female staring at her first glass of water after weeks of dehydration. A woman who clearly appreciated and wanted what she saw. Seventeen gazed at Mo Yuan provocatively and wordlessly conveyed her bodily desire for him.

Seventeen didn’t just blatantly follow him with her soul-piercing gaze, but to Mo Yuan’s surprise and shock, Si Yin verbalized her feelings and thoughts to Mo Yuan. Si Yin told Mo Yuan how handsome and desirable he was with consistency. When alone, Si Yin caressed Mo Yuan’s cheek and exposed skin without warning. The first time Seventeen touched Mo Yuan’s face, he was speechless for almost two hours. The brush of her hand was feminine and soft. Mo Yuan’s skin felt sunburned and heated after Si Yin’s gentle but scorching stroke.

Si Yin unexpectantly and openly held Mo Yuan’s hand without reason. Si Yin freely threw her arms around Mo Yuan and embraced him at any given time when they were alone. If Mo Yuan played one of her favorite songs on his zither, Si Yin happily wrapped her slender feminine arms around Mo Yuan’s neck and hugged him from behind. Si Yin’s actions and behavior towards Mo Yuan were far from those of proper of a male student. When Si Yin was alone with Mo Yuan, Seventeen acted like an enamored woman with her male suitor. She made it obvious and clear; she wanted Mo Yuan as her lover.

The perfume of Seventeen’s tantalizing skin was delicious, syrupy, edible like sweet candied peaches made by Mo Yuan’s fourth disciple.

Si Yin was the caretaker for Mo Yuan’s unborn twin brother’s spirit, safely encased inside the golden lotus. Protected in the Kunlun lotus pond under Mo Yuan’s watchful eye, for hundreds of thousands years. Heavenly Father’s last request to Mo Yuan before fading into the realm of nothingness.

For countless hours, Seventeen spoke to her golden lotus. Often, Mo Yuan felt sorry for his trapped twin forced to listen to Seventeen’s rambling for hours. Sometimes, Mo Yuan envied his unborn brother when Mo Yuan witnessed Seventeen tenderly kissing her beloved flower. Si Yin used her small hand, to create a soft, gentle current on the surface of the pond to move the golden lotus closer to her, before leaning over and lightly kissing its golden peaks. Si Yin did this daily for 20,000 years, and sometimes more than once a day.

It might have been his imagination, but Mo Yuan thought he saw, the Lotus response back and glow brighter after her lavish displays of affection and love.

Seventeen was an unexplainable oxymoron. As feminine, as she behaved and appeared with and to Mo Yuan, Si Yin was also a tomboy. She loved to challenge her senior disciples in duels and practice forms of combat. Si Yin enjoyed her battles with Ling Yu, Mo Yuan’s ninth disciple most. She and Ling Yu shared a sibling-like relationship which was stronger than Si Yin’s connections to any of the other disciples.

Si Yin and Ling Yu were two of Mo Yuan’s most skilled warriors. Their mastered techniques and methods were unparallel to those of the other disciples. Si Yin still the only one with enough power to harness but also control the Jade Purity Fan other than Mo Yuan. Si Yin’s method and mastery of the Jade Purity Fan came with at a cost, Seventeen blew up and demolished many areas on Kunlun Mountain. Regularly. Mo Yuan’s teaching platform, seclusion cave and a portion of her favored wine cellar were obliterated and rebuilt more than once during the last 20,000 years. In the beginning, when any of her fellow disciples brothers saw her fan opened in hand, they ran for cover and raised protective shields around themselves and their quarters.

Just as much as Seventeen loved to battle physically with her fellow disciple brothers, Si Yin’s other habits were far from those fitting of a proper woman. Seventeen could out drink everyone on Kunlun Mountain effortlessly.

Si Yin’s disciple brothers unconvinced by Seventeen’s self-bragging and boasts about her high alcohol tolerance once challenged Seventeen to a drinking contest. This competition, resulted in some of the disciples to pass out due to their severe inebriation while Seventeen was barely tipsy. The aftermath of their intoxicating game caused some of Mo Yuan’s students to sleep for days non-stop, others were physically sick and hung over the following day. Seventeen ate all the food the others couldn’t eat and appeared unfazed from the previous night’s game in drunken overindulgence.

