崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 13 NSFW



6-9 The Witching Hours
Kunlun Mountain Wine Cellar

“Ah, here’s Shifu. It must be that time of the night. Well, here I am, High God, Mo Yuan.” Seventeen greeted rosy-cheeked.

Seventeen’s eyes glassy, surrounded by several empty bottles of wine and half empty one in her hand. Seventeen was slightly intoxicated. She studied Mo Yuan when he quietly sat beside her.

Seventeen took a long sip and declared, “High God Mo Yuan. I’ve drunk as you can see.” Seventeen waved her hand over the empty bottles and added, “I hoped if I had a couple of drinks, I’d feel more…Hospitable towards you, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m almost positive that I’ll be marrying Ye Hua.”

Mo Yuan nodded that he understood and asked, “So Seventeen, you’re marrying Ye Hua, and you’re not in love with him?”

She smiled and replied, “Love, is over-rated. Passion is fictional. Fate and destiny are words used during the seduction. Look how I ended up last time when I fell in love, I died.”

Seventeen laughed amused by her comment before taking another sip of her wine.

“When you were my discipline, Seventeen, you revealed a small part of your female side. But now that I’ve seen you as a woman and not a disciple, you’re quite cruel and mean. I never thought you could be so hurtful with words alone. You’re different than what I expected.” Whispered Mo Yuan.

He added, “Strangely, I like this side of you too. I find you desirable and even more tantalizing. You’re not a naïve girl anymore. You’re woman now. Since you’ve made your decision, I’d better use my time wisely.”

Mo Yuan undid his topknot and allowed his hair to fall freely. He began to remove his cumbersome robe, pulled it off and folded it before placing it on the ground. Mo Yuan looked at Seventeen’s suspicious expression, laid down on his back, and used her leg as a pillow. He sighed deeply after settling and getting comfortable.

Mo Yuan asked, “May I have your hand?”

Mo Yuan took Seventeen’s hand and placed it lightly on his forehead. Mo Yuan closed his eyes and said softly, “All those years in seclusion and this was one of the things I regretted most. Never experiencing the pleasure of falling asleep in your lap with your hand caressing my face. You’d think that I would have wished for bodily pleasure, but oddly it was moments like this I longed for most.”

Seventeen was silent, but Mo Yuan felt her gaze staring at his face. Eyes closed, Mo Yuan whispered, “Keep drinking your wine, Seventeen. That was a part of my fantasy too. Falling asleep in your lap while feeling your soft hand caressing my face and hair. Embraced in the warmth of your body while smelling the sweet scent of peach wine lingering on your lips. I’ve dreamt of this moment hundreds of thousands of times. I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when it’s nine.”

Mo Yuan fell asleep and woke up well past midnight. Mo Yuan was still on Seventeen’s lap, and she was quietly staring at his face.

“High God, Mo Yuan, I’ve stared at your face for hours, and how is it possible that you don’t trigger a single memory in my mind? My love for you was the reason for my death, but my brain doesn’t remember you at all. Now, when I look at you, I only see Ye Hua.”

“Seventeen, not only are you mean and cruel, but your words have the ability to stab a man’s heart fatally more efficiently than a sword.” replied Mo Yuan softly.

Mo Yuan lifted himself off Seventeen’s lap. Sadness revealed in Mo Yuan’s heated gaze. He held Seventeen’s face with both hands and kissed her lips. Lightly at first and then more deeply. Mo Yuan tasted the fruity wine from her parted lips and said softly, “How it is possible, regardless of the hurtful things you say to me, my love for you only grows?”

Mo Yuan took the wine bottle from her hand, took a big sip and pressed his urgent lips firmly to hers. He parted Seventeen’s full pillowy lips, and the ripened peach wine, from Mo Yuan’s mouth, poured into Seventeen’s. The juicy fermentation overflowed from her lips before dripping down her chin. Mo Yuan greedily licked Seventeen’s wet lips and followed the path of the down pouring fruity, sticky wine. Mo Yuan tasted and sucked down the front of Seventeen’s graceful neck. The sweet result of ripe peach liquor with the heat exuding from Seventeen made her skin delicious and succulent.

Luscious, mouth-watering and edible.

Seventeen moved away Mo Yuan away, untied her top and took it off. Seventeen revealed her lacy sheer covered breasts. She watched Mo Yuan’s expression intently while teasingly, and deliberately pouring more wine down her neck. The light amber-colored liquid rushed down her long neck, past her peach toned chest, and to her perfect breasts. Seventeen’s hard nipples protruded through the thin wet silk. Mo Yuan’s dark gaze intensified with his arousal before he immediately pulled Seventeen on his lap. Seventeen raised herself to her knees and pressed her body against Mo Yuan’s lips. Mo Yuan sensuously tasted and sucked the sweet wine on her neck, chest and lastly her beautiful breasts. His tongue slowly washed over her erect nipples.

