崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 30 NSFW


SuSu’s pale, lifeless face began to soften, gradually blur and change. Her mortal feature, characteristics subtly shifted and redefined into the form of a different visage, immortal. Gleaming luminosity returned, a glowing phosphorescent aura, eternal, exuded from and around Seventeen’s immortal body.

Miraculously, Mo Yuan’s immortal wife, Seventeen was back. The altering transformation was incredible to witness. Mo Yuan tenderly caressed Seventeen’s soft rosy cheek as Zhe Yan moved quickly to her side.

Zhe Yan examined Seventeen with great care and happily asserted, “She’s back! It’s Xiao Wu. SuSu is gone. Xiao Wu’s immortal energy and cultivation are stable. Stronger than ever!”

Zhe Yan waved Mo Yuan aside and began to repair Seventeen’s bodily injuries. He used his medicinal magic and started a full therapeutic method of healing. While in progress, Zhe Yan abruptly stopped and stared at Seventeen’s waist in confusion. He looked mystified, turned to Mo Yuan with furrowed brows and an expression of bewilderment.

Concerned, Mo Yuan demanded, “Zhe Yan, what is it? Is Seventeen not healing correctly? Are there complications?”

Zhe Yan turned his attention back to sleeping Seventeen, and used his restorative magic spell again. He chuckled to himself nervously in surprise. Flabbergasted, Zhe Yan glanced towards Mo Yuan, mouth opened and his eyes were huge with wonder.

Zhe Yan said softly, “She’s returned to her original eternal state, and Xiao Wu’s body healed thoroughly. Mo Yuan this is going to sound insane! I can’t believe it’s coming from my lips, but I sense embryonic life-force from Xiao Wu! I know it’s absurd, but I think she’s pregnant.”

Mo Yuan’s tense voice came out in a perplexed soft whisper, “What? How is that possible? Seventeen was SuSu for three years. SuSu already had the baby. Are you sure it’s not residual life-force from her mortal form?”

Zhe Yan frantically shook his head ‘no’ and replied confidently, “No! SuSu is gone completely. There isn’t even a minuscule trace of her mortal physical presence. No! The energy is in its first embryonic stages, and it’s coming from Xiao Wu. I’m positive. Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to detect her pregnancy this early. I only discovered it because of the depth of examination during the healing spell.”

Zhe Yan puts his hands on his hips and shook his head confused.

After some time, Zhe Yan attempted to make sense of the impossible situation and said, “Mo Yuan, energy never dies. The energy stored in the body is released and transformed since it is energy. Meaning, it can’t be destroyed. Xiao Wu’s immortal life-force returned so why couldn’t the energy from her pregnancy recover inside her. Maybe she was pregnant with twins?”

Zhe Yan paused and added, “Technically, SuSu’s body shouldn’t have been able to keep the pregnancy, but she did successfully to full term. Fraternal twins? Identical twins? Delayed and suspended like Ye Hua?”

Zhe Yan slowly paced back and forth in profound reflection. He continued, “With the potency of your elite cultivation and the elixir made by the Fox Clan that brought Xiao Wu back from death, I guess anything’s possible. Consider this for a moment, the elixir had the life-force and elite cultivation from six different Nine-Tailed Fox Clan members who are all High Gods. Plus, I told you nobody knows the outcomes or aftereffects of consuming Dragon’s Tears.”

Zhe Yan’s questioning tone reflected his confusion. He appeared to be convincing himself. Overwhelmed! The concept was unreal. Too fantastic, but miracles were possible in the immortal realm. Resurrected from death, Seventeen’s existence was a marvel by all definition.

Zhe Yan crossed his arms across his chest, paced back and forth. He then raised his right hand and tapped his bottom lip nervously with his index finger.

He pondered, “Maybe the spell from Qing Cang that turned her into SuSu, also caused the twins to separate? Perhaps his magic created the split that resulted in twins? Whatever the case may be, I’m confident, Xiao Wu is pregnant! In the earliest stages of pregnancy. The fetal life-force is faint but it’s there. How are we going to explain this to her? I don’t understand it myself.”

“Who’s pregnant?” Seventeen asked in weak disoriented voice.

She sat up and looked around for Mo Yuan. Immediately, he went to Seventeen and held her face relieved. She happily gazed into Mo Yuan’s eyes, smiled warmly and tightly embraced him.

Seventeen whispered, “Shifu.”

“Seventeen, do you know where you are? I have been so worried about you. What do you recall? Do you remember anything?” Mo Yuan asked in a soft and gentle voice.

She replied, “Yes, I remember everything.”

