崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 11


Much to Mo Yuan’s annoyance, Ye Hua came to Kunlun Mountain the very next day. Not a day had passed without Ye Hua making his reappearance. Mo Yuan privately told all his male disciples, that he and the disciples were accountable for Seventeen’s security, and protectors of her innocence. Mo Yuan explained as Seventeen’s Shifu; he deemed it was inappropriate for Seventeen to be alone with a male, who was questionable.

When the disciples asked why Crown Prince, Ye Hua was questionable? Mo Yuan asked his students, “What were you like when you were 50,000 years old? What did you think about and want to do all the time?”

The disciples didn’t need to hear another word. Instantly, everyone understood and went out of their ways to make sure Seventeen and Ye Hua were never alone. Ye Hua and Seventeen went by the lotus pond; a disciple appeared to tend to the flowers in the pond. When Ye Hua took Seventeen behind one of the giant rock pillars, Mo Yuan’s fourth disciple came along and said,

“Crown Prince, Ye Hua, I also marvel at the structure of the cornerstones. Please, allow me to pointed out all the subtle differences in every pillar.”

There were many stone towers, and it took them two hours to see all the variations on the rocks. Mo Yuan’s disciples were diligent and made it difficult for Seventeen and Ye Hua to be alone, but they still managed to disappear together and out of Mo Yuan’s watchful gaze.

Mo Yuan immediately knew where they might be and his assumption was correct. Mo Yuan stood outside Seventeen’s door and heard Seventeen’s hushed voice say, “Ye Hua don’t. No, we can’t do that here!”

She giggled and said, “Alright Ye Hua…..only a look, but you can’t touch. Promise me, or I’ll beat you senseless!” Before hearing Seventeen’s soft laughter and girlish giggles.

Mo Yuan then listened to Ye Hua’s soft voice plead; “I won’t go inside, I promise. I won’t put my hands anywhere near it. I just want to look at it again. Qian Qian, please stay still and open your legs wider. Let me take a peek. Oh! Nine Heavens! Qian Qian, you’re so beautiful down here, and so wet….let me lick it a little? Stay still! Let me just taste you. Hold still. I saw this in Cheng Yu’s book. You don’t have to do anything but stay still….Qian Qian… You taste like honey.” Followed by Ye Hua’s snickering, and light chuckling.

Suddenly, Mo Yuan heard nothing but a soft moan from Seventeen. Mo Yuan needed to interrupt them immediately. Nobody, on Kunlun Mountain, especially Ye Hua, was going to be that close to Seventeen’s lower treasure other than himself.

Without first knocking, Mo Yuan abruptly swung open the door to Seventeen’s room and almost fell when he saw what was happening on the other side. Seventeen was fully dressed, sitting on the edge of her bed, with head dropped behind her. Her eyes closed, lips slightly parted, with her hand on top of what appeared to be Ye Hua’s head.

Ye Hua’s head and body were entirely under her dress. Ye Hua completely covered, inside the full skirt of Seventeen’s dress, in-between her open thighs and noisily licking Seventeen’s flower bloom. Seventeen, startled and alarmed by Mo Yuan’s sudden and unexpected appearance, quickly jumped up which caused Ye Hua, who was on bent knees, between her thighs, to fall over sideways and out of her dress. Ye Hua’s lean body rapidly hitting the ground made a series of dull knocks and thumping sounds on the hardwood floor.

Seventeen’s eyes were huge, round, unblinking from shock and embarrassment. Seventeen’s face was the same color of a ripe raspberry. She swiftly used her foot and forcefully kicked, Ye Hua, away before nervously straightening the front of her disheveled dress. Seventeen wouldn’t make eye-contact with Mo Yuan. Ye Hua surprised by Seventeen’s sudden fast movement, rapidly stood up, turned around, and faced Mo Yuan. Ye Hua’s long hair tousled and hung in his face. Ye Hua swiftly looked down at the front his robe, which was now poking out, and created a teepee tent from his full erection. Ye Hua covered his mouth with his hand and struggling to keep himself from laughing out loud.