Seventeen undid her top undergarment and exposed the bounty of her beautiful bare breasts. Straddling Mo Yuan, Seventeen sat on his lap and arched her nimble back. Mo Yuan rapidly and hungrily cupped both her full breasts. His eager mouth kissed, licked and sucked her plum-hued nipples which were erect, hard and slightly sweet from the wine. Mo Yuan slid his mighty hand inside her skirt, caressed up Seventeen’s leg in one sweep. His fingertips lightly stroked her tantalizing flower over the thin silk material of her lower lingerie.

Seventeen said, “Touch my bare skin.”

Seventeen groaned louder when Mo Yuan immediately moved his steady hand inside the sheer silk and caressed her outer petals.

She whispered, “Not inside. Only the outer part. Don’t your fingers inside me. I’m a virgin.”

Mo Yuan grabbed Seventeen’s sides below her breasts and lifted her arched body up and laid back while Seventeen was still in his arms. Mo Yuan’s mouth consumed her breasts as he shifted and rolled, so he was on top of her. Mo Yuan’s practiced hand still touching and exploring Seventeen’s dewy blossom. Mo Yuan repeatedly stroked her outer jewel with his strong hand. Smoothly, using Seventeen’s wetness as lubrication for his heat inducing motion. Mo Yuan brought his fingers up to his lips and licked them for more moisture, but the sweetness of her nectar was incredible and irresistible. He wanted more of her honey.

Mo Yuan asked softly, “Can I taste you?”

Seventeen silently responded by pushing Mo Yuan’s head down towards his desired path.

Mo Yuan licked and sucked her delicious breasts and nipples with pressure before moving down Seventeen’s body. He tasted Seventeen’s silky skin before descending to her beckoning flower. Mo Yuan caressed her flat stomach with his soft lips. Mo Yuan pushed her dress up around her waist and slid down between her smooth waiting legs. He licked and lightly bit the inside of her creamy thighs.

Mo Yuan marveled at his first view of her beautiful, virginal blossom. The dark rose hue of her twin petals that resembled a pair of luscious lips waiting to be kissed. The lighter but brighter shade of pink the entrance to her unpierced core.

Seventeen asked, “What do I look like?”

Mo Yuan’s voice was raspy as he replied, “You’re more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Exquisite.”

Seventeen felt the heat of Mo Yuan’s mouth, followed by the wetness of his tongue that reached and swept over her sensitive lower treasure. Slowly, deliberately, licking and tasting every part of Seventeen as if she were a delectable dessert. Mo Yuan grabbed her thighs roughly and pulled her down deeper into his hungry mouth.

He moaned, “You taste so… Sugary sweet.” Mo Yuan said while his tongue and mouth voraciously consumed Seventeen’s honey pot. Mo Yuan was rock hard from indulging on Seventeen’s succulent candy box.

Seventeen released a long, hoarse, groan, followed by a series of short rapid pants and purred, “I’m coming. Don’t stop. Just like that.” Before loudly moaning overcome by the intensity of her climax.

Seventeen was still heaving for air and exhaling sharply when Mo Yuan pulled himself up to her hot, red-cheeked face. He kissed her passionately. Mo Yuan took her hand and placed it on top of his erection. Seventeen felt the pressure of Mo Yuan’s stiffness with her hand. Seventeen’s sultry expression was one of temptress as she firmly rubbed his covered erection.

Seventeen said, “I want to taste you too.”

Mo Yuan untied his clothes and fully exposed his waiting manhood. Mo Yuan’s bare body was strong, defined, muscular and sculpted. Seventeen glanced hungrily at his perfect shape before looking down at his readiness with a gleam in her eyes. Securely, Seventeen wrapped her hand around his girth, hastily moved down Mo Yuan’s upright sitting body and wordlessly took him in her mouth. Mo Yuan groaned noisily. Seventeen’s hand still holding Mo Yuan level, by the base of his solid sword, licked and scrolled her tongue teasingly up the full length his massive shaft. Seventeen brushed her full lips on the head of his manhood in a continuous circular motion until she tasted a sample of Mo Yuan’s sweetness on her mouth.

Seventeen suddenly took Mo Yuan deep in her mouth.