Then suddenly without any warnings, Seventeen yanked away abruptly and glared at Mo Yuan. With narrowed squinting eyes, she briskly slapped his hands from her face.

Alarmed, Mo Yuan looked back at Zhe Yan with widened eyes, and then back at Seventeen. She got up, looked at the bloodied bed and grimaced in disgust. Mo Yuan stood and held her, but Seventeen forcefully pushed him away. His confusion was written all over his face.

Seventeen ignored Mo Yuan, turned to Zhe Yan and asked, “Who did you say was pregnant?”

Zhe Yan saw the angry expression on Seventeen’s face and whispered meekly, “You are, Xiao Wu.”

She snorted in disbelief, threw out her hands towards Zhe Yan and questioned. “How is that possible? I was a mortal for years! Three years to be precise!”

“Seventeen, are you feeling alright? You’ve only just woken up. Sit down and relax, my love.” Said Mo Yuan as he reached for her again.

Seventeen jerked away and spat at Mo Yuan, “My Love?”

Seventeen snorted, smirked and jeered, “High God Mo Yuan, you couldn’t wait to get yourself inside the mortal, could you? You didn’t have any problems resuming your intimacy with another woman! Is there a number that goes as high as to count how many times you told SuSu you loved her? If I recall correctly, you said ‘I love you’ to SuSu…what…every three seconds?”

Seventeen shook her head in repugnance and sneered, “I told you, I would never accept infidelity from you!”

Seventeen’s eyes suspiciously squinted as she demanded, “How did you impregnate me when I was taking precautions? Did you tamper with my peaches, High God Mo Yuan? Did you talk Zhe Yan into giving me mutant fertility fruit instead? How did you slip one…no two, past my cervical goalie?”

Seventeen always called her Shifu, High God Mo Yuan when she was angry at him, and she was furious.

Mo Yuan smiled and replied, “Seventeen, I didn’t cheat on you. You were SuSu. You and she are the same people. I was telling you that I loved you.”

He held her face tenderly with both hands and said, “I was intimate with you, and I’ve never laid a hand on your peaches. Abstinence is the only guaranteed form of contraception. I must have just gotten lucky.”

Mo Yuan moved his face closer to Seventeen’s head and questioned in his severe stern Shifu tone. “Seventeen, what were you thinking going to seal Qing Cang all by yourself? Do you have any idea what it was like for me when you vanished? How can you be so impulsive and reckless?”

She blatantly rolled her eyes and ignored Mo Yuan’s question. One side of her pouting lip rose higher due to the severity of her smirk. She leered, “You didn’t seem to have missed me at all. If I recall, you told SuSu that you’d make new memories with her. And no, SuSu and I are two different women. She was the mortal version of me. I’m a Nine-Tailed Fox Immortal.”

Seventeen raised both hands decisively and firmly removed Mo Yuan’s cupping palms from her face. She jeered, “SuSu was a pregnant virgin that you just couldn’t wait to deflower. I recollect how excited you were. I’m not a pregnant mortal virgin, so that wasn’t me! You went mad, crazed for SuSu’s giant breasts! High God Mo Yuan, you’ve never peeled fruit for me and fed me in bed!”

Mo Yuan smiled and stated, “I did it for you. You are SuSu.”

“Zhe Yan, how can a body that didn’t exist for three years be with child?” Seventeen challenged.

Zhe Yan returned, “Xiao Wu, energy can not be destroyed, but I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know how SuSu was able to become and stay pregnant. This whole situation is a mystery to me as well!”

Mo Yuan questioned softly, “Seventeen, don’t you want to see the baby? Our son?”

Seventeen responded arrogantly, “Of course I want to see my baby! Here I was all excited, to have a new baby without getting fat and my lower region remaining in tiptop condition. And boom! I’m pregnant again or still! That will make it six years of consecutive pregnancy for me. I told you, I didn’t want any children for 30,000 years! Don’t even think about being intimate me again, High-God-Mo-Yuan. You’ve already had your intimacy quota for this millennia!”

“Oh, you were all over SuSu! I remember everything, and I’ve filed every detail neatly in my brain!” Said Seventeen as she tapped the side of her head to show Mo Yuan where she’d stored the memories.

“Unbelievable! I’m going to my baby! I’ve just given birth, and I’m pregnant again!” Seventeen bellowed before furiously storming out of the chamber.

Zhe Yan shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Xiao Wu is insane, but at least her crazy is steady and consistent. She’s jealous of SuSu as SuSu was jealous of Xiao Wu. SuSu cried about her womanly parts and getting fat. Immortal Xiao Wu is upset about the same thing. Mortal or immortal, her personality remains the same. Didn’t I tell you Mo Yuan, pregnancy makes women absurd. Another reason I’d prefer men.”

