崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 3


“Seventeen, what are you doing? Explain the reason behind your inappropriate behavior?” Mo Yuan demanded, his flushed cheeks gave him the appearance of looking feverish. Mo Yuan dumbfounded by both Seventeen’s surprise kiss and of her immediate comment afterward.

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan innocently while blinking her big, dark sable, colored-eyes and sweetly replied, “Shifu, I only wanted a birthday kiss, and you happen to be the person, I wanted it from. That’s all that I wished for on my birthday this year.”

Mo Yuan instantly composed himself and screened his facial expression with one of a stern father and played ignorance. Mo Yuan looked down at Seventeen, hands and fingers tightly interlocked behind his back and questioned, “Si Yin, would you or have you ever kissed your father like that? We are both men, you and I. I’m your Shifu, a paternal teacher, and you my pupil, you’re like my child. Do you see any of the other senior disciples kissing or hugging me on their birthday? Have you ever seen one of the other disciples hold my hand or throw their arms around me at any given moment?”

Si Yin’s reply quickly came as she replied haughtily, “Yes, I’ve kissed my father like that many, many times and he kisses me like that on every one of my birthdays. Shifu, maybe you should start kissing and hugging the other disciples on their birthdays. They might enjoy it as I did. I loved it.”

Seventeen reached out without any hesitation and straightened the front of Mo Yuan’s royal blue robe which had become slightly disheveled from catching Seventeen’s fall.

Seventeen patted and pressed the front of his garment with her small hands. After she’d finished, Seventeen said teasingly, “Shifu, you shouldn’t get so upset over a little kiss from a man. How will you handle it if something big were ever to happen to you? You could meet an alluring, beautiful, charming woman who desires and surrenders to you at any given time. What will you do then, Shifu?”

“Seventeen, I’ve taken a vow of celibacy and abstinence from carnal urges thousands of years ago. I take my vows seriously. Even if met the most beautiful woman in the world tomorrow, I guarantee, I wouldn’t feel a single thing. Nothing. My sincere desire to live as Shifu, Master of Kunlun Mountain, and keep my life simple as I’ve done for hundreds of thousands of years. Seventeen, don’t kiss me again. A firm handshake will suffice next time.” answered Mo Yuan confidently.

Mo Yuan watched the corner’s of Si Yin’s full lips playfully curl up, as she focused, and lifted her one hand palm up, to what appeared as if she was calling a spell. Mo Yuan instantly raised a protective shield to block whatever spell Seventeen was planning to use. Mo Yuan was prepared to protect himself from any and all of Si Yin’s enchantment spells. Si Yin’s eyes narrowed on Mo Yuan, confused, as Seventeen slowly used the other hand to itch the foreman of her lifted arm.

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan with an expression of both curiosity and concern. She asked, “Shifu, why have you raised a protective shield? What are you trying to avoid? What are you shielding yourself from?”

Mo Yuan lowered his guard, coughed a couple of times, cleared his throat and replied, “I was testing you to see how quickly you would recognize the spell. You’ve passed the test and happy birthday. I’m going into seclusion.”

Mo Yuan swiftly turned his back to Seventeen, released a deep sigh, and tried to make a quick escape. Unfortunately, he ran into Zhe Yan who’d been quietly lingering and lurking in the doorway. He smiled at Mo Yuan tauntingly.

Zhe Yan glanced Mo Yuan up and down suspiciously before whispering, “What were you doing in there Mo Yuan? Is that Xiao Wu, you were with all alone in this intimate, quiet and private wine cellar?”

“Zhe Yan, I’ve seen way too much of you lately. I just saw you yesterday and now today. Why are you here?” asked Mo Yuan in a tone heavily saturated with his annoyance.

Zhe Yan tilted his head slightly and pointed to a person Mo Yuan recognized as Bai Zhen, Si Yin’s fourth brother and Zhe Yan’s chosen one. Bai Zhen dressed in light blue stood in the far corner, waiting patiently.

“I’m here with Zhen Zhen for Xiao Wu’s birthday. Mo Yuan, why are you acting so guilty? Have you done something that you should feel guilty about?” Zhe Yan reached out, touched Mo Yuan’s forehead with the back of his hand and said, “Your face is on fire, Mo Yuan. Are you feeling sick? You look feverish? Should I request Xiao Wu to help you to bed?”