Mo Yuan leaned back and viewed the provocative show. The visual of watching himself in Seventeen’s wet mouth. Her full lips and tongue were visible and darted around the sensitive head of his manhood with her up motions. The pleasurable sensation of her hot mouth was too great. Mo Yuan was ready for his pleasure peak. He placed his hand lightly on Seventeen’s head warned, “Seventeen, I can’t hold back anymore.”

Mo Yuan expected her to pull him out of her mouth, but Seventeen only sped up her pace. Ravenously, Seventeen took his pounding erection further down her throat. Faster and deeper. Mo Yuan watched himself ejaculate in Seventeen’s devouring mouth. The image was pornographic and erotic. Seventeen swallowed his essence and sensuously licked him until she’d consumed every drop of his delicious nectar. Seventeen smacked her lips satisfied when she was through.

Mo Yuan was speechless as he observed his little Seventeen giving him oral pleasure. Seventeen’s level of skill was unbelievable. His whole body was tingling from his massive release. It had been hundreds of thousands of years since Mo Yuan was last inside a woman’s mouth. Seventeen’s gifted expertise in oral pleasure didn’t go unnoticed by Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan was instantly jealous and erect again. He wanted to take her.

Seventeen picked up the wine bottle and took a long sip. She saw Mo Yuan’s readiness and smiled.

Seventeen chuckled and asked, “Shifu, you’re ready again? Would you like me to give you oral pleasure again?”

“No, not oral pleasure. I want to to be inside you.” Mo Yuan responded.

Seventeen shook her head ‘no’ and replied, “I’m saving my virginity for my husband. My chastity isn’t being offered, but I can still satisfy your physical needs in other ways.”

Seventeen stood and removed all her clothing. She lowered herself on Mo Yuan’s lap. Seventeen straddled Mo Yuan’s upper thighs with his stiff shaft directly in front of her gorgeous naked body. She wrapped her hand around him and began to stimulate Mo Yuan manually. Seventeen started slowly and picked up her pace before placing Mo Yuan’s hand where hers had been. Seventeen leaned back between Mo Yuan’s open legs. Elevated and slanted with one outstretched arm behind her. She parted her thighs wide open and began touching herself with her free hand. Seventeen studied Mo Yuan’s face while he fully watched Seventeen touch herself. Seventeen’s wet flower mere inches away from Mo Yuan’s throbbing sword. Seventeen dropped her head back slightly and moaned while pleasuring herself. Seventeen’s uninhibited sensual behavior was unbelievably arousing and stimulating. She heard Mo Yuan’s hand movements quicken and his shallow panting breaths.

Seventeen whispered in a sultry, seductive voice and asked, “Shifu, “Do you want to come on me?”

Seventeen used her index and third finger to part her duel petals and exposed the entrance to her inner warmth. She seductively instructed, “Right here.”

Mo Yuan swiftly got up on his knees. Bent over and pressed the throbbing head of his sword on her lower lips while pumping his hand rapidly. Mo Yuan growled and grunted as he released his seed all over the outside of Seventeen’s flower and in the entrance of her beckoning opening. Mo Yuan dropped his head on her chest, puffing for breath and looked down between Seventeen’s legs. She used the wetness from Mo Yuan’s orgasm and touched herself faster. Mo Yuan lifted himself, and firmly bite her neck. Hard enough to leave a mark on her unblemished skin. Seventeen moaned and began to climax. Seventeen looked wickedly ravishing when she hit her pleasure peak. She closed her eyes, seductively parted her full lips, moaned deeply and slowly spread his nectar all over her lower treasure. Afterwards, Seventeen’s body was relaxed, and she kept her eyes closed. Seventeen dropped her head to one side and smiled happily from her orgasm.

Mo Yuan never imagined his little seventeenth disciple would be such a femme fatale. Her sizzling fierce sex appeal and untamed explicit intimate acts were mind-blowing. It took a few moments before Mo Yuan could speak. Completely overwhelmed by Seventeen’s sinfully arousing behavior.

Mo Yuan whispered, “Seventeen, you could become pregnant like this. Without penetration.”

“Shifu, I’m over 100,000 years old. I’m aware of how babies are made. I take precautions and eat Zhe Yan’s contraceptive peaches daily. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. You’re not the first or the only man to have done on me.” Seventeen declared as she stood and gathered her clothes.

Astonished, Mo Yuan said, “I’m going to change your name. You’ve officially become ‘The Bell Of The Queen of Qingqiu.’ Once activated, you can shatter a man’s soul.”

Mo Yuan asked curiously, “Why are you allowing me to touch you like this?”

