崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12


Mo Yuan’s, unexpected confession of love and affection for Seventeen, didn’t change the feel on Kunlun Mountain. Mo Yuan anticipated more surprised reactions from his disciples, but everyone was already aware of his feelings for Seventeen. Mo Yuan’s suppressed, hidden love, was the secret everyone knew.

Seventeen paced all morning and anxiously waited for Ye Hua’s arrival. She worried Ye Hua’s reception on Kunlun Mountain, would be less than welcoming, especially after Mo Yuan’s declaration of love. The moment Ye Hua set his foot on Kunlun Mountain, Seventeen swiftly rushed to him, wordlessly led him to her room, closed the door and raised a privacy shield around her chamber.

Seventeen’s sudden and spontaneous behavior only excited Ye Hua. He immediately pushed Seventeen down on her bed and started kissing her passionately. His grasping hands now under her skirt.

Seventeen held Ye Hua away at an arm’s distance said, “Ye Hua, stop it! Why are you so worked up today? Is this all you think about the moment you see me?”

“You’re the one who raised the privacy shield. Isn’t this your reason, Qian Qian? You’re so arousing and tempting, that I can’t help myself.” Ye Hua said between his groping of Seventeen’s body and urgent kissing.

Seventeen lifted both arms to push Ye Hua back off her body. She replied, “I wanted to talk without interruption. I didn’t want anyone barging in like last time.”

“Talk, Qian Qian!? Just talk?” Ye Hua looked disappointed then quickly asked with a twinkle in his eyes, “Can we at least play a game of chess while we converse? My rules?”

Within the hour, Ye Hua and Seventeen were playing chess but partly undressed. Seventeen in only her skirt and top undergarment. Ye Hua down to his last two layers of his many robes, staring lustfully at Seventeen while winning another game.

Ye Hua exclaimed with a tiny smiled excitedly, “Qian Qian, what are you going to take off now? You’re down to three pieces of clothing, or two if you’re not wearing lower undergarments. Chess will never have the same appeal after playing strip chess with you.”

“Ye Hua, I think you’re cheating but I’ll take off my skirt. I’ll keep on my undergarments. Don’t get the wrong idea, Ye Hua. Let’s play again.” Seventeen responded.

“Qian Qian, you’re almost nude and you don’t want me to get the wrong idea? Why did you agree to play on my terms? You have a tendency to send mixed signals.” Ye Hua complained.

Seventeen quickly replied while removing her skirt. “My concentration is better when there’s a wager at stake. I’m competitive, so it stimulates me, and I play better this way.”

She then paused and asked curiously. “Ye Hua, I have a question? Why did you save your virginity for me? You must have had many chances with other women?”

Ye Hua stared hungrily at her body and replied, “I’ve had so many, countless chances, but I’ve loved you since I was young. I wanted to wait for you. Bodily pleasure without love seems similar to drinking wine and never feeling intoxicated. I feel tipsy around you. I’m inebriated by your presence. Let’s make love now and get drunk together!”

Ye Hua leaned in, kissed Seventeen over the chess board and openly fondled her full breasts.

Seventeen broke their kiss and asked, “What if you hadn’t met me, then what would you have done? Would you have saved yourself for marriage?”

Ye Hua snorted and chuckling amused. Without taking his hands off Seventeen’s breasts he replied, “No! I would have taken many women. I’d have indulged in bodily pleasure when I became 40,000 years. Men think about intimacy all day long. It’s how we’re wired. Like I am now. How can you ask so many questions? Aren’t you feeling aroused? I’m touching your breasts.”

Seventeen ignored Ye Hua’s question and asked, “So, what do you think about Shifu being so…popular with the women in his younger days? Do you know about his nickname? After his scandalous history, Shifu flat-out ignored my affections. The love of a beautiful, young, desirable woman like me for 20,000 years.”

Ye Hua’s response came quickly, “Qian Qian, women throw themselves at me all day long. They have since I was 30,000 years old. If I weren’t in love with you, I wouldn’t have the will power to resist them. I’m surprised, my brother doesn’t have any children. He’s over 300,000 years old, Qian Qian! I guarantee had Mo Yuan, met you when he was younger, my brother would have been all over you like a starving man at a banquet. Just like me. It has something to do with being a young man. It’s hormonal.”

Ye Hua threw the chess board aside and crawled on top of Seventeen who was only in her undergarments. Ye Hua slipped in between her soft thighs. His lips caressed her nipples over her undergarment. Ye Hua pulled her top under garment off her shoulders to expose her ample breasts. Seventeen wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned softly from the sensation of his full lips.

