1. Thank you for the long chapter!! That was unexpected she choosing him the last moment but I’m glad she did! Super hot sex scenes! Wonder with whom she had practiced before. YH?

  2. Wow that ended faster than I thought! I was sure she was going to torture him longer. I guess she just really needed to make him suffer for he put her through

    1. It wasn’t my intention but real life calls. Family member is sick. Plus, I have a hard time saying no to MY. MY is my weak spot. He’s so sexy that I feel the need to write many NSFW chapters with him. Yes, the rest will be all NSFW. I love writing MY sex scenes.

      1. I hope everything turns out ok with your family member TY for thinking about us even when someone is ill. I would have totally understood if you announced a hiatus so again TYVM

      2. Writing NSFW is easy peasy for Unni. I don’t even have to think in the process. Erotica flows freely but the emotional angst I can’t do right now. I’ll just say. I’m not one who beats around the bush. My mother is terminal stage 4 brain cancer and this is my place of release. This blog keeps me sane and and I escape for a while. NSFW is a nice escape. A very nice place especially with God Of War.

      3. Unni I’m so sorry to hear that, I lost my grandfather to cancer years ago. That old man was so stubborn though he didn’t go to the doctor properly or get checked and when they found it it was to late. Glad you have something that gives you a sense of tranquility or escape

  3. Finally for once, MY’s not getting YH’s leftovers. He got 1st dib this time. Of all the FFs I’ve read so far, MY always played 2nd fiddle to his much younger twin brother, so sad for someone who supposed to be ‘Tuzi’. I like how you end the chapter with him deflowering & enslaving her the real caveman style. Hahaha, love it, she finally met her match.

  4. Oh my giddy aunt lol…. that was super hot and super mean … poor shifu, and now I guess shes going to continue torturing him?

      1. Somehow I feel this is all but a bad dream for our esteemed God of War. It’s too early in your writing styles for the guy to get the girl, I feft that you haven’t tortured the twins enough yet. Yes, our girl is very vengeful. I feel like she’s luring him into an unexpecting trap to a high cliff & with YH’s help pushed him over the edge – figuratively.

      2. I do enjoy tormenting the twins. I’m a bad woman. I enjoy pushing the strongest until they snap like a brittle peach branch. That moment is sublime, raw and real…honest. I’m a bad woman. I enjoy tormenting BQ also. I’m an equal opportunist torturer. Only SuSu gets a pass because she’s not very smart. She slept with a snake.

      3. I know your end game. Get MY completely addicted to BQ, have her stop him cold turkey & when he’s seizing in withdraws, turn around & go have fun w/YH. ultimate revenge. BTW, lots of people sleep w/snakes.

      4. There was the erotica adult fan fic for YH/BQ.
        So why not this adult fan fic just for MY/BQ only.
        I find their Master/disciple cum lovers relationship so much more interesting & deliciously scandalizing.
        Looking forward to more NSFW between MY/BQ.

      5. Hahaha, it’s not at all what you think, snakes in dreams depicts sexually deprived.

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