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan expressionless and said, “I wanted to give you a little taste of what you refused for 20,000 years. The more I thought about it; I felt it necessary to show you what you could have had. It’s impossible to miss the taste of heaven if you’ve never sampled it. Brace yourself, High God, Mo Yuan, this is going to hurt a little.”

Seventeen said in the same cold tone of voice, “Tonight was the last night for us to be together. I’ll be leaving Kunlun Mountain in the morning with Ye Hua. I’ve made my choice.”

Mo Yuan composed himself and asked calmly, “Do you still feel such fury when you’re with me that you feel the need to hurt me?”

Seventeen responded instantly, “Furious. I feel enraged when I’m with you. So much so that I can’t stand myself.”



Mo Yuan watched Seventeen greet Ye Hua warmly. She wrapped her arms around Ye Hua’s neck and kissed him softly. Seventeen took Ye Hua by both hands and led him in the direction towards her room. Mo Yuan heard their light, cheery laughter echo in his ears and heart.

Mo Yuan’s worst nightmare was occurring. Thoughtlessly, Mo Yuan began walking. The last thing he wanted was Seventeen’s bow before leaving Kunlun Mountain with Ye Hua. Unable to control the image of Ye Hua and Seventeen, which repeatedly replayed in his mind. Their loving, tenderness towards each other was intensely painful to watch.


Mo Yuan found himself aimlessly wandering down to the lower levels of Kunlun Mountain. He considered perhaps; Ye Hua would be better for Seventeen. It was unrealistic for Mo Yuan to think he could regain Seventeen’s love. Mo Yuan’s life was full of only regret and remorse. Mo Yuan, the stupid man who couldn’t recognize unconditional love even when it was right before his eyes.

Mo Yuan stood in front of the waterfall where he’d made one of his biggest mistakes. The place where he’d left his little Seventeen crying and alone. Mo Yuan raised his shield, covered himself and moved through into the hidden cave. He walked around the cavern and lightly touched the cold, rocky, clammy walls with his fingertips. Mo Yuan sat on the cool ground and watched the clear river rush downwards from inside the hidden grotto.

Suddenly, Mo Yuan felt fatigued, weak and worn. It was ridiculous to believe he had a chance against Ye Hua. Why did Mo Yuan feel so ancient next to his brother? It was because he was relic compared to Ye Hua. But age had nothing to do with Seventeen’s choice. Unlike Mo Yuan, Ye Hua was young but wise enough to recognize love immediately.

Mo Yuan sighed. He tried to remember when he was younger. Would Mo Yuan have been smart enough to see the obvious and fearlessly reach for love like Ye Hua? Mo Yuan’s youth was so long ago that it felt like another lifetime. In Mo Yuan’s younger days, he bathed in the waterfall where he was now sat and watched. Mo Yuan’s age was one of an observer, not a participant. Hundreds of thousands of years had passed, but the vivid memories flooded his troubled mind. He remembered the fresh and exhilarating sensation of rapidly running water that once eased his worries and calmed his heart.

Mo Yuan stood and began to undress. He dropped his many robes on the cold ground and undid his topknot. Mo Yuan carelessly threw the top-heavy head ornament from his hair to the ground. The weighted metal dropped, clinked and jiggled as it rolled and tumbled away.

Entirely nude, Mo Yuan stepped underneath the running liquid. Felt the coolness of the clear fluid hit and flow over his tired body. Mo Yuan’s powerful arms flexed as he pressed his palm firmly against the wet side walls of the waterfall. He dropped his head forward and allowed the forceful stream to hit his tense neck on his broad, sturdy shoulders. Standing under the pouring cascade, Mo Yuan was unable to hold back any longer, tears filled his eyes, and he cried silently. The downpour of water hid his soundless tears.

Mo Yuan grieved for his loss. He cried for his one-sided love which would forever remain unfulfilled. Mo Yuan wept for his failures and missed opportunities, and Mo Yuan noiselessly sobbed because Seventeen was leaving him, again.

Mo Yuan deserved Seventeen’s rejection.

Ye Hua was Seventeen’s choice. Seventeen was going to become Mo Yuan’s sister-in-law instead of his lover, wife, eternal partner. Mo Yuan’s sigh so deep it could be heard over the rapid waters.

Mo Yuan told himself to let Seventeen go. Suddenly overcome with a profound pain in his chest, Mo Yuan firmly pushed his right palm against his aching heart. He’d wasted so much precious time when he could have been with the love of his life.