“Zhe Yan, if you saw the beautiful things that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy, you might enjoy women again.” Responded Mo Yuan.

Lovingly, Zhe Yan slapped Mo Yuan’s back, smiled brightly and said, “Congratulations on becoming a father! Have you decided on a name for your son yet? What do you think about Jīnlóng? It rolls off the tongue and has a nice ring to it.”

Zhe Yan’s eyes lit up as he chucked. “But Mo Yuan, did you notice? Your son looks like Bai Zhi’s twin. Bai Zhi is going to be overjoyed and thrilled when he sees his new grandson.”

In honor of his good friend, that gave Mo Yuan the greatest gift in the world. He named his son Bai Zhi. The Fox King gave Mo Yuan, his only beloved and treasured daughter, Bai Qian. His wife, Bai Qian of Qingqiu, whom he affectionately called his little Seventeen. And interestingly, Mo Yuan and her son was a white Nine-Tailed Fox that bore a striking twin-like resemblance to his grandfather, High God Bai Zhi, the Fox King.


Two months later…

One evening, Mo Yuan was feeling extra-spirited. Well, he was always frisky, and Seventeen denied him blissful, bodily pleasure since her return to immortality.

Two months or 60 days or 1,440 hours or 86,400 minutes or 5,184,000 seconds, not that Mo Yuan was counting. He just happened to know such trivial facts, because he was a highly cultivated Immortal God and Taoist Master……Mo Yuan was counting and tracking of every unendurable, miserable, suffering second because it was physically uncomfortable and painful.

Seventeen told Mo Yuan her reason for abstinence was, “I’m afraid your mystical mutant Dragon’s Tears saturated seed will impregnate me while I’m pregnant. I’m terrified of your magical potency. I’m concerned I’ll birth a litter of six instead of one baby. You’ll have to wait until the baby is born.”

Seventeen was sincerely disturbed of Mo Yuan’s vigor, and knew if she birthed a litter of six, her lower treasure would be looser than an old rubber wheel off a rickshaw. She’d become bigger and wider than Kunlun Mountain.

Mo Yuan whispered, “That’s three years my love. Don’t you miss how wonderful it feels? If we wait three years, you might narrow up too tight.” Mo Yuan fisted his hand hard to show Seventeen how tightly she’d shrink up.

“Seventeen, you don’t want the baby ripping you from the inside out, do you?” Mo Yuan added solemnly.

Her Shifu coaxed in his sweetest voice, “I’m only thinking of you. Let me help you so that it won’t happen. Your labor will be easier thanks to my efforts. Think of it as a form of prenatal care.”

Seventeen snorted and replied, “I know your ways, High God Mo Yuan. I’ve experienced the pain of childbirth firsthand as SuSu, and let me tell you, the contractions are so painful, that I wouldn’t notice if someone cut off my foot! I’d rather wait.”

At first, Mo Yuan was patient. He understood, Seventeen had endured a traumatic experience and didn’t pursue or pressure the issue. But after two months of abstinence, it wasn’t a question of want, but need. Mo Yuan needed to be inside his wife’s beautiful blooming, honeysuckle flower.

Mo Yuan tried all the things that once aroused Seventeen, and made her psychotic with lust. He openly walked around naked. Seventeen didn’t raise her gaze from the book she was reading. Not even a single glance. Mo Yuan rubbed his readiness against her skin, Seventeen was unresponsive. While she was in bed, he purposely reached for things above her head with his erection fully exposed, close to her face and mouth. To Mo Yuan’s shock and horror, Seventeen was completely unfazed and unaffected. He even offered to use a concealing spell to look like a girl. He begged Seventeen.

Mo Yuan was desperate.

Then, Seventeen said something so horrific and terrifying, it caused Mo Yuan to drink. She said, “Shifu, pregnancy has dampened my yearning for bodily pleasure. I no longer crave intimacy or feel the need for it. I finally understand how you remained abstinent for so many years. Maybe, I’ll execute a vow of celibacy. It seems to agree with me.”

Mo Yuan was so astounded that he couldn’t even blink. He silently got out of bed, put on his robe and went to the wine cellar. While drinking wine, Mo Yuan involuntarily shivered and trembled, from the aftereffects of hearing such frightful hair-raising words came from Seventeen’s lips.



Seventeen barely held back her laughter when she saw her Shifu’s shocked expression. Her comment about taking a vow of celibacy made Mo Yuan’s face turn sheet white and ghost-like. He wasn’t a drinker, so for him to indulge in alcohol testament to his anxiety and stress.