Ye Hua whispered while licking and sucking on her erect dark cherry hued nipples. “Qian Qian, let’s not wait until we’re married. Let’s do it now. Your body feels so good. I’ll be careful not to hurt you too much.”

“No, Ye Hua. I told you. I’m saving myself for my husband.” Seventeen whispered back.

Ye Hua pressing his readiness against Seventeen’s body whispered, “That’s me. So why are we waiting? You’re so beautiful. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Ye Hua, no, don’t. I haven’t decided yet.” Seventeen said.

Ye Hua was stunned when he asked, “What! Are you considering High God, Mo Yuan, seriously? Qian Qian, you’re not in love with me yet?”

“Ye Hua, you know I’m not. I’ve always been honest with you from the very start. I enjoy being with you. I care for you. You know that.” Seventeen replied.

Deflated, Ye Hua rolled off Seventeen, laid beside her and put his hands behind and underneath his head. He stated, “We’ve done everything but deflower each other. Qian Qian, you still haven’t decided if you’re marrying me?”

Ye Hua paused and challenged, “How is your behavior any different than High God, Mo Yuan? You seem extremely judgemental and sound bitter when you bring up his past. I’m not trying to take his side….but, you’re doing intimate acts with me and you might not marry me. Qian Qian, you sound angry and jealous of Mo Yuan’s past conquests. Even now, we’re talking about Mo Yuan and we’re practically naked on your bed. Are you sure that you’re not in love with my brother?”

Seventeen heard Ye Hua, swiftly stood and picked up her clothes. She began to dress and said in a tone that reflected her annoyance, “You need to leave Ye Hua. You’re talking nonsense and annoying me today. I don’t want to talk or play chess anymore.”

Ye Hua realizing his mistake. He had her undressed to only her undergarments and started sweet talking Seventeen, but it was too late. Once Seventeen was angered or irritated, it was impossible to pacify her in the same day. Sadly, Ye Hua dressed and sulked back to Celestial Heaven sexually frustrated.

Once again, youthful and immature Ye Hua said something wise beyond his years’. Profound, reflective and insightful words. Ye Hua unknowingly sowed a seed, for a deeply rooted tree, similar to Seventeen’s solid resolve. The dangling leaves being Seventeen’s convictions, views, and beliefs that swayed and wavered in Mo Yuan’s gentle breeze-like presence.


Mo Yuan found Seventeen in the wine cellar on her tiptoes, reaching for sweet peach wine on the higher shelf. Mo Yuan silently went behind Seventeen, lifted her off the ground by her waist, and closer to the ledge up above. Stunned, Seventeen froze and quickly looked back at Mo Yuan who was smiling at her. Seventeen hesitantly grabbed a bottle in each hand and held them close to her body. She looked at Mo Yuan with a gaze of distrust when he lowered her to the ground. Seventeen started a swift retreat, but Mo Yuan grabbed, pulled, and turned her body around before he kissed her full lips.

Seventeen outraged asked, “High God, Mo Yuan, what are you doing?”

Mo Yuan replied seriously, “Your favorite birthday gift was a kiss, Seventeen.”

“Today is not my birthday, Shifu.” Seventeen smirked.

“I’m aware it’s not your birthday. Seventeen, 50,000 birthdays have passed since we were last together. I still owe you another 49,999 more.” Mo Yuan answered softly before kissing her Seventeen again.

Seventeen stated, “I’m going back to Qingqiu. Every since your self-indulgent public announcement to the disciples, it’s become uncomfortable for me here.”

Mo Yuan hoped his strategic verbal maneuver would have the same effect, as it had on Seventeen’s father, Bai Zhi, on many and countless occasions.

Mo Yuan said, “That’s fine. I’ll take you home immediately. I understand why you’d want to run away.”

Seventeen’s eyes flew open as she blinked repeatedly and sneered, “I’m not running away. I don’t have a cowardly bone in my body. I’m just going back home.”

Mo Yuan whispered “Yes. You’re afraid and running back to your parents. I’ll escort you back immediately.” Before kissing her again and added, “49,997 more and I’ll be caught up to the current year.”

“Stop that!” Seventeen spat as she turned her face, so Mo Yuan’s next kiss landed on her cheek instead of her lips. Seventeen’s eyes narrowed, turned her face to Mo Yuan and jeered, “I have nothing to fear on Kunlun Mountain.”