Salty tears mixed with the fresh flowing water, Mo Yuan slowly lifted his head and finally opened his eyes. Mo Yuan saw Seventeen standing on the inside of the cave watching him. Her expression was unreadable, and Mo Yuan didn’t know how long she’d been standing there. She said nothing as fear and hesitation flickered in her eyes. Seventeen trembled while watching Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan stepped out of the waterfall and into the cave as big droplets of water dripped from his wet body and pooled around his bare feet. He said softly, “I thought you’d already left with Ye Hua.”

Seventeen’s pupils shook as she asked, “Why are you crying, Shifu?”

Mo Yuan inhaled and exhaled deeply, cleared his throat, avoided Seventeen’s question and asked “Why are you here, Seventeen? Did you come to say goodbye? Is this our last parting?”

Seventeen’s sadness was evident, when she said, “Shifu, my brain doesn’t remember you at all. Not a single memory. Your presence never existed, and not a single one of your footprints remained in my mind.”

Seventeen took a deep breath and continued, “My heart rips into shreds and pains me to the point of breathlessness when I’m around you.”

Mo Yuan dropped his head and looked at the stone ground. He was a broken man. Mo Yuan didn’t want Seventeen to see his eyes. Her last farewell and words of departure were, soul-piercing, tear-inducing and agonizing. Mo Yuan closed his eyes and silently blamed himself. Being alone, Mo Yuan’s eternal penance for taking Seventeen’s love for granted. Mo Yuan was unable to raise his head; because the pain in his chest was unfathomable and excruciating.

Soundlessly sobbing, Seventeen’s voice quivered when she said, “I hate the way I feel when I see you. I’m so angry, so resentful, and can’t forgive….myself. I despise myself, and my lack of pride. I hate myself because I’ve tried everything, but I stop myself from loving you. My brain doesn’t recognize you, but my soul does. My spirit calls your name. My soul longs for you. I choose you, Shifu. Will you accept me this time?” Seventeen’s words trailed off softly.

Stunned, Mo Yuan couldn’t believe what he just heard. Mo Yuan looked up and asked disbelieving, “What did you just say?”

Seventeen answered, “I love you, Shifu. I’ve tried not to, but it’s out of my control. I can’t fight it anymore.”

At the same Mo Yuan reached for her, Seventeen threw herself into Mo Yuan’s waiting and anticipating arms. Tears ran down Seventeen’s face. Mo Yuan instantly pulled her under the water and held her body tightly to his before pressing his urgent lips to hers. Mo Yuan’s lips trembled from shock and surprise.

It was unbelievable and incomprehensible. Seventeen wasn’t leaving but instead told Mo Yuan that she loved him. Mo Yuan’s love and desire for Seventeen consumed him. Her kisses were sweet and tasted like hunger. He pulled her into the hidden cave and pressed his naked wet back against the cold stone wall with Seventeen still in his muscular arms.

Seventeen’s tongue slid into Mo Yuan’s mouth and tasted his tongue. The urgency between them both pushing them further, faster, harder.

Seventeen’s clothes were soaked as she began to untie her dress and attempted to remove her wet clothing. Mo Yuan moved his arms from her waist and helped peel her drenched clothing off her moist skin. Similar to peeling the skin off a peach to show the soft sweet juicy flesh of the fruit, he continued to strip off Seventeen’s saturated clothing without breaking their kiss. Seventeen’s partially clothed wet body pressed into Mo Yuan’s. She felt his readiness pressing against her body and forcefully began to pull off her dress.

Mo Yuan moved and switched their bodies positions. With Seventeen pressed against the wall, he tore and pulled off the remaining bits of her clothing and undergarments. Seventeen’s drenched, wet, bare, skin against his surface was electrifying. Mo Yuan moaned from the pleasurable sensation of her cool body which was quickly warming up from Seventeen’s heightened arousal.

Seventeen held Mo Yuan’s face with both hands and stared deeply into his eyes with a gaze of desire that was intoxicating. She whispered, “I love you, Shifu.”

“I love you. I love you so much.” Mo Yuan replied in a stuttered breath still shocked and stunned. Unable to wait any longer, Mo Yuan picked her up and laid her down on his robe. He needed to feel her body against his.

Mo Yuan looked at her with tears in his eyes and said, “I thought you were leaving me again. I believed that I’d lost you forever. Seventeen, even if I died at this moment, I would consider my life lived to be full and perfect. I love you.”

Seventeen whispered, “Shifu, take me.” Before pulling his lips to hers. The honey-like taste of her luscious kiss. Seventeen’s silky, creamy-like skin, and her warm anticipating body with their equaled explosive urgency created a red-hot, scorching, sizzle. The cave suddenly felt much hotter and humid.