Seventeen was covertly torturing Mo Yuan for being too loving towards SuSu. She’d also discovered through Zhe Yan, Mo Yuan’s seclusion was to purposefully boost his cultivation, to secretly impregnate her against her wishes. In Seventeen’s mind her husband, Mo Yuan was a sneaky, cunning, big, fat, dishonest liar.

Seventeen was notably jealous of the special caring treatment, SuSu received instantly from Mo Yuan, and while he’d refused her affections for 20,000 years. She held grudges for a lengthy amount of time and was a cantankerous, moody, pregnant woman……Fox.

In actuality, pregnancy increased Seventeen’s sexual appetite, but she was using it as a silent form of secret warfare against Mo Yuan. She knew her Shifu was a lusty man. She also knew one of his weaknesses was Mo Yuan’s constant desire for bodily pleasure with her. Seventeen found herself giddy, snickering and giggling when she was alone after one of his failed attempts to persuade her. She’s tempted, but punishing Mo Yuan was remarkably enjoyable. Euphoric! Nearly orgasmic…well, not her orgasms with Mo Yuan but on the average. Seventeen had experienced powerful climaxes with her husband, Mo Yuan.

In Seventeen’s relationship with her Shifu, she believed Mo Yuan usually held the upper hand when it came to their intimacy. Since he rejected her advances for 20,000 years, it felt highly satisfying to hear her Shifu beg.

Seventeen’s pregnancy hormones were messing with her mind. She failed to see withholding pleasure from Mo Yuan was also denying herself most heinously. Mo Yuan’s Seventeenth Disciple was always a bit slow when it came to romance.

In the middle of the night, Seventeen heard Mo Yuan return to bed. She lit a candle when she heard accidental bumps, trips, and soft grumbling in the room. Mo Yuan was red-cheeked, glassy-eyed and smiled widely. He was drunk. Mo Yuan saw Seventeen, grabbed her face with both hands and happily exclaimed, “Ahhhhh, my beautiful Seventeen!” Before planting a big wet sloppy kiss on her lips.

Mo Yuan slightly tittered and stumbled as he took off his robe. He carelessly threw it to the ground, fell back and dropped on their bed dramatically. Mo Yuan was flat on his back with his arms raised above his head, his legs spread apart and open. He resembled a starfish, but with a stiff centered flagpole almost pressed against his taut abdomen.

Mo Yuan pouted and whined, “Wife, you’re so mean! I haven’t been inside your sweet flower for months! Why are you sooooo stingy with one of the things I love most in life?”

Mo Yuan made random pouting sounds and whimpered.

Seventeen held back her laughter. Drunk Mo Yuan was adorably charming. So much so that she married him. She teased straight-faced, “Shifu, you were right. Refraining from bodily pleasure seems to have centered my mind. I feel much more balanced these days.”

Mo Yuan’s whole body tossed and twisted like a toddler having a tantrum. He complained, “Seventeen! You’re doing this on purpose! You want my manhood to explode!” He threw his hands out in the motion of a massive invisible explosion.

He pouted and grumbled, “It’s all your fault! You got me insanely addicted to your body, and now you’re holding out…that’s cheating! That’s not how a proper Kunlun Disciple should act. Sharing is caring, Seventeen.”

Mo Yuan suddenly rolled on his stomach. He bent his elbows up, so his hands were under his chin supporting his raised head. Mo Yuan pushed his bottom lip out and blew the hair that fell into his eyes with a single deliberate, sharp exhale. He looked at Seventeen and giggled softly.

Slyly in a singsong, taunting tone, Mo Yuan gloated and sang, “Hahaha, I got you pregnant!”

He pointed to himself and then Seventeen’s stomach and said, “Yes, it was me! I put a baby in there! My essence is very potent for my age!”

Mo Yuan nodded ‘yes’ to himself and exclaimed with vigor, “I’m going to put a whole bunch of babies in there! I’m going to keep you pregnant for the next 200, no, 500, nope, 1,000 years!”

Seventeen hid her smile and announced poker-faced, “That won’t be happening if I take a vow of celibacy. Maybe I’ll become a Taoist Master too. You’ve shown me the light, Shifu.”

Mo Yuan swiftly jumped up on his knees. His huge erect sword was standing up stiffly like a stalk of corn. Mo Yuan’s eyes grew round, and his open mouth formed a perfect circle when he whispered, “Nooooo, Seventeen. You’re enlightened enough. You’re perfect just as you are now! I rooooooove you!”

Mo Yuan playfully winked at Seventeen. Suddenly, he had her full attention. Mo Yuan dropped his head to one side and made cute noises that sounded like nips from a spirited puppy. He bit his bottom lip, winked again, pucked his lips and blew her a kiss. Mo Yuan’s lips formed into a little smile, his eyebrows moved up and down, suggestively.