Mo Yuan instantly kissed her again and said, “You’re afraid of being here with me. You’re terrified to spend time with me, that’s why you avoid and hide from me. 49,996.”

“49,995” Seventeen corrected, “You didn’t count the one my cheek. Why would I be fearful of you, High God, Mo Yuan?”

“Were you counting too, Seventeen? You’ve always been devoted to keeping things balanced and even.” Mo Yuan closed the space between their bodies and whispered, “You’re worried if you spend time with me, that you’ll fall in love with me again.”

Seventeen let out a single mocking laugh and replied, “I don’t think so, Shifu. You’re so off base. Just to show how wrong you are, I’ll make it a point to spend time with you and clarify just how mistaken you are. I’ll come to you every night from 6-10 for the next nine nights. That should be plenty of time for you. So when this little game is over, you won’t have any doubts or question my lack of affection for you.”

Mo Yuan met Seventeen’s gaze before kissing her again but deeper. He whispered, “Why do you think I’m playing a game? No, you’re not a match for me. Seventeen, you’re my life. If you’ll allow time for me to be with you and you still go to Ye Hua, I’ll step away and never approach you again as I promised.”

Mo Yuan leaned in for another kiss, but Seventeen covered her lips, so Mo Yuan ended up kissing the back of her hand instead. Seventeen’s words muffled behind her hand, “Also, no more kissing. Firm handshakes will suffice.”

Seventeen held her bottles wine tightly and wiggled away from Mo Yuan’s body. She glared at Mo Yuan, with an expression of disdain, before walking out of the cellar. Mo Yuan held back his chuckle because Seventeen was just like her father, Bai Zhi. Neither could tolerate their courage questioned or accused of being afraid.


6-9 The Witching Hours

Autumn was quickly approaching; the evenings were becoming cooler and the days shorter. Mo Yuan stood, looked out his window and studied the almost full waxing moon. Just as the luna was coming to its last cycle, before the appearance of a new waning crescent would soon appear. The year also soon coming to its end.

Seventeen would be leaving Kunlun Mountain in eight more days. Mo Yuan sighed deeply and considered the possibility of living without Seventeen, again. Seventeen becoming his sister-in-law instead of his lover, wife, and mother of his children. Mo Yuan lost in thought failed to hear Seventeen entering his room. He felt a light tap on his shoulder and instantly smelled her unique fragrance.

Mo Yuan turned and faced Seventeen. His heart involuntarily skipped a beat from her presence and radiantly beautiful face. Mo Yuan lifted his hand and lightly caressed Seventeen’s cheek with the back of his hand. She asked cautiously, “I’m here. What would you like to do Shifu?”

Mo Yuan silently took a step toward and Seventeen intentionally stepped back. He proceeded forward while Seventeen continued walking backward until she smacked into the wall. Seventeen pushed back on the solid wall and went on her tips toes trying to create more distance between their bodies. Mo Yuan closed the gap until their bodies were pressed firmly to one another. Mo Yuan placed his palms down flat on both sides of her shoulders. Seventeen’s posture was rigid and stiff.

Mo Yuan pressed his lips to her right ear and whispered, “What I want to do takes a partner. Impossible to do alone, well, I suppose you could do it alone, but it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.”

Mo Yuan ran his lips up and down Seventeen’s neck slowly. He felt her shiver as if she had goosebumps. Seventeen sounded nervous when she said, “I’m not interested in sharing bodily pleasure with you, Shifu. I’ve told you, I’m saving myself for my future husband, which won’t be you.”

Mo Yuan took a step away from Seventeen, looked shocked and said, “Seventeen, I was talking about chess. Bodily pleasure never crossed my mind.”

Blushing, Seventeen curtly replied, “Don’t try any funny business or I’ll hit you with an enchantment spell that you’ll never be able to break. Are we playing chess now because that’s what I did with Ye Hua yesterday? Are you stalking me? Do you want to play strip chess too?”

Mo Yuan’s eyes widened when he heard strip chess and struggled to keep his composure. Strip chess never crossed his mind. If Mo Yuan weren’t so annoyed with Ye Hua being his love rival, as an older brother, Mo Yuan would have praised Ye Hua’s game which bold and strong.

Mo Yuan calmly replied, “Calling your future husband a stalker is a bit mean, Seventeen. Strip chess?”