Mo Yuan broke their passionate kiss, met her gaze and his expression softened as he asked with a little smile, “I thought you were saving yourself for your husband. Are you asking me to marry you?”

Seventeen pushed Mo Yuan wet hair off his face and replied, “Will you be my one and only lover for eternity?”

Mo Yuan kissed her lips, placed his forehead against hers, rubbed noses, and replied, “I think I’m dreaming and yes, I’ll marry you. Will you marry me?”

Seventeen had tears running down the sides of her face when she nodded, ‘yes.’ Seventeen whispered, “Shifu, show me how much you love me. Show me with your body.”

Mo Yuan whispered, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to hurt you. Are you ready?”

Seventeen nodded and replied, “I’m ready, and I’m willing. Make me yours.”

Mo Yuan caressed the side of her face and pushed her wet hair off her lovely cheek. Mo Yuan whispered, “I love you.”

Mo Yuan pressed his lips to hers and guided the head of his ready manhood into her narrow entrance to her unopened bloom. Seventeen’s tightness made it difficult for him to move inside her. Mo Yuan gritted his teeth and pushed himself a little further. Seventeen’s body tensed and stiffened. She broke their kiss and took a series of small pants from her pain. Mo Yuan only had the head of his massive sword inside Seventeen.

Mo Yuan kissed her lips and licked, sucked, lightly bite Seventeen’s delicate neck until he felt her body’s tension release. He pushed a little more of himself inside her. She was closed and narrow. Seventeen’s body was squeezing the head of Mo Yuan’s fat rod. Seventeen was still panting and taking quick inhales. Her expression was one of discomfort and pain. Mo Yuan had the head of his manhood sliding in and out of her compact space. He saw tears running down her face. Mo Yuan lowered his arms to his elbows and held Seventeen’s head with both hands.

He looked at her tenderly with his deep, rich chocolate-brown colored eyes and asked, “Can you handle a little more? I’ll move slowly.” Mo Yuan pushed himself deeper inside her. Seventeen let out a quick scream and cried out from her pain.

Mo Yuan deliberately penetrated Seventeen with a small amount of the length of his thick pole. Seventeen was slowly getting used to the pain; Mo Yuan felt her stiff body relax underneath him when Mo Yuan entered her a little deeper. Seventeen’s body instantly tensed, she closed her eye tightly and cried out again louder than before. With creeping controlled strokes, Mo Yuan moved almost half of himself in and out of her until Seventeen’s body loosened. Her short panting breaths lengthened and then evened. Seventeen’s body was ready for more. He felt an increase in her moisture. Seventeen’s panting from the pain turned into soft moaning.

Mo Yuan continued to give her only half of his sword, with gradual, deliberate, controlled, movements when he heard Seventeen’s moans became louder. She was almost ready; Mo Yuan pushed a bit deeper. Immediately, Seventeen’s body involuntarily tightened, rapidly stiffened from the sudden excruciating stabbing pain.

Mo Yuan fought to control the depth of his thrusting. Seventeen felt so good. Mo Yuan’s brows furrowed from his intense level of restraint. His movements slow to give Seventeen time to adjust to his thickness and mass of his enormous erection. Seventeen’s wet, hot, inner core increased Mo Yuan’s desire and wanted to go deeper.

Mo Yuan looked at Seventeen and said, “This is going to hurt. I’m going deeper.”

Seventeen nodded ‘yes,’ Mo Yuan pushed the full length and width of his solid sword and entered Seventeen’s core entirely. Seventeen’s piercing scream echoed in the cave. Mo Yuan felt the warm rush of blood on his manhood and leg as he penetrated Seventeen’s newly open blossom with his full girth. Seventeen’s tight and narrow tunnel constricted crushingly around his thickness. The mixture her wetness and blood made his deep strokes smoother.

Seventeen had tears running down her face. Mo Yuan stopped his movements and pulled out of Seventeen. She was in too much discomfort; Mo Yuan said, “I can stop. Seventeen, I’m hurting you too much. We’ll do it more gradually. Slowly.”

Seventeen whimpered, “Shifu, give me a few minutes to get used it your largeness inside me. Don’t stop.”

Mo Yuan kissed Seventeen again and said, “I love you so much. I’m sorry I’m hurting you.”

Mo Yuan pushed his upper body off Seventeen again supporting himself with his outstretched arms. Mo Yuan entered her again and began penetrating Seventeen with smooth, regular, slippery, measured strokes of his manhood. Seventeen was still in discomfort, and her broken, jagged breath came out in heavy pants. After a few moments, gradually her expression changed, and her appearance of discomfort and pain transformed into one of ecstasy. Her eyes were entirely dilated and appeared huge from her rising level of arousal and pleasure. Seventeen’s flower was ready for him. Mo Yuan began his pounding attack and picked up the pace of his thrusting strokes. Groaning and grunting with every exquisite push.