Seventeen leaned forward as if she were planning to scold him. Wordlessly, she grabbed Mo Yuan’s ready solid shaft and pulled him into her mouth. He sharply sucked in air, moaned and asked in a whisper, “Ohhhhhh, is today my birthday?”

Seventeen pulled Mo Yuan out of her mouth, seductively pushed him down on his back. She removed her nightgown, straddled and slid down on his hard rod which was wet from being in her mouth.

Mo Yuan’s eyes were huge as he clapped his hands silently and said gleefully, “Goody…My Seventeen is back!”

Tantalizingly, Seventeen looked wild. Both arms fully extended, planted on Mo Yuan’s muscular chest as she gyrated her hips, ground and rode his throbbing manhood seductively. Her full growing beasts heaved and bounced with her body’s silky, slithering, rotating motion. She stared at Mo Yuan aroused, but slowly her expression changed. Seventeen stopped moving and suddenly burst out hysterically laughing.

Mo Yuan was still deep inside Seventeen. His hands firmly clasped her hips, pulling her body back and forth against him.

Seventeen held her stomach laughing while tears ran down her face. Confused, Mo Yuan blinked repeatedly trying to decide why she was laughing.

Seventeen blurted out giggling, “Shifu, I just pictured you in a dress. SuSu was right, you’d be one ugly woman with a mustache!”

Still laughing, Seventeen rose off Mo Yuan and started to crawl back into bed, when she felt him sit up swiftly behind her. He grabbed her left ankle with his mighty left hand. Seventeen glanced back over her shoulder and saw her Shifu, Mo Yuan who suddenly appeared quite sober. Still clutching her ankle, he closed his eyes, dropped his head back and rolled it side to side. Noisy cracking and snapping sounds came from his neck’s rotation. Mo Yuan released her ankle and interlocked his hands, turned his arms out, extend them forward and crack his knuckles. A sequential series of loud pops came from his hands.

He rolled his strong shoulders back a couple of times, gave Seventeen a look and announced without a hint of drunkenness, “Seventeen, I’m warmed up and ready. Things are going to escalate very quickly.”

Mo Yuan’s eyes sparkled, gleamed and one side of his lip raised higher when he growled, “Seventeen, you’ve been a naughty girl. Shifu needs to discipline you. You’ve brought this on yourself.”

He tisked his tongue repeatedly and added, “The hard way is the most efficient method of dealing with you, Seventeen.”

Mo Yuan swiftly, firmly, grabbed her hips and yanked Seventeen, who was on bent knees back towards him. He briskly entered her lower treasure from behind. Mo Yuan groaned loudly, and a deep raspy growl came from his lips. He scolded, “Holding out and denying your Shifu of this pleasure. Shame on you, Seventeen! Shifu needs to remind you who this belongs to.”

Mo Yuan’s penetration of Seventeen’s slippery, slick bloom was steady, deep and assertive. He felt a sudden surge of her silky moisture cover his entire length. Behind Seventeen, Mo Yuan sat back on his knees, wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her towards him and pushed her further down into his lap. His big hands moved to her newly sensitive breasts, cupped, fondled and massaged them. She shuttered when his thumbs and index fingers grazed her hardened nipples repeatedly. Seventeen moaned between airy inhales and continually groaned.

Kissing, licking, biting Seventeen’s right shoulder and neck, Mo Yuan moved his open right palm flat on the back of her right hand. He interlocked his fingers down between the gaps of hers. Hands joined, Mo Yuan led, guided her hand teasingly down the path from her stomach, mound and finally where their bodies met and joined. Seventeen experienced a flow of electric sizzle run down her spine. Goosebumps broke out over her entire aroused body when her lingering fingertips felt her wet outer lips encircled and wrapped around his thick sword. Mo Yuan moved slowly and deliberately. Seventeen felt the sticky wet sensation of his huge rod sliding and plunging into her soaking blossom. A sound like repetitive sloppy wet kiss came from her honeypot with every pleasurable stroke and jab. Aroused, Seventeen began bouncing faster on Mo Yuan’s pumping shaft.

He moaned into Seventeen’s ear, “How could you deny me this feeling? Look up.”

Seventeen leaned her back against Mo Yuan’s chest, dropped her head back on his right shoulder, glanced up and saw he’d turned the ceiling into a reflective mirror. She delighted chuckled and purred in her sultry tone, “Just what I’ve always wanted. Is it my birthday, Shifu?”

Mo Yuan moaned. His lips pressed against Seventeen’s ear, whispered, “Can you see how beautiful you look when I make love to you? When I’m inside you? You’re so exquisitely stunning.”