Composed, Mo Yuan cleared his throat and said in his calmest tone, “Seventeen, Senior disciple Die Feng has been looking for you for an hour. He needs you in the cauldron room. I just happen to be passing by, and I didn’t think you were in your room, so I failed to knock first. I’m sincerely sorry for interrupting you two.”

Blushing deeply, Seventeen nervously glanced at Ye Hua and said, “Yes, Shifu, I’ll go now,” Before rushing out of her room. She was utterly humiliated and speedily ran away.

After Seventeen was far away enough not to hear them, Ye Hua said, “That was a filthy dirty move High God, Mo Yuan. You knew we were in here. You were aware of what I was doing.”

Mo Yuan replied, “It was you who set the terms, Ye Hua. You told me you wanted to play dirty so as your loving older brother, I’m merely accommodating you. I wouldn’t have chosen the road you did, but perhaps that’s how you youngsters do things now.”

Ye Hua smiled mischievously and asked, “High God, Mo Yuan, are you serious? Are you honestly planning to go up against me? You’ve been out of the game for hundreds of thousands of years. The rules have changed since you used to play them.”

“Yes, Ye Hua, the rules may have changed, but the game remains the same. Not much has changed since I played them last.” Mo Yuan responded casually.

“But you’re old enough to be Qian Qian’s father or her grandfather even.” Ye Hua countered.

Mo Yuan sighed deeply and replied, “This is true, and I’m the age of her father, and that’s why I plan on giving her a firm hard spanking.” Mo Yuan hit the palm of his one hand firmly with the other showing Ye Hua just actually how Mo Yuan planned to spank Seventeen.

Unfazed, Ye Hua asked, “High God, Mo Yuan, have you ever tasted Qian Qian, nectar? I’d recommend that you don’t. Qian Qian’s sweetness is highly addictive, and you’ll just suffer if you sample her. It would be a tragedy, to never to get the chance to enjoy the entire feast that is Qian Qian, thoroughly.”

Ye Hua smirked and said, “And to think you repeatedly turned down the most tantalizing banquet of her perfect body and pure heart’s affection for 20,000 years.”

Ye Hua paused in reflection and then shook his head ‘no’ and added; “Celibacy never appealed to me. I’ve wanted to touch Qian Qian’s tails since I was 300 years old, but I must give you credit for your dedication to your vows. Your willpower is impressive and indeed one worthy of God Of War.”

Mo Yuan decided and determined at that very moment; he immensely disliked his adorable twin brother, Ye Hua. From where did Ye Hua get his confidence and attitude? Mo Yuan then realized that he needed to apologize profusely to Zhe Yan and Bai Zhi. Ye Hua’s superior and arrogant attitude was precisely how Mo Yuan used to behave in his youth and school.



Seventeen stayed hidden from Mo Yuan the next day. Still mortified from the day before. Finally, late in the evening, Seventeen quietly knocked on Mo Yuan’s door.

She wouldn’t look Mo Yuan in the eyes and shyly asked, “Shifu, I heard you called me. Is there something you need? Would you like your evening tea?”

Mo Yuan replied softly, “No Seventeen. Come in, shut the door behind you and have a seat.”

Seventeen closed the door behind her, looked down at the ground and knelt before Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan said nothing, until Seventeen slowly looked at up, and met his gaze to see why her Shifu called her.

Mo Yuan motioned to the spot in front of him and said, “No, not there. Sit right here.” He patted the spot again and added, “In front of me, right here.”

Seventeen looked stunned and asked disbelieving, “Shifu, did you call me in here so I could sit on your lap? Isn’t that abusing your authority because you’re the Master of Kunlun Mountain?”

Mo Yuan blinked a couple of times and said, “I’m still waiting for you to come to me and yes, I’m abusing my authority. Complete and utter exploitation of my position.”

Seventeen slowly stood up and cautiously walked to Mo Yuan. She sat away from Mo Yuan with her back facing him. Mo Yuan quickly lifted her petite body and placed her in his lap. He felt Seventeen’s body stiffen into a tense posture. Mo Yuan inhaled the scent of her hair and pulled his zither from the side and put it in front of them. Mo Yuan wrapped his arms around hers and placed her small hands on the strings and put his strong warm hands on top of hers.