Seventeen heard Mo Yuan refer to himself as her future husband and rolled her eyes. She replied, “No-strip-anything-with-you, High God, Mo Yuan. Don’t complain about an even playing field, unless you want to give Ye Hua 20,000 years to refuse me. You had the advantage of a head start.”

Mo Yuan and Seventeen sat across from each other with a small table between them. Mo Yuan purposely took longer to make his movements, and his placements were those helpful to Seventeen. Mo Yuan openly stared at her face as they played. Seventeen picked up her bishop and studied the chess board intently. She started to place it down but glanced at Mo Yuan first, he saw her intended placement and subtly shook his head, ‘no.’ Seventeen changed her choice but looked at Mo Yuan first. When he nodded his head slightly ‘yes,’ she smiled brightly and proudly put her piece in the square.

She studied Mo Yuan who was looking at the board when she asked, “Shifu, why did you reject me for all those years? What were your reasons or reasoning?”

The knight in Mo Yuan’s hand froze in midair as he looked up and said, “First, there is a huge age gap between us. As you’ve mentioned, I’m the same age as your father. I wanted to pretend my feelings for you were only parental and fatherly. Seventeen, I’d never been in love with a woman before, so I didn’t recognize what I was feeling.”

“I’ve heard that I tried to seduce you many times, from my brother Bai Zhen, who heard it from Zhe Yan. Were you never tempted?” Seventeen questioned inquisitively.

“Every time. Every day, every minute, and every second. But I still hesitated and wasted my chances for love and happiness with you. I also felt guilty and worried that I was taking advantage of your innocence because I was weak and unable to control my bodily urges. I was afraid of hurting you both emotionally and physically. You were very young, well, younger than me, and I don’t know. I can’t remember why I turned you away. I spent 50,000 years in seclusion asking myself these same questions, and I couldn’t figure it out then, and I still don’t know.” Answered Mo Yuan.

Seventeen put her elbows on the table and folded her hands under her chin, pushed out her lips. She asked confused, “What’s so different now? You’re still older than me. You still act like my father at times like walking in on Ye Hua and me the other night. My father would have done the same thing, but he would have chased Ye Hua away with his sword and sealed Qingqiu. What’s changed so drastically for you to want me now?”

Mo Yuan inhaled deeply through his nose and said, “I’ve changed. Your death left me feeling dead. When you died; I died with you. You’re the woman who taught me, romantic love. You were and are the only woman, I’ve ever loved. Also, I trust myself to know; I’d never hurt you emotionally.”

Seventeen sighed deeply. “All those women you seduced, and never cherished a single one? I feel sorry for the women who fell for your looks and passionate pursuit. You do have a way about you that makes a woman feel; I don’t know, je ne sais quoi, but I’m not going to be another notch on your bedpost. Your public confession has made it so awkward for me that I won’t be able to see any of my fellow Kunlun brothers if I marry Ye Hua.” Said Seventeen as she pushed herself from the chess table and stood.

Seventeen then said, “The more I talk to you the angrier I feel. It’s difficult to verbalize, but the longer I’m around you, my hostility only grows. You were once my Shifu, and I’m don’t want to be disrespectful to you. Your time’s up for the night.”

Seventeen paused and added, “Shifu, when I’m with Ye Hua, my heart feels warm, comfortable and a sense of familiarity flows through my body. With you, I feel a tearing sensation in my chest, and taste bitterness on my tongue. My heart tells me, you’re not the one.”

“Do you regret dying for me, Seventeen?” Asked Mo Yuan softly.

Seventeen chuckled mocking and replied between her laughs, “Oh, no. I’m so glad I died in your place, Shifu. Had I not, I’d probably still be pining for you like an idiot. My death was the best thing that could be happened to me.”

Seventeen snapped her fingers sharply and added, “My passing was the reason, I finally woke up, and snapped into reality. My gravely departing sacrifice was a small, minuscule, microscopic price for the precious life lesson I’ve learned.”

Mo Yuan questioned, “Seventeen, the line between love and hate is fine. Almost invisible to the naked eye. Have you ever considered your strong hostility is because that’s how deeply you loved me?

Seventeen openly laughed at Mo Yuan, rounded her arms to bow and said, “Goodnight Shifu. High God, Mo Yuan, Master of Kunlun Mountain. I’ll see you tomorrow. Same time but if this is how we’re going to spend our evenings then need I to drink. I’ll be in the wine cellar. Shifu, don’t come tomorrow and admit to your loss. Let’s part while we’re still on cordial terms.”

to be continued…………