Seventeen was hot, tight, and wet. The sound of her moans echoed inside the cavern. Mo Yuan was grunting and panting with every abyssal thrust of his pounding shaft. The urgency was too overwhelming. The tightness of Seventeen’s newly blossomed flower was exquisite. Narrow, compact, snug, silky, slippery, wet and welcoming. The firm hold of her inner walls wrapped tightly around his manhood. Mo Yuan’s thrusts became harder and deeper.

Mo Yuan’s pace quickened when he heard Seventeen moan and said between broken, jagged breath in her sultry voice, “It feels so good when you’re inside. Your manhood is so big and thick. I love it. Give me more. Harder.” Seventeen released a long deep throaty groan when swept away from the sensation of her orgasm with Mo Yuan inside her.

Mo Yuan heard Seventeen’s pleasure peak and began penetrating Seventeen’s soaking flower with long, racing, pounding, strokes and said, “I can’t wait any longer. I need to come inside you. You’re so tight and feels too good. Hold on to me….I’m ready to fill you.”

Seventeen whimpered, “Your sword is so thick…Fill me.”

Mo Yuan pressed his lips hard against Seventeen’s. Mo Yuan was grunting loudly when his body jerked and seized before his throbbing rod exploded shooting his seed deep inside Seventeen’s inner warmth. Mo Yuan dropped his head by Seventeen’s face and into her hair while he continued his hammering strokes until he’d released all of his life’s essence inside his little Seventeen.

Mo Yuan was ultimately released when he looked into Seventeen’s eyes. She was in tears, and Mo Yuan worried and asked, “Seventeen, did I hurt you too much?”

Seventeen nodded ‘yes’ and whispered with a smile on her face, “Yes, it was excruciating, but I love the feel of you inside me. I want more.”

Mo Yuan used a privacy spell and covered the entire area around them. Mo Yuan raised his body off Seventeen’s and bent down and picked her up in his arms. She was feather light. He carried her into one of the cooling ponds. Seventeen immediately wrapped her arms around Mo Yuan’s neck as Mo Yuan held her in a tight lover’s embrace. He used his hand to wash her blood off gently.

Seventeen hungrily kissed him. Seventeen whimpered when Mo Yuan deliberately penetrated her with his second and third fingers while stroking her outer button with his thumb. Seventeen’s body lifted and moved as he sped up his pace. Mo Yuan’s hand moved swiftly inside Seventeen.

Mo Yuan whispered, “Am I making you feel good?”

Seventeen was moaning continuously and replied between her sounds of pleasure, “So good….. so good. I love it.”

Seventeen kissed and sucked on Mo Yuan’s neck. She moaned loudly in his ear as her pleasure peaked. Mo Yuan was ready again, pulled his fingers out and slipped himself inside her again. The moment Seventeen felt all Mo Yuan’s thick erection, her pleasure instantly peaked higher, raised and crested before being swept away and overcome by her powerful climax. Mo Yuan felt Seventeen’s inner walls spastically and rhythmically clench around him like a steady pulse.

Mo Yuan held Seventeen tightly and began swiftly penetrating her lower treasure. The cool water whirled around his manhood and assisted his deep thrusts. Seventeen’s kisses were pure ecstasy. Never had Mo Yuan felt lips like hers. Every kiss sent shivers up and down his spine. The slow movement of her tongue in his mouth, connecting and seducing his tongue to enter her anticipating mouth. The taste of her was phenomenal.

Seventeen’s skin smooth, creamy and flawless skin melted against his. She was more beautiful that Mo Yuan ever imagined. Mo Yuan was insanely aroused.

Mo Yuan wanted to taste her. He wanted every part of her all at once.

Mo Yuan lifted her body up and out of the water. Seventeen sat on the very edge of the pond raised surface, arms extended behind her, and watched Mo Yuan with her lips slightly parted. Seventeen’s breathing came out in broken anticipating pants.

Mo Yuan said in a raspy tone, “Open your legs wider.”

Mo Yuan’s moved his face closer and licked Seventeen from her hot opening up to her exposed outer pearl. Seventeen held her breath then groaned when she felt Mo Yuan’s warm tongue slowly sweep over her flower. Mo Yuan licked every inch of her beautiful blossom. Seventeen’s ample breasts moved and heaved with her gasping breaths. The exquisite sensation of Mo Yuan’s tongue exploring and consuming her lower treasure felt indescribable. Seventeen’s pleasure grew, heightened, increased, peaked higher and plateaued into climax when Mo Yuan repeatedly licked her outer pearl with the full flatness of his tongue.

