崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 10


Seventeen saw Ye Hua the moment he appeared on Kunlun Mountain. Seventeen gleefully ran to him, wrapped her slender arms around his neck and lightly kissed Ye Hua’s lips. Ye Hua instantly tried to pull Seventeen into a deeper kiss, but she playfully pulled away and held his hand instead. Mo Yuan watched Ye Hua and Seventeen walk away towards the lotus pond holding hands.

Mo Yuan was immediately intensely jealous.

Seventeen and Ye Hua sat closely by the lotus pond. Their youth apparent, due to the glow that radiated warmly from their faces. As lovers, their words were soft, secretive and caused Ye Hua to blush often. Seventeen lifted up their joined hands and pressed it tenderly to her cheek. Seventeen’s flush of color on her cheeks gave her the appearance of a girl in love.

Seventeen looked at Ye Hua and asked, “Ye Hua, why did you come to Qingqiu to find me? You heard about my death during the Ghost War. Why did you come looking for a dead person?”

Ye Hua smiled softly and replied, “If you had died and were no longer around, I would have felt it in my heart. I would have felt your absence had you gone away forever.”

Seventeen smiled and asked, “Tell me again how we met?”

Ye Hua’s smile became a little wider as he replied, “I was very young, 300 years old. You seduced me first. You were the one who came looking for me, and of course, as usual, you were lost and wandering around in circles. Big, huge surprise, I know.”

His last sentence sounded sarcastic, so in return, Seventeen gave Ye Hua a solid flick of her index finger on Ye Hua’s forehead. A snap-like pop sounded off his head. They both laughed lightly in unison.

Ye Hua continued, “I saw through your pathetic disguise and asked to touch your tails. You played hard to get that time too. It was only after I threaten to turn into a Dragon and eat people did you finally take me seriously.”

Ye Hua swiftly covered his forehead with both hands, closed his eyes anticipating another flick. After a few moments, Ye Hua slowly began to expose his forehead, when he felt another delayed flick in-between his opened palms. Ye Hua looked at Seventeen with a false face of annoyance, grimaced and continued his narrative.

“Anyways, you promised to marry me and become my Princess Consort. You said you’d wait for 50,000 until I’d grown enough to do the things in Cheng Yu’s book. By the way, I need to show you that book. I didn’t know human bodies could contort, and do some of the positions in it. It looks like fun. We can use it as a reference on our wedding night.”

“You are so saucy and insolent for your youthful age, Ye Hua. I wonder if I was like you when I was your age. I can’t remember but, Ye Hua, did you know I was in love with my Shifu back then?” Asked Seventeen.

Ye Hua quickly asked, “What! Were you in love with my much, older brother? Since when? No, you were only his disciple, Qian Qian. Who told you that you were in love with High God, Mo Yuan? I don’t believe it. Mo Yuan is triple your age. He went to school with your father and Zhe Yan. I heard he was the same age as Donghui Dijin. Who’s telling you something so absurd?”

“Everyone. My father, Zhe Yan, my brothers, and even some of the disciples said I used to follow him around like a puppy. I don’t remember of course, but they said I died for him because I loved him.” Responded Seventeen.

Ye Hua looked alarmed as he asked, “Wouldn’t any of the Kunlun disciples have given their lives for their Shifu? Isn’t that a given? Did my brother return your affections? Was it mutual? Do you still love him?”

Seventeen replied, “No, he didn’t return my affections during my time as his disciple. 20,000 years, and no, I don’t feel that way about him now.”

Ye Hua looked dumbfounded as he said in a tone louder than usual, “What!? 20,000 years! Did he refuse your affections for that long? I thought my brother was the smart one between us, but if he rejected you for 20,000 years, I need to reevaluate my thought process. Does he love you now? Is it because you died for him?”

Seventeen nodded ‘yes’ and said, “I don’t know what his reason is but yes, my Shifu, says he’s now wildly in love with me.”

Ye Hua smirked and replied, “So my competitor for you is my older brother who is God Of War? Thanks, Qian Qian for knocking the wind out of my sails.”