Seventeen arched her lower back, pushed her bottom out and back towards Mo Yuan. He groaned from the subtle tilt of her pelvis that caused his throbbing pole to edge in deeper. Mo Yuan swiftly pulled Seventeen off his lap by her waist and gently laid her flat on her back. He crawled up her body and between her open legs. He quickly re-entered her juicy sugar walls. Mo Yuan kissed Seventeen’s full pillowy lips. His tongue slowly moved into her parted mouth. Their slippery, balmy, urgent tongues touched, caressed, wrapped and swirled around each other like a pair of frenzied mating snakes. Mo Yuan broke their heated kiss, stared intently into Seventeen’s eyes with an aroused fiery gaze.

Mo Yuan whispered, “I love you. I want to see your face when I fill you. Seventeen, come with your Shifu.”

Abruptly, Mo Yuan picked up his plunging pace. His strokes quickened and penetrated Seventeen’s lower treasure with more force. From the reflection, she could see the backside of Mo Yuan’s incredibly sculpted perfect body. His husky broad shoulders flexed with his movements. Precise muscle and tissue definition that cut down the middle of his even tan-toned back. His firm buttocks that tightened and dimpled on both sides from his diving insertions. Mo Yuan’s legs were big, strong, defined and powerful. The feel of his ever-thickening manhood pounding inside her soaking flower was indescribable. The loud sounds of pleasure from his lips were guttural and harsh. Seventeen wrapped her legs around his waist, felt Mo Yuan’s internal pumping accelerate. She felt his manhood widen and swell. His grunts and pants came noisily with every thrust.

Mo Yuan growled, “Ahhh, you’re so hot and wet. Tight! I’m coming……I’m coming now.”

A low, hoarse roar from deep within Mo Yuan’s throat grew louder, bellowed and echoed in the room. Seventeen’s nails dug deeply into his broad shoulders overwhelmed by her ferociously intense climax. His pulsating manhood jerked and wrenched with his volatile liquid release. Mo Yuan’s impaling pounding thrusts continued at the same brisk pace. Seventeen’s smooth pleasure peak suddenly shot up higher, continued to elevate uncontrollably and explode. Open-mouthed, wide-eyed with shock and unable to breathe, she dug her nails into Mo Yuan’s strong shoulders harder and scratched down his back. Overwhelmed by the most powerful multiple orgasms she’d ever experienced, she screamed “Shifu!” repeatedly for what felt like a 2-minute long orgasm.

Seventeen’s body heaved, twitched, and spasmed in the afterglow of her incredible, unbelievable climax. Her eyes closed tightly and unable to speak. She panted, shook her head in disbelief and started laughing softly, dumbfounded. Overcome with amazement by her overpowering orgasms, Seventeen was speechless. Mo Yuan was still between her legs with his head down in her hair catching his raspy breath. His body trembled, vibrated and shook. Seventeen looked up in the mirror and saw red, angry, nearly bloody scratch marks down Mo Yuan’s back from her grasping nails.

Seventeen’s voice was full of concern when she said, “Shifu, I think you’re bleeding. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t control myself. I’ve never felt anything like that before. Does your back hurt?”

Spent, Mo Yuan weakly raised his head, looked at Seventeen dazed and said, “What back? I can’t feel the rest of my body now. I’ve either had the strongest orgasm, I’ve ever experienced, or I’ve had a stroke. I might be temporarily blind.”

Mo Yuan kissed her lips and asked,” Am I shaking or is that you, Seventeen?”

His face quickly became serious as he asked, “Did I hurt the baby?”

“The baby isn’t even the size of a red bean yet, and I think we’re both shaking.” Said Seventeen and added “I can’t believe what I just felt. That was indescribable. Shifu, you can keep me pregnant for 5,000 years!”

Mo Yuan started to chuckle and said, “I love you wife. I’m going to rest like this for a while. I can’t move yet. I’m paralyzed.”

Seventeen lightly ran her hands up and down Mo Yuan’s defined backside, stared blankly at the ceiling and mumbled dazed, “Oh, that was absolutely out of this world.”

Mo Yuan lifted up his head, met Seventeen’s gaze, smiled, kissed his beautiful wife and whispered in his soft voice, “I love you. I’ve loved only you. My Seventeen.”

Mo Yuan then smiled happily. He’d unexpectantly discovered an all-powerful, miraculous, secret, dynamic detail that would forever change his life. Mo Yuan now possessed supreme arsenal and armory to weaken Seventeen’s unbroken, fixed, stubborn resolve. Manipulate, break her hard set will and successfully overcome all, and any obstacles set before him in his pursuit of sexual delight with his tantalizing wife, Seventeen. The God of War Mo Yuan now knew her Achilles Tendon. Her vulnerability in her nearly perfectly planned strategic warfare of withholding blissful bodily pleasure from him.