Seventeen gave Mo Yuan a teasing and tantalizing smile after she’d caught her breath. She stood and took a couple of steps back. Out of Mo Yuan’s reach. Mo Yuan beckoned Seventeen to him with his index finger. He whispered “Seventeen, come back in here. I’m not done yet.”

Seventeen said tauntingly talking small steps away from him, “So, I guess you can make an another notch on your bedpost, Tuzi.”

Mo Yuan smiled and replied, “No, Seventeen. You’re not a conquest; you’re my only love. Come back to me. I have a present for you. A big one.”

Seventeen wrinkled her nose playfully and replied, “Well you’re my conquest, Shifu. A great big notch, I suppose. You are God Of War, but then that’s not very special or unique. Considering how many women have already been with High God, Mo Yuan.”

Mo Yuan asked, “Seventeen, it’s silly to be upset or jealous about my past. You’re my present. You were angry. I knew it. Is that why you were so mean to me? Come back here so I can make it up to you.”

She replied casually, “Yes, I’m a very jealous person. More than you know and you need to be punished, Shifu. I feel the need to seduce a Crown Prince. That would be another huge notch on my bedpost, and I need to catch up on your number of conquests.”

Mo Yuan used his arms muscles and easily lifted himself out of the pool. Mo Yuan stood and asked softly, “Seventeen, are you going to come back to me nicely or do I need to chase you?”

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan’s erection and snickered, “I could cloud jump away to teach you a lesson, Tuzi.”

“Where are you going to go without any clothes, Seventeen? You can’t show up anywhere in your current state. Come here and sit on my lap.” Mo Yuan said.

Seventeen smirked and replied, “I could cloud jump right into Xiwu Palace. I know someone who would love to see me like this.”

“You didn’t just say what I think you said? Seventeen, come here. I need tell you something. I have something to give you.” Mo Yuan teased.

Seventeen turned to run away, but Mo Yuan in an instant cloud jumped a few paces in front of her and grabbed her. He swiftly turned her body around, bent Seventeen over and entered her from behind. Mo Yuan penetrated Seventeen deeply and continued until he climaxed inside her.

Mo Yuan whispered while catching his breath, “You’ve brought this on yourself. When I’m done with you here, I’m going to take you back to Kunlun Mountain, spank you, and tie you to my bedpost. Then I’m going to have my way with you. When I’m done, I’m going to start all over again. I have a lot of cultivation to share with you. Also, we need to talk about your unruly behavior last night at some point.”

Mo Yuan easily picked up Seventeen, threw her over his shoulder and carried Seventeen back towards their love cave. Seventeen laughed, giggled and said, “I was just kidding last night. I didn’t do that with anyone else. I was purposely trying to make you jealous.”

“Well, you succeeded. Seventeen are we going to do this the hard way or the hard way?” Mo Yuan asked.

Seventeen snickered and replied, “Since I have a choice, I’d prefer the hard way.”

Mo Yuan stopped walking, shook his head at Seventeen and said, “Seventeen, you are a very naughty girl with a sassy mouth. Luckily for you, I happen to know how to silence you.”

“Shifu, no. Put me down!” Seventeen pleaded while kicking her legs like a child.

Mo Yuan sharply spanked her bare bottom and growled, “Pipe down. If you know what’s good for you. You’re one of those girls that need to be taught the hard way over and over.

to be continued………….



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        • I do enjoy tormenting the twins. I’m a bad woman. I enjoy pushing the strongest until they snap like a brittle peach branch. That moment is sublime, raw and real…honest. I’m a bad woman. I enjoy tormenting BQ also. I’m an equal opportunist torturer. Only SuSu gets a pass because she’s not very smart. She slept with a snake.

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            • There was the erotica adult fan fic for YH/BQ.
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        • Writing NSFW is easy peasy for Unni. I don’t even have to think in the process. Erotica flows freely but the emotional angst I can’t do right now. I’ll just say. I’m not one who beats around the bush. My mother is terminal stage 4 brain cancer and this is my place of release. This blog keeps me sane and and I escape for a while. NSFW is a nice escape. A very nice place especially with God Of War.

          • Unni I’m so sorry to hear that, I lost my grandfather to cancer years ago. That old man was so stubborn though he didn’t go to the doctor properly or get checked and when they found it it was to late. Glad you have something that gives you a sense of tranquility or escape

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