“This is a new zither, so I’m still getting used to it, and I haven’t played anything for thousands of years.” Said, Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan’s skillful hands and fingers guided hers to move, slide, press and pluck the strings he wanted to be pulled. Like a puppet master, Mo Yuan carefully moved Seventeen’s hands and fingers with his on top to play out a sweet song. Mo Yuan felt Seventeen’s body relax and melt into his. The warmth and softness of her body were tantalizing and arousing. Mo Yuan, barely, but successfully controlled his body, from reacting to the pressure of her soft round bottom on his lap.

Seventeen asked curiously, “Shifu, I went into the wine cellar looking for 50,000 years aged peach wine, but ones I saw were all from Zhe Yan’s current creation. Did you drink the bottles in storage after I died?”

Mo Yuan’s chin was resting on her right shoulder, looking at their hands’ placement on the zither. Mo Yuan’s lips, only inches away from Seventeen’s ear, whispered, “No, I didn’t drink them. How could I take a single sip after your death? I destroyed them all.”

As Seventeen moved her hands, and in the midst of their tune. Seventeen’s vision intently followed their hands’ movements, when she quietly asked, “Why did you do that, Shifu?”

“Because I was angry, Seventeen.” Mo Yuan’s soft voice in a whisper.

Seventeen now focusing on the strings she was plucking asked, “Why were you angry, Shifu? Were you mad at Ghost Lord Qing Cang or the war?”

“No, I was angry at you. I was furious with you.” Mo Yuan said with his smooth, silky tone. Seventeen’s cheek was close enough, so Mo Yuan pressed his lips against her warm, soft, supple skin.

Seventeen sounded surprised. She asked without taking her sight off the zither, “Why would you be enraged by me? I saved your life.”

Mo Yuan stopped caressing her cheek with his lips and whispered in a tone filled with sadness, “I was furious with you because you left me alone. You deserted me that’s why I demolished all your wine. I couldn’t stand living without you.”

Seventeen’s hands stopped plucking. Seventeen turned her face towards Mo Yuan’s. Their faces were only inches apart. Seventeen saw the sorrow in Mo Yuan’s gaze and studied his face curiously before she turned her head back and began playing again.

After a few moments, Seventeen suddenly straightened her back against Mo Yuan’s toned chest said, “I’m tired. I’d like to go to bed now, Shifu.”

“You can sleep in my arms, Seventeen.” Offered Mo Yuan.

“No, I’d like to sleep in my room,” Seventeen said while trying to stand up when Mo Yuan wrapped his arms around Seventeen’s waist.

“Remember Seventeen, Even playing field. Ye Hua can’t enjoy the pleasure of being inside your skirt alone.” Said Mo Yuan.

Immediately, Seventeen tensed up.  She swiftly faced Mo Yuan and asked terrified, “What?! You want to put your head in my dress too?!”

Mo Yuan chuckled lightly and replied in his soft, fluid tone, “No, Seventeen, I wouldn’t do that to a woman unless you want me to. I love you, and I’ll have plenty of time to do that with you, later.”

Seventeen’s body stiffened when Mo Yuan slipped his right hand inside her skirt and placed his hand on the top of her bare right leg with his fingers touching her inner part of her silky calf. Mo Yuan slowly slid his hand up her leg. Moving up her calf, caressed her knee, and to Seventeen’s thigh. Mo Yuan’s hand moved deeper down on her inner part of her leg. Seventeen held her breath, while Mo Yuan’s mighty, manly, hand leisurely, deliberately, slowly slid up her silky inner thigh. He stopped his hand exactly where her leg ended and connected to her lower treasure and lingered. Mo Yuan suddenly firmly grasped the most inner part of Seventeen’s thigh, with his index finger lightly resting on top of her womanly mound. Seventeen gasped when she felt Mo Yuan’s firm grip and quickly turned to look at Mo Yuan, who was smiling at her. Seventeen swiftly turned her face forward. Seventeen’s cheeks were rosy, and she inhaled, in short, quick, trembling breaths. Mo Yuan’s constant and continuous touch teasingly caressed every inch of her creamy smooth inner thigh. Seventeen’s body started quivering lightly when Mo Yuan casually stroked her inner thigh while delaying by her lower treasure.