The most powerful artifact on Kunlun Mountain was her Shifu, Mo Yuan’s drunken wink.


Two hard, sharp slap on her bottom woke Seventeen, from a deep state of sleep. Startled, she immediately opened her eyes and discovered herself on her stomach, with her hands firmly tied to the bedpost above her head. From behind, Seventeen heard only Mo Yuan’s soft breathing. His body positioned between her parted legs on bent knees.

Seventeen asked apprehensively, “Shifu? What’s happening?”

Mo Yuan’s large hands grabbed Seventeen’s soft inner thighs and spread her silky legs open wider. He spanked her bottom firmly and announced in his soft voice, “Shifu’s first lesson of the day, on Kunlun Mountain, will be disciplining Seventeen.” Before feeling the front of Mo Yuan’s full muscular body rest against her backside. His soft, loose hair grazed Seventeen’s shoulders, and his neat facial hair tickled her skin. Wordlessly, Mo Yuan’s roughly bit her shoulder and slid his erect manhood deep inside her lower treasure.


5,000 years later

Mo Yuan and Seventeen’s eight children:

Bai Zhi   (White Wisdom, 1st son twins)   5,000 years old
Chong Kun  (Second Brother Kunlun Mountain, 2nd son twins)  4,997 years old
Dong Hai   (Eastern Sea, 3rd son)   4,990 years old
Jin Jiang   (Gold Mirror, 4th son)   4,882 years old
Qiquiang   (Enlightenment and Strength, 5th son)   4,800 years old
Lien Hua   (Lotus Flower, 1st daughter)  4,788 years old
Qiu Yue   (Autumn Moon, 2nd daughter)   3,590 years old
Chan Ming   (Forever Bright, 6th son)  103 years old

“Where’s Mother?” Asked Dong Hai.

Bai Zhi stopped practicing his swordplay, rolled his eyes in disgust. He sneered, “Father’s illness is acting up again! When will Father act his age?”

Dong Hai sighed and complained, “If Mother gets pregnant again, I’m going to run away! My friend’s parents don’t even share the same sleeping chambers anymore. When our mother was pregnant with Chan Ming, I was so embarrassed, I wanted to fade into the realm of nothingness! It’s terrible enough that all my friends are in love with Mother. That’s why I don’t have sleepovers.'”

“Mother told me she wasn’t having any more babies. She said it affects flowers or something like that. I think Mother suffers from allergies when she’s pregnant. It’s unfortunate because, I’ve heard Father telling Mother, how much he loves the flower she gives him. I think Mother gives Father edible flowers like a pansy or rose. He told her they were as sweet as honey.” Interjected Qiu Yue.

Chan Ming, the youngest eating candied peaches, whined in his baby voice, “I don’t like when Daddy’s sick. He tells me not to sleep in their bed because he’s contagious. I like sleeping with Mommy, best. She smells like these candied peaches. What’s contagious? Why doesn’t Daddy share the sweet flowers with us? I’d like to taste one too.”

The older brothers grew wide-eyed, snorted, snickered and elbowed each other after hearing Chan Ming’s comment. They knew what ‘flower,’ their Father was referring to because the book that Uncle Ye Hua gave them.

Qiquiang puts down the mortal book he was reading, snickered and said, “Trust me, Chan Ming, you can’t catch Father’s illness until you’re much older. Brother Dong Hai, all my friends are in love with Mother also, but I liked that servant who used to visit once in a while. What was her name again? Jīnlóng? She’s totally my type. I wish she would come back and visit. Now she was pretty.”

Lien Hua braiding her sister’s hair countered, “I think it’s romantic that our parents love each other so much. My friends think Father is handsome and Mother is stunning. Plus, it makes me swoon, that Father loves getting flowers from Mother. Father is strong but sensitive. So romantic.”

Chong Kun snorted and blurted. “Romantic! Pfffff! Please. Lien Hua (Lotus Flower), you were named that because that’s where Father impregnated Mother. Right here by the lotus pond! Their behavior is so indecent it makes me throw up in my mouth! Out in public with a privacy shield? Father should be more refined. He’s the God of War! I hope I’m not sitting where they did it.” Chong Kun looked around the area where he sat and grimaced in repugnance.

All the children glanced at the Lotus Pond. Some cringed and frowned. Some giggled, and the eyes of the other widen with surprise. Chan Ming, the youngest stood on his tiptoes, peeked over the edge of the pond, and wondered how his older sister could be born in water. Chan Ming questioned if Dragons could swim. Sister Lien Hua was a Red Fire Dragon.