“What? Ye Hua, I thought you had more confidence than that.” Teased Seventeen.

Ye Hua couldn’t hide his annoyance and said, “Imagine if you were in love with me and you had an amazing sister that wanted me too. It’s awkward, and the idea of fighting over you with my smooth wise older brother is disconcerting.”

“I’ll give you my answer in two weeks. I won’t keep either of you waiting and drag this situation out so that you and Shifu become enemies. Also, I don’t have any sisters. My brother Bai Zhen is still single.” said Seventeen.

“Oh, yeah and have one of the oldest, most influential and powerful High God put me on his enemy list? I don’t think so, but then I would have double the wardrobe. Qian Qian, does your brother own many black robes?” Ye Hua teased back.

Seventeen burst out in hysterical laughter. Ye Hua chuckled at his jest, and started to laugh louder the more he thought about it.

Seventeen’s tone became serious as she asked, “Ye Hua what will you do if I choose Mo Yuan over you?”

Ye Hua sat quietly in reflection before replying. He finally softly replied, “It would break my heart, Qian Qian. I’d be utterly and completely devastated, but……..if you’re happy Qian Qian, then I’d be happy for you too. I might try, no I would attempt to seduce you behind Mo Yuan’s back for eternity, but I wouldn’t hate either of you.”

Ye Hua paused to let out a deep sigh and added, “I can barely command my heart, so I don’t expect to be able to move yours freely. Love is uncontrollable and the more you fight it, the more painful it becomes. If love is too painful, then it’s not love, Qian Qian. It’s an obsession.”

Ye Hua stopped and after a few moments asked, “I can’t help but wonder if Mo Yuan wants you now because he’s finally realized what he threw aside was treasure, not trash. Qian Qian, does Mo Yuan deserve another chance in your opinion? You’re not a forgiving person, Qian Qian, so why would you alter yourself, behaviors and your beliefs now?”

Seventeen watched Ye Hua and heard his words and said, “Ye Hua, you can be surprisingly profound at times. Do you want to go into my room and touch one of my tails?”

Excitedly, Ye Hua’s eyes-widen and he couldn’t hide his smile. He stood, took her hand and pulled Seventeen up to her feet. He asked, “Can I pick the one I want to touch? I want to feel the one in the middle.”

Seventeen looked up at him with an expression of warning and said, “You’ll touch the one I allow you to feel. Can you agree to that, Crown Prince, Ye Hua?”

Ye Hua nodded ‘yes’ and softly asked, “Can I kiss you at the same time I’m feeling your fluffy tail?”

Seventeen nodded that he could, led an elated Ye Hua into her bedroom, and giggled as she closed the door behind them.

During the duration, Ye Hua, and Seventeen were alone in her chamber; time ticked away at an unbelievably slow speed. Mo Yuan found himself nervously watching the time as it moved in delayed motion at the pace of a dying snail. Every minute felt equivalent to a day, no, more like a month for him. Mo Yuan once considered the days after Seventeen’s death to have moved the slowest, but he was wrong. The period in which Seventeen had another man in her room, with the door closed, and without any sounds of conversation, almost drove Mo Yuan to the brink of absolute insanity.

Mo Yuan started to wonder if time was moving backward.

Mo Yuan couldn’t focus on anything as he paced back and forth nervously in his seclusion cave. He wondered if Ye Hua and Seventeen were in another heated embrace. What if they were moving forward into more intimacy? Mo Yuan couldn’t control himself as he headed in the direction of Seventeen’s room. Mo Yuan was about to knock on the door when suddenly it opened from the other side. Seventeen sat on the bed, and Ye Hua was exiting the room.

Ye Hua gathered his arms, bowed and asked, “High God, Mo Yuan, may I shake your hand?”

Mo Yuan wordlessly put out his hand. Ye Hua took it firmly into his, shook it and met Mo Yuan’s gaze straight on and said, “May the best man, no, may the best brother win. I’ll apologize in advance because I intend on playing dirty. I must have the prize. You can blame my offensive and arrogant behavior on my youth, older brother.”