Mo Yuan asked softly, “Why are you shaking Seventeen? It’s just my hand, not my head. Would you prefer me to lick you like Ye Hua?”

Her response flew out of her mouth swiftly, “NO! Your hand is fine!”

Mo Yuan pushed Seventeen’s hair to one side and slowly caressed his lips up the full length of her graceful neck. Mo Yuan lightly sucked on her earlobe and whispered, “Seventeen, I love you. I love you so much.”

Seventeen shivered from the gliding fluid motion of Mo Yuan’s lips. Seventeen had her eyes closed and lightly moaned, but suddenly, her posture stiffened, and she sat up tensely. Seventeen turned, and faced Mo Yuan then asked in a disdainful tone, “Is this what you did in school? Was this the method you used when you seduced all the other women? Did your words of love make the women drop their clothes and open their legs for you, instantly? I’m not as easy as the women you’ve taken in the past.” Seventeen used all her strength, forcefully pushed herself off Mo Yuan’s body and out of his lap.

Seventeen stood, pushed her skirt down, smirked and sneered, “I’ll give you an A for effort. Nice try, Tuzi. I don’t believe your love for me is sincere. I’m going to sleep in my bed. Alone.”

“Seventeen, I didn’t play my zither in those days, and I’ve never told a woman that I loved them. I’ve only said those words to you. Are you jealous of the other women I’ve been with or are you upset I didn’t save myself for you like Ye Hua?” Mo Yuan asked.

Seventeen jeered and said, “Me? Jealous? Why would I be resentful of the harlots you’ve seduced? High God, Mo Yuan, unlike the women you’ve bedded, I’m saving my virginity for a man who deserves it. I haven’t passed my treasure box around for every immortal man to take a grab at whatever jewel strikes his fancy. Also, if you want symmetry, then you need to let Ye Hua watch me sleep every night and caress my face with his lips. That’s equality.”

“Touché Seventeen. I never realized you were such a gifted debater. Maybe you should go with me to the assemblies in Celestial Heaven.” said Mo Yuan softly feeling defeated by his little Seventeen.

“I believe 20,000 years of rejection and heartbreak contributed to my new-found skill.” Spat Seventeen swiftly.

Seventeen’s razor words cut into Mo Yuan like a well-sharpened blade. Mo Yuan’s faint, sad tone reflected his hurt when he asked “Seventeen, have you honestly forgotten me and the past? You seem to remember some things. You’ve brought up the unfortunate and sad facts from our history, but you haven’t said a word about our love. My past indiscretions were made hundreds of thousands of years before I met you and long before I took my vows as The Master Of Kunlun Mountain. I can’t go back in time and change my past mistakes. If I could, I would.”

Suddenly, Seventeen’s expression was one of sadness as she replied, “Shifu, had I known about your tempestuous history. Your once lack of self-control for carnal pleasures and how you took every woman who caught your eye but still had the unwavering resolute willpower to reject me repeatedly, for 20,000 years. The only female out of all-male students. I don’t think if I would have loved you as I did if I knew everything about you. Had you been monk-like in your youth, I’d understand why you refused me. I would have made excuses for you because I would have understood, it to be your true nature. But to hear that you were a sexual beast and ignored my affections?”

Seventeen had tears running down her face. Her voice cracked from crying. Seventeen added, “You don’t have a clue as to how offended I feel? It feels so personal as if I wasn’t beautiful or desirable enough for you. My pride pities the pathetic old me. I’m so ashamed of my past self that wanted and pleaded for your affection like a stray dog begging for scraps. There’s a plausible reason as to why I don’t remember you. Perhaps, it was my brain’s way of protecting what was left of my shredded self-respect and dignity after foolishly groveling for your love for 20,000 years.”

Mo Yuan went to Seventeen and held her face tenderly. Mo Yuan’s eyes watered he whispered, “I’m sorry, that I was so blind and refused you. You don’t know how much I regretted, the fact you died without knowing, I loved you. You didn’t know because I never told you. During my 50,000-year retreat after your death, there wasn’t a second that went by when I didn’t regret my actions.”