Mo Yuan softly cleared his throat, and silently nodded his greeting to Bai Zhen before saying, “I was on my way into seclusion so that I won’t be seeing you out.”

Zhe Yan blocked Mo Yuan’s path with his entire body and declared, “Don’t be ridiculous, Mo Yuan. We need to have a party for Xiao Wu’s birthday. How can you, Mo Yuan, miss your own disciple’s birthday. Let’s drink, be merry, and you can entertain us with your zither if you’d like to play for us. Also, Mo Yuan, I have a special guest coming for Si Yin’s birthday. Just-for-you-Mo-Yuan……You will be highly surprised and delighted.”

Mo Yuan should have ran away when he heard Zhe Yan tone but felt guilty not attending a gathering for Si Yin’s birthday. As Zhe Yan purposely planned; there were only four drinking tables set up by the lotus pond. Mo Yuan was wondering why there wasn’t a fifth setting considering Zhe Yan’s earlier announcement about another guest who would be joining them. Mo Yuan could feel Zhe Yan eyes watching him all night as if he were waiting for Mo Yuan to slip and expose something, Zhe Yan had many suspicions but lacked evidence to prove anything.

Si Yin and Bai Zhen sat near each other. Their closeness was clear. Mo Yuan heard them talking about Bai Feng Jiu the newest pup birth in the Fox Clan. She was the daughter of Si Yin’s second brother. Bai Feng Jiu the only other female offspring in the Fox Clan other than Si Yin. Towards the end of the evening, Si Yin quietly excused himself and left Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan and Bai Qian alone. Zhe Yan’s constant chattering kept it from becoming an awkward silence. Mo Yuan was growing tired. He hadn’t been unable to sleep the night before due to Seventeen’s bare-skinned sighting.

He was about to get up and into seclusion when Mo Yuan heard Zhe Yan exclaim cheerfully, “Oh, there you are! The guest of honor has finally arrived. Mo Yuan, have you ever met Si Yin’s twin sister, Dan Dan?”

Zhe Yan was smiling brightly, nodding ‘yes’ happily and motioned enthusiastically with his hand, to the mystery guest to come forward, “Mo Yuan, this is Si Yin’s twin sister, Dan Dan. Isn’t that a lovely name, Dan Dan? Come on Dan Dan and meet your twin brother’s Shifu, High God, Mo Yuan.”

Mo Yuan slowly turned his head as his mouth went dry. It was Si Yin but in her real female appearance. She was stunning. Si Yin wore a soft light ivory almost white goddess gown with a low plunging and revealing neckline. She wore a single glowing pearl-drop necklace which hung lowly on her long graceful neck. The acorn sized pearl jewel sat and rested right where her full breasts came together. The dress was snug, form-fitting and hugged Si Yin’s figure like a silk glove. The gown revealed her beautiful hourglass shaped body before flaring at the bottom like a mermaid’s tail.

Si Yin’s long sleek, glossy hair down with a small part of the front lifted to show off her captivating face. In her silky black hair, a simple but elegant silver pin with a single fully open peach blossom design on end. Her dark, long, thick, dense eyelashes fluttered demurely, and she wore a light amount of makeup, just enough to accentuate her lovely glowing complexion. Si Yin’s lips painted the color of a camellia in full efflorescence which made her already luscious lips appear fuller as if she was pouting.

Her voice was soft and feminine as she turned, faced Mo Yuan and said, “Dan Dan, sister of your seventeenth disciple Si Yin, greets High God, Mo Yuan, Master of Kunlun Mountain.” As she gracefully bowed before Mo Yuan.

After greeting Mo Yuan, she sat in Si Yin’s earlier place. Mo Yuan wondered how she could sit at all considering the tight fit of her gown. Mo Yuan glared side-eyed at Zhe Yan, who was looking excited and smug. His broad and wide smiles weren’t just hanging on his ears but could be wrapped around Zhe Yan’s entire head twice….easily.

Zhe Yan bent one of his knees up and placed his elbow on it before saying, “Dan Dan, you must keep High God, Mo Yuan’s cup full all night. Mo Yuan has been taking care of that naughty brother of yours, and that’s not an effortless task.”