Chong Kun added, “Also, Father doesn’t have a disease. There’s nothing wrong with his eyes. It’s a signal between them. A secret code for “medicine.” Chong Kun made air quotes with his hands when he said medicine.

Dramatically, Bai Zhi convulsed his body and acted as if he was going to vomit. “The only time Father doesn’t get “medicine” is when Mother calls him High God Mo Yuan. I think it’s funny when she calls him that. That’s the best time to get Father’s permission for something he wouldn’t usually approve. Father doesn’t hear a word you say. He just says yes to everything.” Stated Bai Zhi.

Dong Hai added, “Usual after a visit from High God Zhe Yan, that when Mother calls him High God Mo Yuan.”

All eight children nodded their heads in agreement about High God Zhe Yan’s visits.

“I wonder why my name is Jin Jiang (Golden Mirror). There aren’t any golden mirrors on Kunlun Mountain. How did they know my reflection would be as handsome as it is now?” Jin Jiang pondered as he fanned out his nine Fox tails. He took after his uncle, Bai Zhen.

“Daddy does too have an illness. I’ve heard him cry. Daddy said only Mommy could give him special medicine for his eye. One time, when they didn’t use a privacy shield, I heard Daddy crying loudly over and over when he was sick. He was in a lot of pain. I didn’t go in the room because I was scared. Mommy told me he uses a privacy shield because he doesn’t want anyone to watch him cry. He’s the God of War. Daddy can’t let anyone see him cry.” Chan Ming said with peaches on his face.

Qiquiang threw his book aside and explained, “There isn’t anything wrong with Father’s eyes. Brother Chong Kun is right. It’s a signal between them. Haven’t you noticed, how conveniently they vanish for hours, as soon as Father starts winking at Mother? Also, Father wasn’t crying, but you’re too young to understand, Chan Ming. When you get older, you’ll know what they’re doing.”

Qiu Yue licked her finger and wiped her baby brother’s face. “Don’t listen to them, Chan Ming. Father has a nervous tick that’s why he winks at Mother. I feel sorry for Father. It looks painful. One time, I saw them right after Mother gave him medicine, his face was red and sweaty. Our Father is brave to endure such a terrible ailment. I hope it’s not genetic. My eyes are my best feature.”

Lien Hua shook her head disapprovingly at all her brothers and said, “Brothers, you should watch Father and learn how to be more like him. Father is very charismatic, and Mother is astounding. I hope I find a romantic husband like Father when I grow up, or I wish Uncle Ye Hua would marry me. He’s the most handsome immortal in Nine Heavens.”

Lien Hua looked around and whispered to her siblings, “Do you know how Brother Dong Hai (Eastern Sea) got his name? Father and Mother went to a banquet at the Eastern Sea and never left their room. Our Mother told me Brother Dong Hai came three years later. Such a romantic story! I hope I get pregnant in such a dreamy way.”

Lien Hua held her hands to her heart, swooned and fluttered her eyelashes like her mother, Seventeen.

Chan Ming’s shrill baby voice exclaimed happily, “I like it when Daddy calls Mommy ‘Seventeen’ and Mommy calls him ‘Shifu’. I wish I had a nickname too!”

“You do have a nickname, Chan Ming. ‘Oops’ is your nickname. You were a mistake after Father’s seclusion!” Jin Jiang tormented his baby brother.

Qiu Yue sat patiently as her older sister tied the ribbon in her hair. She clarified, “Father used to be Mother’s Shifu too. It’s out of respect she still calls him that. Also, I’ve heard Father telling Mother that he was going to discipline her for something. I think Mother was a poor pupil. Father needs to punish her often even now.”

The older boys gagged in disgust over their parent’s apparent affection for each other. They were at the age where the opposite sex was gross. They rolled their eyes. Suddenly, Mo Yuan and Seventeen’s second daughter Qiu Yue signaled all her sibling to come together. All eight heads in a tight, secretive circle. Eight children dressed alike in their white Kunlun Disciple uniforms.

Qiu Yue in a hushed voice inquired, “Who do you think is the best looking in our family out of everyone? Father? Mother? Uncle Ye Hua? Uncle Bai Zhen, Cousin Bai Feng Jiu? Out of all of us? We do have some attractive people in our family.”

Seriously, eight pairs of eyes shifted back and forth to each other. They carefully considered the many options. Finally, after a few minutes, all eight voices in unison, declared “Me! I’m the best looking.”

All eight of Seventeen’s children inherited her vanity.

The End…………

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