Seventeen forced herself to stop crying and said, “I died without knowing you loved me and I woke up believing the same. Shifu, follow the flow of life’s river. Our timing was off because we’re not fated for each other. Let me go and stop fighting destiny. Continue to live as the monk that you are. You saved me and took three holy lightning strikes intended for me, and I died for you. Let’s consider us to be even and longer indebted to each other.”

Mo Yuan’s tone reflected his pain and tears freely rolled down Mo Yuan’s face. He said, “I can’t let you go. I refuse to live without you again. You don’t know what my life was like after your death. Seventeen, don’t make me have to live without you again. I can’t stop loving you. You said you’d give me two weeks and…I still have eleven days.”

Mo Yuan’s words broken and jagged from his desperation, “If you don’t choose me, I’ll let you go. I promise. I won’t stop you from marrying Ye Hua. Please just give me a little more time with you.”

Seventeen wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered, “Shifu, I’m trying to make things easier for you because you won’t be my choice. Whether it be eleven days or eleven thousand years, I refuse to accept you or your love.”



Heavy hearted, Mo Yuan wasn’t able to sleep, after Seventeen left his room the previous night. He understood why Seventeen would now feel so hurt, angry, bitter and resentful. Seventeen told Mo Yuan she’d be leaving him again, but Mo Yuan couldn’t stop his pursuit of Seventeen’s love. He’d waited so long and come this far. Mo Yuan couldn’t let Seventeen go, without expressing all the feelings; Mo Yuan had been holding in for 70,000 years. There were so many things he wanted to say to Seventeen. So many words he’d held back and regretted not saying after Seventeen’s death. Mo Yuan had nothing more to lose since Seventeen wasn’t going accept him anyway. Mo Yuan decided to hold nothing back and let it all out and freely express himself.

In the morning, Mo Yuan gathered every disciple on Kunlun Mountain. All sixteen included Seventeen. They knelt before him and waited for Mo Yuan to speak. Mo Yuan’s expression was unreadable, as he stood and slowly walked around the disciples silently. Mo Yuan’s students began to look at each other nervously. The tension from their anticipation vibrated and buzzed in the air like static electricity.

Mo Yuan took a deep breath, cleared his throat lightly and finally spoke, “Disciples, we’ve been blessed with a miracle. Our seventeenth disciple has returned to us. Seventeen’s death was life-changing and heartbreaking for every one of us. As much as you longed for your fellow brother, no sister, but I also desired and yearned for Seventeen, but differently.”

Mo Yuan stopped right by Seventeen, looked down at her and confessed in his soft voice, “Disciples, I’m in madly love with Seventeen and have been for 70,000 years.”

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan in shock as if she’d been hit with a holy thunderbolt. Her eyes were round, huge, and unblinking. She was nodding ‘no’ terrified when she saw Mo Yuan reaching down for her. Mo Yuan wrapped his powerful arm around her waist, swiftly lifted her up, pulled her into his body and kissed Seventeen passionately and deeply in front of everyone.

Immediately, the school was hushed and silent. The nonexistent sound of clouds moving could be heard overhead. The disciples gasped, jaws dropped, and all held their breaths in utter shock. Some blinked silently, rubbed their eyes, unable to believe what was happening before their sight.

Suddenly, everyone broke out in loud screams, whooping, clapping, and ear-piercing whistles. A chorus of voices yelled out.

“It’s about time, Shifu! Finally!”

“Finally! Shifu did it!”

“Yay Shifu!”

“Shifu! Shifu! Shifu!”

“This is why our Shifu is God of War! He’s the best! Kissed Seventeen like a boss!”

“Kiss Seventeen harder, Shifu!”

“Shifu get a room!”


“Nine Heavens! Finally! I thought we’d have to wait for another 50,000 years before he finally made his move for Seventeen!”

“Go for it Shifu!”

“Raise a privacy shield, Shifu!!

Before they all fifteen disciples started hysterically clapping and chanting,


Even the Immortals in Celestrail Heaven heard the chanting on Kunlun Mountain.

to be continued………………..