Zhe Yan pointed to where Si Yin should sit beside Mo Yuan, and Si Yin stood and sat carefully beside Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan’s mouth watered from her exquisite scent. Mo Yuan was wondering if he should just call both Zhe Yan and Si Yin out, but then worried how Seventeen would act towards him if she became aware of Mo Yuan’s knowledge of her true gender. Mo Yuan decided not to say anything and play along in Zhe Yan’s perverted form of revenge. Mo Yuan knew this act was all Zhe Yan’s idea, and Seventeen being a mischievous one also was persuaded by him.

Si Yin held the wine bottle one handed and leaned forward slightly so Mo Yuan could see her full buxom bust-line. She looked at Mo Yuan with her boudoir eyes, and her long eyelashes fluttered when she blinked. Mo Yuan could hear her soft even breathing. She wore a tiny smile on her luscious lips which she occasionally parted to bite her bottom lip lightly. Everything about Si Yin in her true woman’s appearance was more intoxicating than the wine Mo Yuan was drinking. Si Yin in her real form was fantastical, utterly ravishing and tantalizing.

Mo Yuan struggled not to stare at her enchanting face for too long, and he avoided looking at her ravishing body entirely. Mo Yuan could hear Zhe Yan’s excited fast breathing even at their distance and knew his face displayed a wildly ecstatic expression without even looking at him. Zhe Yan was a detestable old Phoenix. Evil and resentful to resort to such a low blow. Zhe Yan knew Mo Yuan better than most and knew exactly how to stir Mo Yuan up and aggravate him the most. Zhe Yan also precisely knew what kind of women Mo Yuan used to go insane for……Seventeen.

Mo Yuan used to lose himself for women just like Seventeen.

Zhe Yan was a terrible brother. Mo Yuan was glad he took the mortal behind Zhe Yan’s back. Zhe Yan’s sickness apparent, using the same name for Seventeen as the mortal woman. Mo Yuan decided, Zhe Yan was a mentally toxic, coiled and twisted, ancient Phoenix.

Mo Yuan’s concentration broken when she spoke, her song-like voice drifted like a siren call on the high sea and Mo Yuan the unknowing sailor led to the crash and drowned. Mo Yuan held fast and refused to be swayed.

“High God Mo Yuan, thank you for caring for my brother Si Yin. I know he can be bothersome so allow me to apologize for Si Yin’s unruly behavior.”

Mo Yuan replied solemnly without looking directly at her, “Si Yin is just young. He’s not that much of a bother. Si Yin seems to have wandered off, which is unfortunate since you, his sister, Dan Dan have come specially to see him on his birthday. I was going into seclusion, and since Si Yin isn’t here, I’ll take me leave. Excuse me.”

Mo Yuan felt Si Yin grab his arm with both hands as Mo Yuan began to rise. Mo Yuan lifted his gaze and met her as she said with a provocative little smile, “High God, Mo Yuan, is there anything I can do for you in my brother’s stead, to thank you for all your attention, you’d showered on Si Yin? I’m yours for the taking, High God, Mo Yuan.”

Mo Yuan’s knees went weak when Seventeen said she was ‘his for the taking.’ Mo Yuan grounded himself, stood and replied casually, “No, I’m not in want or need or anything, but it was a pleasure to meet you, Dan Dan. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen, I’m going into seclusion.”

Before turning his back and walking away, he could hear Zhe Yan’s hysterical laughter the moment Mo Yuan was out of sight. Mo Yuan would have to remember to tell Zhe Yan about Zhe Yan’s other women Mo Yuan bedded the next time they met.

While in seclusion, Mo Yuan thought about Si Yin in her real female appearance. Mo Yuan believed seeing her nude the day before was the pinnacle of her beauty, but he was wrong. Tonight, fully dressed, she was even more tantalizing than she’d been completely unclothed.

From the beginning, Mo Yuan saw through Zhe Yan’s concealment spell. Zhe Yan was right when he said; Si Yin had grown more lovely during her time on Kunlun Mountain. There wasn’t anything girlish about her anymore. Si Yin, Seventeen, and Bai Qian being the same person was now undeniably a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

Seventeen tried to seduce Mo Yuan tonight. Seventeen wasn’t a child anymore. She was a woman who was ready to be loved by a man.

Mo Yuan chuckled softly to himself for his lack of study. How hadn’t he noticed her dramatic, extreme, transformation? Mo Yuan saw more and spent the most amount of time with Seventeen than anyone else yet; he’d failed to see the obvious until the day by the waterfall and tonight.