Ye Hua slyly looked back at Seventeen gave her a little smile and took his hand back, bowed again to Mo Yuan and walked towards the entrance of Kunlun Mountain. It took every ounce of cultivation and restraint within Mo Yuan not to kick his cocky, overly confident, obnoxious younger brother, Ye Hua’s ass with full force.

Mo Yuan was wearing his heavy boots so it would have caused Ye Hua a tremendous amount of pain. Mo Yuan wondered for a moment if it was too late to catch up with Ye Hua and do it now.

It took a few minutes for Mo Yuan to gather his composure. He was furious, dumbfounded, and in total disbelief. Mo Yuan looked at Seventeen, who appeared to be amused.

“You seemed to have enjoyed your private time with Ye Hua.” Mo Yuan’s voice still even and calm.

Seventeen still had a mischievous gleam in her eyes, “Yes, did but I have a question. Shifu, aren’t you suppose to practice celibacy for the sake of world peace? So you’re going to offer me emotion love only? Why would I stay with a virgin-like man who refrains from bodily pleasure?”

Mo Yuan’s quick reply came out as if it had been on the tip of his tongue for years. “You mean more to me than anything else, and that included my vows of celibacy and abstinence.”

“Aren’t you a Taoist Master?” Seventeen challenged.

“I am. In Taoism, it is ‘the One,’ which is natural, spontaneous, eternal, nameless, and indescribable. For me Seventeen, you are ‘The One.’ Taoists drift harmoniously through the river of life but, you, are the river I want to flow through.” Answered Mo Yuan.

Seventeen replied, “You seem rather flippant to me.”

Mo Yuan asked, “Are you playing with me Seventeen? Is this your form of revenge for my past mistakes? If it’s your intention, your behavior is successfully affecting and triggering me. Am I a participant in your game?”

Seventeen’s amused expression returned when she replied, “Shifu if you don’t want to play, you can always forfeit out. Surrender and take yourself out of the running. Wouldn’t that be simple? What is it? Ye Hua’s youth? Does it intimidate you?”

Amused, Mo Yuan let out a single laugh and confidently replied, “Do you think a young pup like, Ye Hua, who’s still teething, could intimidate me?”

Mo Yuan’s calm and neutral expression transform right before Seventeen’s eyes. Mo Yuan watched Seventeen’s haughty look turn into one of uncertain nervousness. Mo Yuan’s serene gaze suddenly sparkled and intensified reacting to his competitive side now fully surfaced. Mo Yuan straight-faced asked, “Intimidate me? Should I give up? Afraid of Ye Hua’s youth?”

Mo Yuan slowly, deliberately, walked towards Seventeen, stopped in front of her, and waited until she’d lifted her face and met his flickering fiery gaze. Mo Yuan caressed her cheek tenderly and lovingly.

Mo Yuan’s words were soft and sweet, but his tone had a subtle hint of danger when he said, “Seventeen, I’ve loved and lost you most painfully. I’ve desired, wanted and longed for only you for 70,000 years. Also, I didn’t become God Of War by forfeiting in my battles. So, I gladly accept the challenge set before me. But the terms should be fair, no? You must allow for an even playing field. Ye Hua kissed you, so I feel it’s only just that I kiss you also.”

Mo Yuan used one of his mighty, powerful arms, firmly wrapped it around Seventeen’s waist, swiftly lifted her, pulled her body into his and pressed his eager lips passionately into hers. Mo Yuan’s kiss was explosive, deep and urgent. He sensuously licked her lips open and slid his tongue inside her anticipating mouth. Mo Yuan heard Seventeen softly moaning and felt her body go limp in his stronghold. Seventeen’s face hot, and flushed. Her cheeks darkened to a deep shade of rose. Seventeen’s eyes closed and her luscious lips still parted when Mo Yuan broke their tempestuous kiss.

Seventeen looked incredibly stimulated and aroused.

Mo Yuan pressed his full lips against Seventeen’s ear and hoarsely whispered, “Seventeen, I look forward to showing you why they call me Tuzi.”

to be continued……………….