Seventeen was a fast and messy eater. She often wore more food on her face than what she consumed in her mouth during her meals. One day, Mo Yuan saw candied peaches on Seventeen’s face from breakfast. It was well past noon when it caught Mo Yuan’s eye. Without much consideration, Mo Yuan licked his thumb and reached for the jelly on her face when she caught him between her teeth, took his digit into her mouth and sucked his fingertip sensuously. The provocative and enticing gaze, Seventeen gave Mo Yuan while his thumb was in her mouth, forcing him to go into seclusion for several days. The speed in which Si Yin went from a dirty girl to a tantalizing tempting woman, within a fraction of a second, made it difficult for Mo Yuan to mediate. The warm feeling of Seventeen’s mouth and tongue were unforgettable.

Mo Yuan used his seclusion cave for more than restoring his cultivation; he also used it to rebalance his self-repressed, dormant, latent male urges and desires. Mo Yuan’s deepest wishes like an unlit candle; Si Yin could kindle with a single fiery glance. Mo Yuan blew out the flame instantly and kept his wants buried in the farthest, distant, hidden recesses of his soul.

Little did Mo Yuan know these were the feelings one experiences when they are in love. Mo Yuan believed his feelings for Si Yin to be purely paternal but he was merely fooling himself. It would be much later when the realization of his real emotions, would shake Mo Yuan’s world like an earthquake, registering off the Richter magnitude scale.

A shocking tremor that would create a drastic shift in Mo Yuan’s calm surface plate, causing energy to radiates out from the fault, in all directions, in the form of seismic waves like ripples on a pond. Before finally, creating a complete upheaval in the epicenter of Mo Yuan’s heart.

The earthquake’s name; Si Yin, Mo Yuan’s little disciple Seventeen.


On his return, from attending an assembly in Celestial Heaven, Mo Yuan decided to stop at Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Tomorrow was Seventeen’s birthday, and Mo Yuan decided to surprise her with a couple of bottles of Zhe Yan’s infamous creations. Seventeen’s favorite sugary, sweet, peach wine that she often mentioned and longed for frequently.

Lazily, Zhe Yan lounged under one of his peach trees, leisurely drinking his wine, when he noticed Mo Yuan. Judging by Zhe Yan’s expression, Mo Yuan could tell Zhe Yan was already quite intoxicated when he yelled, “Mo Yuan! Are you here to get something for Xiao Wu? Her birthday is tomorrow.”

Straight-faced Mo Yuan replied indifferently, “I didn’t know it was her birthday. I was just passing through so…..”

Zhe Yan briskly cut Mo Yuan and said teasingly, “Mo Yuan, you shouldn’t lie to me. I know why you’re here and I’m acutely aware of how you feel about Xiao Wu. Brother, be honest with me, Mo Yuan. Have you ever….you know?” Zhe Yan was lifting his eyebrows up and down hinting to Mo Yuan.

Zhe Yan’s persistence was remarkable. For the past 20,000 years, he’d been hinting to Mo Yuan relentlessly. Zhe Yan’s instigating and annoying behavior all stemming from a grudge Zhe Yan still held from their days in school. Considering Zhe Yan’s terrible memory, Mo Yuan was surprised that he recalled every detail of Mo Yuan’s juvenile escapades.

Mo Yuan sat beside Zhe Yan, faced him and replied expressionlessly, “I know why you brought her to Kunlun. Zhe Yan, I’m wise to your cunning, sneaky ulterior motives. Nothing has happened, and nothing ever will. It’s been 20,000 years, Si Yin is merely my seventeenth disciple, and I am only her Shifu. Our relationship is one of finial respect, fatherly guidance and purely innocent. Zhe Yan, you need to get your head out of the gutter, seriously. Not everyone thinks as you do.”

Zhe Yan threw his arms in the air, dramatically rolled his eyes and replied, “Phfff….. Please, Mo Yuan, preach your Taoist ideology somewhere else to someone who doesn’t know you better, Tuzi. I know you better than you know yourself. I know your internal machinery, and I’m aware of how it runs. Your parts just need a little grease to get things moving again.”

Zhe Yan finished off his wine and shook the bottle to make sure it was empty. Zhe Yan added, “You can paint the outside any color and design you want to, but the insides remain the same. You think about her all the time, don’t you?”

Mo Yuan stared at Zhe Yan without blinking for a long time silently before saying, “I knew it. You still haven’t gotten over the few woman who preferred me over you. Zhe Yan, I’ve told you many times it’s unhealthy to hold grudges for so long. That was ages ago. Hundred thousands of years have passed. Get over it.”

Mo Yuan paused and added, “I know why you brought Seventeen to Kunlun Mountain. Did you think I would forget my vows of celibacy and abstinence and throw everything out the window and suddenly revert to my absurd juvenility? I’m not 70,000 years old anymore.”