When had Seventeen the girl changed into Seventeen the woman?

Mo Yuan wondered if Bai Zhi had plans for a suitable marriage or a husband in mind for Seventeen? Si Yin was at the age when most women married and started their own families. It would be normal and expected for Bai Zhi, the Fox King to start planning for his daughter’s prospect. Soon, Seventeen would be the Queen of Qingqiu, and one of her roles would be to produce heirs for the future of Qingqiu.

A thought Mo Yuan never considered but, what would Mo Yuan’s life feel like if Seventeen left Kunlun Mountain? How profoundly would the void and emptiness impact Mo Yuan’s life if Seventeen wasn’t by his side? Had Mo Yuan become so accustomed to his little disciple, that he’d failed to realize how much, he valued and treasured her?

Mo Yuan consider the possibility of Seventeen becoming someone else’s wife. Would Mo Yuan be able to attend Seventeen’s wedding to another man and honestly wish her happiness? Could he sit by quietly without remorse or regret and rejoice the birth her first child with another? What were his real feelings and urges towards Seventeen? Were Mo Yuan’s sentiments towards Seventeen purely those of a father, benevolent protector, parental guardian, or something entirely the opposite?

Could he and was he in love with Seventeen? Did Mo Yuan want to possess Seventeen in every way mind, heart, and body? Was Seventeen, Mo Yuan’s deepest secret wish and desire?


These foolish romantic notions were something sowed, fostered and encouraged by Zhe Yan’s purposely putting question and doubt in Mo Yuan’s mind. Mo Yuan’s lack of contact with the opposite sex the culprit for the minor confusion, in his centered and balanced mind. Mo Yuan reaffirmed, his feelings were solely paternal, fatherly love for Seventeen who was his youngest disciple, and Mo Yuan’s child born from his heart. Like any other father, it was completely natural for him to experiences apprehension and surprise by his child’s sudden growth and maturity. Typical and expected to feel sadness giving his daughter to another man, Mo Yuan concluded, Bai Zhi would be feeling the same emotions as he.

Mo Yuan took a couple of deep breaths to center himself and attempted to clear his mind. Since the day before Seventeen had danced around in his head non-stop. Mo Yuan decided as soon as his retreat was over, he’d confess to Si Yin of his knowledge of Seventeen’s true self. He needed to clarify and keep her from dangerous acts such as appearing without her concealment spell or unclothing to protect her secret identity from the other disciples. The waterfalls and pools were often used by the other disciples as well.

Mo Yuan planned to protect her until Bai Zhi found Seventeen suitable husband. It was time for Seventeen to move on and start living as a woman again.

Mo Yuan sat in a lotus position as his breathing began to slow down into a well-practiced relaxed rhythmic pace. Mo Yuan started to empty and void his mind, when he was suddenly overcome, with a mind-boggling stabbing pain in his chest. Followed by a searing, burning sensation of his body was being torn in two separate pieces.

Mo Yuan red-faced, panting and heaving unable to breathe as he fell over from the intensity of the excruciating torture.

At the same time, a powerful surge of unexplainable divine energy flooded Kunlun Mountain, causing the school to shake and tremor momentarily.

Outside the cave entrance, Mo Yuan heard Zhe Yan screaming hysterically, “Mo Yuan lower your shield, or I’ll tear it down this entire cave! Mo Yuan!”

Mo Yuan was lower his guard when he saw Zhe Yan’s magic obliterate the remainder Mo Yuan’s privacy shield. Si Yin standing behind Zhe Yan with the Jade Purity Fan opened in hand with tears in her eyes.

She was wide-eyed and looked terrified as Seventeen whimpered.”Shifu? Shifu, what’s the matter? What happened?”

Exhausted, Mo Yuan couldn’t talk. He was struggling to stay alert, as Mo Yuan held on the edge of his meditation platform firmly for support. Mo Yuan felt Seventeen’s warmth as she held Mo Yuan’s head and cradled him in her arms against her chest. She was trembling, crying and calling Mo Yuan’s name. Fleeting moments of darkness flashed with dark dots, and the room spun before Mo Yuan’s eyes.

The last thing Mo Yuan heard before losing consciousness was one of Mo Yuan’s disciple’s frightened voice as he ran inside his seclusion cave and cried, “Shifu, the golden lotus has died! The lotus has shriveled up and died!”

to be continued………….