Zhe Yan snorted, laughed, side-eyed Mo Yuan suspiciously and asked, “So you’ve thought about your vows of celibacy and abstinence, have you?” Zhe Yan rubbed his chin and added, “Xiao Wu has become more beautiful since she first became your disciple.”

Mo Yuan sighed deeply out of pure frustration. Talking to Zhe Yan about Seventeen was like talking to one of the pillars at Kunlun Mountain.

“Zhe Yan, I knew you weren’t over it yet. How long will you continue this nonsense? Which one was it? Huh? Was it the Eastern water goddess, the earth deity during Summer break, my father’s servant, you know the beautiful one with the big breasts.., never mind, or was it that gorgeous mortal from that village in the west? Which one upset you the most? You need to get over the past.” said Mo Yuan shaking his head at Zhe Yan.

“What!? You had your way with Dan Dan too!? You took the mortal too!? I wanted to marry that one!” When did you take her? Where was I?” Zhe Yan demanded wide-eyed in shock.

Mo Yuan looked up at the late afternoon sky while blinking his eyes as he recollected his memories. Mo Yuan thought silently for a few moments and replied softly, “You couldn’t have married the mortal anyway, but I believe it was the night that you were asking her father for permission to marry her…….yes; it was then when I took her.”

Zhe Yan was enraged as he yelled, “Mo Yuan, you probably have a half-mortal child out there! You are a nasty, filthy, devious immortal!”

Mo Yuan looked at Zhe Yan and replied softly, “Perhaps saying I took the mortal isn’t entirely correct. It was more like she took me. I never released my seed inside her nether region.” Mo Yuan slightly glanced downwards to his lower area.

Zhe Yan jumped up furious, red-faced and threw a cluster of four wine bottles at Mo Yuan and barked, “What!? No, she didn’t, Mo Yuan! Dan Dan gave you oral pleasure!? She told me she wouldn’t do that until we married!”

Zhe Yan placed both his hands on his waist yelled in a fury, “Tuzi, I hope Xiao Wu throws a massive, powerful, mind-blowing enchantment spell at you!” Zhe Yan’s eyes narrowed as he glared, smirked, and hissed “I can’t break out of those, so I know you won’t be able to either!”

Zhe Yan reached down, grabbed a random peach twig from the ground and yelled, “I hope Xiao Wu breaks you like this twig!” Zhe Yan fiercely snapped the stick in two and added, “Right down the middle and in little tiny pieces!” Before angrily throwing the branch parts at Mo Yuan with force and stomping away.

It was then when Mo Yuan realized, Zhe Yan didn’t know about the mortal. Mo Yuan blamed his advanced age for his forgetfulness and began his return to Kunlun Mountain with Seventeen’s birthday present in hand.

Perhaps it was the beautiful weather or the humorous walk down memory lane, he’d had with Zhe Yan, but Mo Yuan found himself leisurely walking up the green path to Kunlun Mountain. To the place where he and Zhe Yan spent many days and nights, secretly drinking wine, smoking poppies, and enjoying beautiful women. In his youth, which felt like another lifetime to Mo Yuan. He’d changed, but the terrain looked the same as it did hundreds of thousands of years ago.

It was still naturally serene and peaceful.

Mo Yuan was softly chuckling to himself when he spotted a petite figure standing under one of the many waterfalls. It was the stunning backside of a naked woman, and Mo Yuan could see the outline and hourglass curves of her tantalizing form. She had a deliciously beautiful body. Her long black hair stuck to her back and she playfully reached both arms up towards the down running fluid, creating two more cascading waterfalls, off her outstretched hands. Mo Yuan thought she was probably an earth deity who’d stopped for a quick watery frolick.

Had Mo Yuan been younger, he would have unquestionably taken her. She had the kind of body shape; Mo Yuan couldn’t ever resist. Mo Yuan’s preference was women with curves especially a nice round bottom.

Mo Yuan quietly appreciated the spectacular view when the earth goddess turned her body so Mo Yuan could the front of her womanly form. Her breasts were exceptional. Two full tear-dropped shaped mouthwatering morsels. Mo Yuan found himself gawking at her feminine mound which was hairless and bare. He finally raised his sight to her face and recognized her extremely familiar visage. Mo Yuan’s jaw dropped to the ground, and he stood open-mouthed blinking rapidly.

It was Seventeen, Si Yin, in her real female appearance.

Seventeen stood under the fall and opened her mouth to catch the flowing water. Seventeen then stepped out from the waterfall, took a couple of steps before laying stomach down on top of massive stone’s warm surface. Seventeen basked in the warmth and allowed the sun to heat her skin. Seventeen’s eyes closed, and she hummed one of her favorite tunes softly under her breath.

Paralyzed, Mo Yuan was unable to take a single step. He could barely breathe. Sensing another presence, Seventeen slowly raised her head and glanced around her surroundings. Mo Yuan saw her lift her head and quickly cloud jumped back to Kunlun Mountain.

Back at Kunlun Mountain, Mo Yuan couldn’t get the sensuous image out of his skull. His mind looped the tantalizing vivid picture of Seventeen standing unclothed under the waterfall repeatedly. Mo Yuan avoided his disciples for the rest of the day. It was late in the evening when Seventeen brought Mo Yuan’s tea into his chamber. Mo Yuan couldn’t look at Seventeen. He kept picturing her naked. Mo Yuan looked down at towards his desk as his eyes shifted nervously side to side. Mo Yuan pretended to be engrossed in his reading. His goal was to look busy so Seventeen would quietly leave after she’d served his tea. Mo Yuan was still staring in the direction at his desk when he suddenly saw Seventeen’s head twisted, her face underneath and right in front of his.

Mo Yuan quickly sat up stiffly still avoiding direct eye contact and asked, “What is it Seventeen? I’m swamped reading.”

“Shifu, what are you reading?” Seventeen sat back straight and asked curiously.

Mo Yuan’s answer came out swiftly as he replied, “A critical document that I must check, now.”

“Hmm, Shifu?” Seventeen asked confused. “Did you memorize the material?”

Mo Yuan still looking down at the ground answered, “Seventeen, I’m swamped. Can’t you see how busy I am with this document?”

Seventeen asked curiously almost cautiously, “Shifu what are you reading? There isn’t anything on your desk.”

Mo Yuan quickly looked at his desk to see there wasn’t a single thing on his desk other than his teacup. Mo Yuan lifted his eyes and met Seventeen’s gaze for a second and saw her nude, so he dropped his eyes, yawned dramatically and said, “I’m tired. Goodnight Seventeen. Close my door on your way out.”

Seventeen sounded confused, but she said good-night softly and walked out of Mo Yuan’s room and shut the door behind her.

Mo Yuan wasn’t able to sleep all night. Mo Yuan focused to clear his mind only to have Seventeen’s nude water show drift back into his head. He sat up annoyed with himself and took a couple of deep breaths. Finally, his clouded mind was starting to clear as the image of Seventeen sunbathing naked flashed before his eyes. Mo Yuan silently cursed Zhe Yan; it was all Zhe Yan’s fault! He’d cursed Mo Yuan with his wicked, evil words. Zhe Yan wished Mo Yuan to fall under one of Seventeen’s enchantment spells, and that was what happened.

Mo Yuan silently wondered if Zhe Yan could have pre-planned his erotic sighting of Seventeen? Zhe Yan was a cunning old Phoenix, but he wasn’t that skillful. No, was an accident that was completely unplanned.

Mo Yuan attempted to put things into perspective in a rational way. If he’d seen one of the other disciples bathings, it wasn’t have been affected Mo Yuan at all. Yes, Mo Yuan decided he’d just seen one of his children bathing…….but none of the other disciples looked like Seventeen when they bathed.

Mo Yuan determined he needed to go into seclusion immediately but it was Seventeen’s birthday, and he couldn’t go without saying anything to her first. Yes, Mo Yuan planned to wish Seventeen a quick and hasty happy birthday and go into seclusion until he could uncloud his head and rebalance his self-control.

Seventeen was in the wine cellar. She’d gone to retrieve the wine Mo Yuan brought back from Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. He’d placed them on a shelf when he returned the day before.

Mo Yuan walked in and began to wish Seventeen happy birthday, frightened by Mo Yuan’s sudden appearance; Seventeen started to fall off the ladder she was standing on. Mo Yuan rushed and caught her in his arms. Seventeen looked frightened, blinked rapidly and then suddenly smiled when Seventeen realized herself in Mo Yuan’s arms.

Mo Yuan sensed his flushed red face, and his cheeks felt warm from her closeness. Mo Yuan cleared his throat, and casually started to say, “Happy Birthday Seven….”

When Seventeen suddenly leaned in silently and lightly kissed Mo Yuan on his unexpectant lips.

Mo Yuan was speechless. Words failed him as Si Yin jumped out of his arms and landed on the ground beside him. Mo Yuan was finally composed when he asked dumbfounded,

“Seventeen what was that about?!”

Seventeen looked up at Mo Yuan with a shy little smile and said, “That was what I wanted for my birthday. Thank you for wine Shifu, but I liked the kiss better.”

to be continued……..